I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 70

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 70

Kian POV:

Waiting for him to start telling us what he found out I hear Declan being impatient.

“Just start with anything!” he barks at Cannon and looking over at him he can’t stay still.

“The women were alive when she teleported them here! That’s the good part.” Cannon says and it brings some relief they might be alright.

“The bad part?” I say and look at him in hope, it’s not something really bad

“The rogues were out and taking prisoners when they were at the village! They had split up into several groups and targeted different villages. It means the rogues are large in numbers over there and this group is just a small one. It appears as if they have a small village in the middle of the woods they come from!” Cannon says and none of us says a word. Trying to process what he just told us. All of it is bad news for our mates!

“Why are they taking prisoners?” I have to ask him. Hoping he got some answers from them.

“That question I couldn’t get out from them! I tried ” he says and looking at all the bod*ies I know he did what he could here.

“They can’t have gone after the rogues, or can they? ” Declan says out loud what I guess we all are thinking.

“I’m not even considering if they have! We all know they have gone after them” I say and drag my hand through my hair. It’s reckless of them to try and take on the rogues themselves.

“What now?” Declan asks when we all stand silent for a minute.

“The truck will be here shortly! We have to get these rogues on the truck and back to our prison before we head back. I hope we can get a hold of the Alpha in the meantime. Other than that we have to go back and get on the road right away! I hope they hang in there if they have encountered some trouble!” I say before turning around and heading out the door.

Walking outside Declan is right behind me when pain suddenly hit me. I have to stop when Declan comes over and grabs my arm.

“What’s wrong?” I hear him ask but have to take a moment and wait for what’s to come.

“she’s hurt!” I say and anger boil under my skin. Someone dares to lay a finger on her! Furr starts to coat my arms, having a hard time restraining my wolf from taking over.

“Is it severe!” Declan ask and if it wouldn’t be severe I would not have felt it. Since I have marked her we are linked and I feel when she is being hurt “what’s wrong!” I hear Cannon’s voice from behind when pain shoots through my shoulder and my wolf roar in pain from our mate being hurt.

“That doesn’t look good!” Jacob says and every nerve in my body is on the edge.

“I will K*ll every f*uc*ker for hurting my mate!” I roar out when the pain starts to subside a bit.

“She’s alive?” Declan asks and I take a large inhale and try to calm my wolf down before he takes over and starts running over there.

It’s too far to run all the way there! We need to take the car.

“Yes, she is!” I say when Cannon walks up beside me.

“I’m ready to run back when you are!” he says when Jacob gets a mind link.

“The truck is here at the barrier with your guards,” he says and I turn to look at him.

“That went quicker than I thought!” Declan says. The truck has to have been close by for it to get here this fast.

“Take the rogues and start to on-load them! No one will be left here!” I order out and start to take off my clothes. I can’t get back fast enough.

“And we need to head back and get on the road!” I bark out to them before shifting or hearing them respond to my orders. I have no time to waste and get in a car over to where they are.

Running to the barrier I don’t care if they are behind me or not once, I’m back by the castle I will get in a car and drive over there.

The drive will take three days if we push it we might be able to cut a day. But why the f*uc*k would they go after them!? The women against a large group of rogues with no backup!

Cursing in my head while we run back.

“How fast can we make it over there?” Declan mind link once I have reached outside the barrier. Hearing them both run up behind me.

“It takes three days to get there!” I mind link back and speeding up the run.

I reached the castle before the other two and run up the stairs to the entrance door.

Opening it up I head right for the stairs and take two at a time. Quickly getting inside my chambers I head over to my closet and grab the first clothes I lay my hands on. Putting them on I don’t have time to take a shower before!

“Get a car ready by the entrance door in five!” I mind linking my father before grabbing a pair of shoes and putting them on.

“Right on it!” he says before I cut the mind link and head out the door.

“I’m ready!” comes Cannon’s voice through the halls. Taking the stairs in quick steps he stands in the hallway in just a pair of boxer shorts and still bloody.

“Get a shirt at least!” I tell him when Declan comes walking up behind him.

“Have no time for it!” he says and turns for the door. I’m not going to argue with him. We have to get on the road right away.

Heading down the hallway he opens the door and we get out on the stairs. The car hasn’t arrived yet and Cannon starts to pace back and forth.

“Where is the car?” I try to mind link my father but I can’t reach him.

Seeing the car coming up on the road we walk down the steps, ready to get inside once it stops.

“Kian get inside your office!” my dad’s mind links me when the car stops in front of us.

“The car is here! I don’t have time for whatever it is. You have to solve it!” I say and cut the link before reaching for the door handle and opening the door.

I’m about to get I’m when he mind links again. O “the Alpha we have tried to reach is on the phone!” he says and I stop with one foot inside the car.

I have to get in there and take it. He’s the best chance to get them help faster!

Turning on my heel I leave the door open to get back inside the castle. Taking the stairs two at a time I burst through the entrance door and make my way over to my office.

Pushing the door open so it hits the wall with a bang, I see my father standing with the phone in his hand and reaching it over to me when I walk inside.

I grab the phone and place it to my ear.

“I have news for you!” the man says on the phone while I hold the phone tighter to my ear.

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