I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 115

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 115 

Selena POV: 

Placing my cup down I can’t wait for him to tell me what it is. 

“What does it explain?” I ask him when I can’t wait for him to continue. 

“This herb can grow in different places and some places are better for it than others for what you intend to use it for, it’s hard to find and even harder to use properly in a potion!” he says and that doesn’t clear up things better, I rather got more questions. 

“Wait! I don’t understand!” I say to him and drag my hand down my face. I guess for a witch who has knowledge about herbs they would probably understand what he means by all this but I know far too little to be able and understand what he means. 

Alright I will try and explain it for you in an easy way!” he says and takes a mouth of his tea before he continues. 

“This herb picks up minerals from the ground it grows on and it gives it different characteristics, if you look at this herb you can see it has a dark color, and just by the sight of it I can tell you it has grown in a swamp. Making it perfect for a potion you want to use in dark magic!” he says and I sit back in my seat, trying to get all the information in. 

“When he used it to break your bond with your mate and he marked you did you ever feel a mate bond to him?” he ask me and I can honestly say I never felt the bond in that way I feel Kian. Looking at him he sits and sips on his tea and waits for my answer. 

“I never felt the bond to him, not the way I feel it with Kian. But I felt when he d*ied!” I say and sit up to take my cup. 

“That’s because when he marked you he opened your new gift and that one can draw energy from different things and use it to its advantage. Even if he marked you he couldn’t f0rce a mate bond on you because your gift shields you. He would have to remark you more than once to try and f0rce the bond on you! By using this herb on you he feed your new energy what it needed and wanted. But by using this herb it comes with a cost! This herb is highly addictive this way and once your gift gets a hold of this herb or another strong gifted person your ability will want to take everything it can to get stronger! That’s why you couldn’t stop before!” he says. 

With all this information he told me it explains a lot of what I felt and how it has been for me and gives me more questions. 

“He said he would have to remark me again to complete it, but he couldn’t have known I got the new gift! And why did I feel my energy slipping back from you like it was clean and white!” I say and have to know. 

“Even if he gave you the potion, he would have to remark you when he completed the mating and by how strong you are I believe it would have taken more times to mark you to be able and f0rce the bond on you even if you didn’t get the new gift. What you felt before is just what you felt! I have the same gift as you and I am a white witch who can clean another person and its gift, yours where poisoned dark from this herb and it wouldn’t take much longer until it would have started to crave the herb again!” he says and by all this information I don’t know what to say, I’m not sure I got more clear about it or not. 

“Is it that hard to understand?” he says and I guess it’s obvious on my face, don’t know what to answer him when I try to understand it all. 

“Then we can never use it again to her even if it were needed!” Emma says and sighs. I see Michael turn his head and look at her in silence for a moment. 

“If you use it even in small doses, I can guarantee she will crave it after even if she doesn’t get high on it again, her gift recognize it and nothing good will come out of it!” he says, and that makes it all clear to me, I will never take it again. 

“Then I will never use it again!” I say and take the last of my tea, by now I love the taste and feel almost sad it’s gone. Both of them sit in silence and look at each other, now I know they know more than they are telling me! 

Just tell me what’s going on!” I say and sit back in my seat with my arms crossed over my chest. It takes a long moment of silence before Michael speaks up since Emma doesn’t say a word. 

“We both have seen a lot that hasn’t happened yet! What I can tell you from this is the house you were brought to was owned by a very highly gifted witch. She gave birth to a son who is both a shifter and got some dark magic running in his body from his mother.” he says and this I already know from what Elijah told me when I where in the house, he is the son to the leader of the rogues. 

“Yes, I know and he K*lled her when she refused him to meet his father, he told me this when I was there!” I say and look between them, I already guess I will run into him once they attack or we get there to try and take them out. I have felt him once before and I didn’t like the feeling he brought to me at all. 

“Yes, that’s correct. I believe his mother taught him several spells and we have both seen you meet him when the fight starts!” he says and I feel Emma’s hand on my shoulder. Turning my head and look at her she has worry on her face. 

“I already guessed I will have to face him once it starts, I have no problem with it!” I say and look between them 

“You need to be able and control your gift before it happens, or you can’t win against him!” Michael says when Emma squeezes my shoulder. 

“There are more lives than one on the line here!” she says.

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