I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 93

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 93

Kian POV: 

Coming out in the living room I see them all standing over the table in the room and looking down at something. 

Walking closer I see some papers and a map on the table. 

Stopping by the table I look down and the map and see it’s over the area behind the cave, where there aren’t any packs and we suspect the rogue to have a camp. 

On one place on the map are some coordinates written, looking at it it’s just partly written and I can guess one part of the location but not all. 

“He probably has taken her there! On the other side. But what are the coordinates pointing at?” Declan says out loud what I guess we all are thinking about. 

“Is this everything you have found?” I ask them and start to gather the papers. They are coming with us. 

“I haven’t found anything else!” Cannon says. 

“There are some cans with herbs in the kitchen we have to bring back to Emma!” I say when I see Zoey walk over to the kitchen and come out after a little while with a can in her hand. 

She looks at it and I can see she is lost in deep thought. Turning to her with the papers in my hand. 

“What is it?” I ask her when she just stays there lost in her thoughts. She turns to look at me 

“This herb is strange! I know in the back of my mind I have smelled it before but I can’t place it. It’s not a usual herb!” she says when Cannon walks over to her and takes the can from her. He opened the lid and start to sniff it before I see him get a troubled expression on his face. 

“She is right! This one is strange” Cannon says and turn the can around to look at it when he has put the lid on. 

“Grab them all! We are going back with them to Emma right now!” Jessie says and walks past them over to the kitchen. Zoey and Declan walk after her when I hear 

them gather all the cans before they come back out to the living room. 

I have everything from the table and after taking another quick look around in the apartment to make sure we haven’t missed anything important I’m ready to leave. 

Walking out of the apartment Jessie shuts the door closed before we head down the stairs and out to the cars. 

The cars are too small for us all to fit in one and this time Declan, Cannon, and I get inside one of them. We need to discuss this the three of us! 

“By the look of the map he is involved with the rogues! And we need to head over and scout the area!” I say and look ahead on the road when Declan starts to drive the car out of the parking lot. 

“If he is and the vampires are in on this we have another problem and we have to let all packs know!” Declan says and follows after Jessies car. 

“We have to know for sure before we get everyone involved. My father still has contacts on the vampire council I will have him contact them the moment we get back!” I tell them and look at Cannon. He is sitting in the front seat flipping the can in his hands and lost deep in his thoughts. 

He doesn’t say anything and I know there is something that’s bothering him. 

“Cannon, what is it?” I ask him after a long moment when he still hasn’t said anything. 

“This herb! I know I have run into it before. It has to be rare by its distinct smell of it. I remember coming across it somewhere, I just can’t remember where it was!” he says and open the can to take another sniff of it. 

I can smell the strong herb to the back seat of the car but I have never come across it before. 

“I hope Emma or Sari knows more of it!” Declan says when the car turns off the main road and I know we have reached their pack grounds. The car comes to a stop inside their borders. 

Opened the door and get out before we hurry over to their pack house to find Emma. 

Coming inside their pack house Emma is nowhere to be found and we place everything down on the kitchen table! 

“I’m checking for her out in the garden!” Jessie says and heads out of the kitchen with fast steps. 

“I’m giving my father a call!” I say and walk out of the room and head over to an empty living room on the bottom floor. It’s better to have this conversation in private! 

Seeing a big couch in the middle of the room I walk over to the other end of the room and lean at the wall. 

Taking out my phone from my pocket I dial his number and he answers on the second ring. 

“Found her?” he says right away and I have to take a deep breath before continuing. 

“She has been kidnapped! By her colleague from work!” I tell him and the phone falls silent for a second. 

“She has been what?” he raises his voice over the phone and he is just as angry as I am over this. 

“yes, and we have just learned he is a vampire!” I say when I hear him take a large inhale of air. 

“No there is no way they would breach the contract! I would have known long before they would do such a thing!” he barks out and I can hear how he tries to put these pieces together just as I try to figure it out! 

“That is what we have found out! You have to contact the council! We need to go to the bottom of this before we alarm everyone else!” I say when I hear several voices talking loud in the kitchen. 

“Let me know what you find once you have talked to them! I have to go!” I say and hang up the phone before placing it down in my pocket and heading over to the kitchen. 

Coming to the doorway to the kitchen I find them all standing and talking with raised voices and the tension in the room is high. Once they hear me come inside they snap their heads and look at me. 

Finding Emma standing beside Cannon and once her eyes meet mine she is quick to avert them. 

“What’s going on?” I boom out to them.

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