I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 153

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 153 

Selena POV: 

I lay on the ground and try to feel my babies, did he K*ll them? 

I feel my energy get pulled down to my womb before it blasts his magic back out in my veins and tears run down my cheeks, I feel her energy wrap around them both and push his away with a fast speed. Our baby girl has saved them both from his dark magick by somehow pulling on mine, my precious girl! How is it even possible? 

He tried to K*ll them and when I couldn’t keep his magic out from reaching them she somehow pulled on mine and pushed it away from them, she saved them both and he won’t get away with this! I will rip him to pieces because of this, he tried to K*ll our children! 

His magic is swirling around in my veins, this time I welcome it and pull new strength from it instead, our children are safe with what she did and now it’s time for their mother to fix this! 

His magic gets mixed with mine and every nerve in my body gets recharged and filled with strength, closing my eyes and breathing in I open my eyes and see the air around us is covered with a red light and I know it’s his magic. Getting up on my hands and knees I slowly rise and lift my eyes to look at him before holding my hands out and pulling every bit of his energy from the walls around us, he will get it all back! 

Looking at him he stands there with a smug smile on his lips like he doesn’t believe I can harm him. 

“Oh, did I hurt your children!” he says and that has my anger to break when I blast him with every bit of my energy over him, holding him in place when I see his expression change and he tries to fight me back. I’m too angry and welcome his every attempt to blast his magic on me, I’m like a sponge and s*ck up every bit he blasts at me and uses it to fight him back. 

“You will not harm my children or anyone else in my pack! I will K*ll you for this!” I scream back at him and place more of my strength over him to f0rce him down on his knees, he is stronger but by the rage, I feel for all this he will not walk away from here alive! 

“Selena!” I hear Emma scream behind me when I feel her standing there with one of the witches, the walls around us start to shake violently before they begin to crack. The sound it makes has my vision to start spinning when I feel another energy pull out to help me with mine, turning my head slightly I see the witch push her energy into mine from a crack behind, feeding it with new strength! 

Pulling on it I let it swirl and mix with mine and his magic, I’m strong and full off power this way, it’s addicting and I want more! My gift demand more! 

and “it feels good doesn’t it!” I hear him say and looking at him he tries to get up fight me when the walls around us start to shake worse before they go down in a loud bang, leaving me standing with him in front of me and the fight going on around us. I hear whimpering and screams from every direction, my pack members are hurt and several of the rogues lie on the ground, everyone is fighting! 

Hearing him start to chant something in front of me I take all my strength and the ground starts to shake before I blast away all I can over him and send a shock wave over the fight around us, giving my pack a chance to get the upper hand when the rogues are temporary down on the ground. I know it won’t take long before they are up again! 

“Was that all you could do!” he says and gets up from the ground he was laying at and blast me down on the ground again, I almost emptied my strength and have to draw from his and the witch behind me to get some more, I know she doesn’t have much left and right now it comes down to him and me. 

Pushing off the ground I sit on my knees and pant, I’m not going to be able and keep this up much longer! 

I have no strength to get up and once he blasts me again I s*ck it up in my body and push off the ground to stand right in front of him instead, I hear the witch fall to the ground behind me and I knew she gave me all she could! 

Trying to pull more of his strength from him until he stops me and I can’t get more when he gets ready to blast me again, I take the opportunity to blast him back before he can do anything and hold him in place when I slowly take a step forward. 

He sits up when I get my chance and pull on his magic, blood starts to run down his nose when he looks at me with yellow eyes and starts to chant something I can’t understand! 

Emma screams behind me when I feel pain in my stomach and wrap my arms around it, I don’t know what’s happening and what I can do when I fall to my knees 

and try to brace myself from the pain. I can’t let him hurt them! 

In a pure rage, I start blasting him over and over again with my energy until he starts bleeding everywhere in his face, from his eyes and he spits blood out of his mouth. 

I hear him laugh a wicked laugh when he turns his head and looks at me. 

“You will never be free of me!” he says and keep laughing when I see a big black wolf comes running over to where we are and I almost sob when I see it’s Kian, he instantly aims right for him and everything goes so fast when he rips his head off before he rips his body to pieces. 

I know the fight is going on around us but it’s blurred out when I try to feel for our children and what he did to them. 

I feel them, they are there but he did something I know it! 

A hand comes to my shoulder when I get shaken, I can’t focus on what is going on around me, I have to find out what happened! 

“Selena!” I hear Emma’s voice from afar when I’m lost in myself 

“What did he do!” I hear myself say while I try to feel what’s different, it’s there but I can’t figure out what it is! 

“Selena, you have to go to Michael right now!” she says and shakes me harder, it has me snapping out of my trace, she is right I have to go! 

Raising my head she is behind me and helps me stand up when I see Kian and the rest fight the rogues and vampires, I can’t stand here and fight with them I have to get to Michael instead. If I’m going to be able and save our children I have to go. and leave the rest to fight without me! 

Opening a portal to my side I take a quick look and try to see our pack members before walking inside the portal with the help of Emma, making sure it’s closed behind us when we walk through. 

I hope there is something Michael can do to help, I can’t lose our children!

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