I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 135

I will never be yours By Melan pamp 

Chapter 135 

Selena POV: 

When I woke up the next morning I got this urge to pee and it’s the same every morning. Tossing the quilt off me I sit up and place my feet down on the floor and rise, my head instantly starts to spin and I have to sit back down again and wait for it to subside. 

I know there isn’t anything wrong with my blood sample, I where down at the doctor’s two days ago, and everything where fine. As off now he wants to check my blood with two weeks apart if I don’t feel anything unusual in the meantime. 

I have been feeling fine except I start to get tired faster in the evening and sometimes during the day I could fall asleep standing right up but he says it’s normal. 

Trying again I take it easier this time when I slowly rise from my seat and make sure I don’t walk too fast when I make my way inside the bathroom. Heading over to the toilet I empty my bladder before I get over and wash up, brushing my hair I look at myself in the mirror and I guess I’m starting to look a bit pale and I might need to try and get to bed earlier tonight. 

When I’m done in the bathroom I head over to the room and start to take on my clothes when there is a knock on the door, I stop in my track to listen if I heard it right! Looking at the nightstand I see it’s only seven in the morning and I haven’t been disturbed by anyone here during these weeks. 

I have no idea who it is and pull my thick sweater on me before I slowly start to walk over to the door, stopping right in front of it I debate with myself if I have to open it or not when the knock is there again. 

Turning the lock I slowly open the door to find Emma standing in the hallway, she looks worn out and when her eyes meet mine she starts to cry before she pushes the door open and throws herself around my neck. 

“I miss you like hell! Can you please stop shutting me out!” she says in a sob and I place my arms around her and hug her back, I feel bad for her. 

“How are you doing? Where have you been all this time” she says and releasing me from the hug and looking at me. Shrugging my shoulders in a response to her before I turn around and walk over to my socks and take a seat on the bed. 

“I’m fine! Been here!” I say and bend down and start to take the first one on. 

“You don’t sleep in his bedroom? Then where does he sleep?” she says and I hear her concern in her voice. 

“No, I don’t, I have no idea where he sleeps. Haven’t talked to him or met him for these three weeks!” I say and take on the next sock before reaching for my shoes. 

“Why? I thought you two were working it out!” she says in shock when I take on my shoes and stand up from the bed. 

“No, and I don’t see it happening! That man hates me and he made it perfectly clear to me.” I say and head over to brush my teeth in the bathroom. 

“Hasn’t he been with you to the doctor or even checked in on you for all these weeks?” she says and follows me over to the door. 

“No Emma! Nothing and it’s fine!” I say and start to brush my teeth while looking at her through the mirror, I see how worried she is but it’s fine. Placing my brush down I rinse my mouth and turn to look at her before heading over to where she stands, placing a hand on her shoulder I look at her. 

“It’s fine Emma, it doesn’t matter any longer!” I say to her and take a step to the side, have to pick up the books I’m taking with me and fast check my mail before heading over to Michael. 

“How can you say it’s fine! I thought you two were working it out and that’s why you didn’t have time for me but here I find out you have been all alone for all these weeks!” she says in a shaky voice and I know she is close to her tears. 

Turning my head and look at her she has tears in her eyes 

“It’s fine Emma I promise! Now I have some things to fix before I have to go to Michael’s can we talk another time?” I say and start to gather the books I’m returning to him today. 

“I will fix you something to eat downstairs and get you a cup of tea before you go! Please come down before you leave!” she says and I place my books down on the bed before turning to look at her. 

“Sure! I will be down in just a bit!” I say before reaching for my laptop. Hearing her walk out of the room I turn on my computer and go through my emails for a short moment, nothing important I need to handle right now, and quickly turn it off before I place it down and take my books in my hand when I start to walk out of the room. 

I have only a short moment to grab something to eat and I can take a sandwich in my hand and a bottle of water on the go. Walking down the hallway and down the stairs I reach to the kitchen in just a moment, coming down the last turn I hear several voices talking inside when they all fall silent once I walk inside. 

My eyes quickly scan the room and I see his father and Cannon standing at one side while Emma is by the stove and looks upset at Kian, he has his back against me and I’m quick to turn my eyes away when he is about to turn around. 

“Good morning Selena! How are you today?” his father says in a nice voice when I make my way over to the fridge. 

“Fine!” I say and open it and reach inside to grab myself a bottle of water and an apple when I feel him walk up behind me. 

“Kian take the ingred*ients out for a sandwich!” Emma says and I understand she hasn’t done anything yet. It’s fine by me I can eat later and right now I prefer to leave this crowded kitchen. For three weeks I haven’t met a soul and today everyone is inside at the same time, where are the odds for that happening? 

Feeling him get closer and reach up to pick something from the top shelf I feel his body being pressed against mine, I take my chance and duck under his arm and get out of that trapped situation I was in. 

“I will have some breakfast for you in a minute! Got hold up!” Emma says and she doesn’t have to do anything for me I can fix it myself later. 

“No… no need, I’m fine!” I say and hold my bottle of water with my apple and my books and open a portal right in the kitchen and get inside before she tries to convince me to stay. Closing the portal after me I head out on Michael’s lawn and take a bite of my apple.

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