I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 88

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 88

Kian POV:

Sitting in my office with my father and Decland and going through the papers when I get this weird feeling in my body. Placing the papers down I try to feel what’s wrong but as fast as it came it’s gone again. That was strange!

Looking down at the papers I wait for whatever it was to come back but nothing happens!

Starting with my papers again and going through them when the feeling comes back and stronger this time. Something is wrong and I drop the paper and try to feel what it is.

“Something wrong?” my father says and I turn my head to look at him. When the feeling disappears again!

“I just got this weird feeling!” I say to him and try to reach out and mind link, Selena. She doesn’t pick the link up and I instantly get a feeling she is out on something she shouldn’t again. Frustration boils under my skin! When will that woman learn and include me in her life?

I thought we had come to an understanding yesterday!

“Why don’t you contact Selena and see if everything is alright!” my father says and I sigh in response

“I just tried to mind link her but she doesn’t pick it up!” I say and get up on my feet. “Do you want me to call Jessie!” Declan says when I start to head over to the door.

“No, it will only be as last time! I’m running over there right away! This time I’m not going to wait for anything! And I’m going to have a chat with Cannon if he has let her leave again!” I say and open the door when Declan is right behind me.

“I’m coming with you! They can’t have gone on a new stup*d rescue mission or I will not let her out of my sight!” Declan says when I start to undress outside the front door. He does the same and we shift.

None of us has anything to say when we start to run toward their borders. Trying to mind link her but she doesn’t respond!

Running as fast we can to get there quickly we come outside their borders in what I guess is a new record over here. I’m frustrated with how she keeps doing this!

We had an agreement she was going to let me in her life only for her to do it again. the next second she got the chance!

“I have mind linked Jessie! She is on her way over here!” Declan says and we stop right outside the borders when Jessie comes outside to get us inside their barrier.

Shifting back when we come inside their borders and she hands us a couple of shorts. Quickly putting them on when she starts to speak.

“What’s wrong!” she says and I turn to look at her

“Where is Selena!” I say in anger. Prepared for her to start trying to tell me a lie! She looks between us with question in her eyes.

“She had to swing by her office and get some documents, then she was going over to you!” she says and I can tell she is speaking the truth!

“How long ago was this?” I ask her when she thinks for a moment.

“About one and a half hours I guess!” she says and shrugs her shoulders.

“Why do you ask?” she says and look at me with worry on her face.

“Because I felt weird about one hour ago and I know it’s her. I have tried to mind link her but she doesn’t pick up!” I don’t even get to finish my sentence when I see her eyes glance over before fright is placed on her face and she quickly turns on her heel and starts to run over to the pack house.

We follow after her and I guess she couldn’t reach her either.

Coming to the pack house she barges inside the door and bolts up the stairs! We follow her upstairs when Zoey comes running out of the kitchen.

“What’s happening?” she says and follows after us up the stairs. We haven’t the time to answer when Jessie has pushed the door open to her office and gets beside her computer. She turns it on quickly and picks up the phone.

“What’s happening!” Zoey says again when Declan answers.

“We are afraid something has happened to Selena!” he says when I see Jessie slam. the phone on the table.

“She is still logged in to her office computer! But she doesn’t answer her phone!” she says and tries to call again.

“Get Emma in here now and I don’t care if you are interrupting their mating! I need her inside here now!” Jessie orders out when Zoey runs down the hallway.

It doesn’t take long before she comes back and Cannon and Emms comes running after her.

Looking at them and Emma’s fresh marking on her neck I guess they have been occupied completing the mate bond.

When Emma sees me she halts right in her track in the hallway and grabs Cannon hard on his arm when I see Emma’s eyes become completely white! It takes a moment before she starts to scream out loud and tears run down her cheeks.

“I missed it!” she says between sobs when Jessie comes barging past me and heads over to where Emma is.

“What did you miss!” she says in a high voice and I know she is as worried as me. Emma starts to shake when Jessie grabs her on her shoulders.

“I was occupied with Cannon and missed the warning! It’s my fault! How could I miss it?” she says between sobs. I have a hard time containing my wolf! I need to know what she has seen. Taking a few steps closer to where she stands and furr starts to coat my arms.

“What did you miss!” I boom out and see her jump back a step. Don’t mean to let my anger out on her. She looks right at me and tears run down her cheeks.

“He has her!” she says and shakes her head repeatedly.

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