I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 125

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 125 

Selena POV: 

Stepping out on the other side of the portal I start to walk over to his house, Jessie takes a seat as usual outside on his lawn. 

Getting to his front door I give it a knock before walking inside, he knows it’s me and there is no point in waiting for him to walk over and open the door. 

“I’ve got some new tea ready for you!” I hear him say when I walk over to the kitchen and find him as usually standing inside and working with his herbs. 

“Alright!” I say when he turns around and doesn’t give me a heads–up. 

I instantly starts to pull on my energy, even how hard we are trying to practice I have a hard time with it, can’t seem to stop it! 

When I take his energy it’s even worse, I don’t want to stop and that scares me more how good it feels to have his energy in my body! I crave it and the more I take the more I want it. 

“Fight it, Selena! You can do it!” I hear him say and try to block him from taking more from me, but I have no chance to do it. 

“I can’t!” I say to him and have to grab the table and hang on to it when he almost has me on my knees. 

It takes a moment before he stops and I have to take several deep breaths before I can stand up again. 

“This isn’t working! I can’t do it!” I say and walk over to a chair on shaky legs, I hate to feel this vulnerable and not stronger to be able and fight him. 

Taking a seat at the table he walks over and places a cup down on the table in front of me. 

I see him walk over to the counter before he comes back and takes a seat on the other side of the table with his cup. 

“You have to keep practicing one day you will get a hang of it!” he says while I take a sip of my tea and sit back in my seat. 

“Perhaps!” I say when I see him look at me for a long time before he smiles at me. 

“Your feelings are all over the place today! Did you find out today?” he says and I already know what he is referring to. 

Placing my cup down I take my time to answer him. 

“Yes! And now I have to tell him.” I say when I see him sitting in silence for a long moment before his eyes become white and I know he gets a vision of something. 

Sipping at my tea before he comes back and place his cup down. 

“What is going on outside your pack!” he says and looks sternly at me, I have no idea about anything more than the rogues and the vampires are up to something. 

“We have a problem with some rogues and vampires, they have been running around outside for days and we guess they are looking for our pack!” I tell him what I know, I see him sitting in silence and deep thought before he speaks up again. 

“There is something else and I believe Jessie knows more about it!” he says and I turn my head to look out the window, I got the same feeling before they were up to something. Pushing my chair back I get up on my feet and start to walk out of the kitchen, it’s time she tells me what’s going on or I will f0rce it out of her. 

Heading over to his front door I push it open and walk outside only to find her p@ssing around on his lawn with an anxious look on her face, stopping in my track I look at her for a moment before she senses I am there. She stops in her place and slowly turns around to face me. 

“Are you done!” she says and I get this feeling she is in a hurry to get back. 

“Spill it!” I say with anger in my voice, now I know there is something and she better tell me the truth. 

Seeing her averting her eyes and shifting weight on her legs, hearing Michael walk up behind me I wait for her to start talking. 

“It’s nothing!” she shouts in an irritating voice, while I take several steps to get closer to her. She will tell me what she is up to. 

“Either you tell me what’s going on or I will use my alpha command over you and we both know you won’t like it!” I say and feel how my anger rises in my body with every second p@ssing, it stirs up my gift in my body and without it being my intention it starts to seek out another energy to feed its need to become stronger. 

It starts to draw energy from Michael and he stops it right away. 

“Selena control your anger or you will be the one in problem here!” he says and I have to lay all my focus on trying to get my anger under control. Breathing deep I try to pull my gift back and have it to calm down in my veins, it pulls back slowly and lay sizzling under my skin, not calm but waiting. 

Taking several deep breaths I focus back on Jessie and try to keep my anger in place. 

“This is your last chance to tell me!” I say to her when I see her sigh in defeat, looking at her when she surrenders to me. 

“Alright, I will tell you! We are tired of only sitting and waiting for whatever we are waiting for and Jacob and I decided to head outside to see what they are up to! He is going outside with some others while we are away to see if they can find out something without you knowing, I was supposed to be with them right now instead of sitting out here and doing nothing!” say says in anger and place her hand on her hips. 

My anger instantly flares up again! 

“That explains the fight I saw outside your borders!” I hear Michael say when my anger starts to take the best of me. 

“You did what?! Every one of you has gone against my orders, I specifically told your all to stay inside the barrier!” I hardly get to finish when a mind link reaches out to me and I feel it’s Zoey! Opening it up and hear her worry in her voice. 

“Jacob and some others are gone!” she says and I grab Jessie’s arm hard. 

“I’m coming!” I say and cut the mind link before I open a portal in pure anger and pull Jessie inside with me. Hearing Michael trying to get me to wait, I am too angry to stay here any longer, I have to find Jacob and get them back! 

Both of them have gone against my orders and put themselves in danger and the whole pack if they have exposed where they walk out from, and by doing so none. of the others inside the barrier are safe!

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