I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 134

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 134 

Selena POV: 

Walking out of my portal outside the castle I head up the stairs and open the front doors and get inside. 

It’s almost evening and I’m tired from the long day with Michael, we have done nothing else but train and learning me to shield myself from spells these last three weeks. 

He says I might be needing it and the more I know the better prepared I will be once I need it, I know he has had visions about something but I don’t care to ask him I know he will tell me when he can. Just like Emma always has! 

During these three weeks, I have dropped the pack completely, I know they are in good hands with Kian and he told me I where no longer in charge then I have been focusing my time on training and learning everything I need to keep me and my children safe. 

I asked Michael to buy me a laptop the first day and he fixed it till I came back the next day, I can’t place my focus on something I can’t change and if I’m going to take my pack back once this is over I need to have my finance ready to make it by myself and that’s what I have been doing. Working for myself! 

It was easy to know what to do once it all where placed on the edge! I contacted my bosses through my mail and gave them my resignation before I started my own company through the computer. 

I know everything about this business and I’m good at it so why not start my own and take some clients? 

It didn’t take long until I got the first mail from an old client who wanted to go with me and wanted to be my client, so this is what I do with all my spare time after I have trained with Michael. 

Focusing on getting a good life for myself and my children, that’s what I’m doing right now. 

Not once during these weeks has Kian met me, he hasn’t been with me to any doctor’s appointments and he never came back to his bedroom. We are like two ships in the night doing everything we can to avoid even running into each other. 

One day I noticed that most of his clothes were gone from his chambers and I knew he wasn’t coming back, that day I took my belongings and head down the hallway to the guest room instead. 

Since he understood I wasn’t going to teleport anywhere he dropped the guard outside the room and I don’t have anyone by my side to Michael any longer. Now I only need to report to the guard down in the hallway I’m back and when I leave then I’m free from them. 

I know both Emma and Jessie have tried to mind link me but I keep them cut off from me, I have other things to put my focus on, and whatever they need in the pack they have Kian and their mates. 

Walking down the hallway I’m planning on working for a few hours before it’s time for bed and a new day tomorrow, holding a book in my hand and reading the first side while I’m walking. I asked Michael if he could borrow some books for me since I don’t even want to ask Kian about them, I try to learn everything I need to know about raising children. I have no idea what I’m facing and I want to be prepared for this as well. 

Turning down the hallway I know the guard will be standing and waiting down there when I come back. Engulfed in my book I keep walking and accidentally walk by someone who is standing right when I come inside, my hand gets brushed against another and tiny tingles play on my skin for a milli second until they are gone again. 

It doesn’t affect me the slightest and I just keep walking even if I know who it is, I know Michael has warned me time and time again about this but I like being cut off from all feelings. The amount of things I manage to get done this way is better! He made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with me and I give him what he wants. 

I keep walking by them where he is talking to the guard and Cannon, going over to the stairs with my eyes glancing at the book. 

“Everything alright Selena? Emma wants to talk to you!” I hear Cannon say while I take my first step up the stairs. 

“Fine! She has others she can talk to!” I say and keep climbing up the stairs and don’t care to turn and look at them or hear him say anything else. 

Reaching the top of the stairs I head down the hallway and reach the guest room, opening the door I get inside and close it after me when I turn on the lights. 

Placing the book down on the bed I get over to the bathroom and start to take my clothes off me and place them down on the sink before I head over to the shower and turn on the water. This is the best time of the day to stand under the warm water and let it pour down my body, closing my eyes I turn my head up and let the water hit my face. 

I don’t know for how long I have been standing inside the shower when I start to wash my hair and body quickly, I have some hours of work to do before it’s time for sleep. 

Turning off the shower I walk out and wrap a towel around my body when I hear some footsteps outside the door and the handle is being turned but since I locked the door no one is coming inside if they don’t break down the door. 

Standing in my place I listen for the footsteps and wait to see what will happen, I’m not even sure if Kian knows I have moved from his room or not. I actually don’t care right now what he knows and doesn’t, not once has he shown he cares about the children even if he is angry at me and can’t forgive me if he wanted the kids he would have been with me at the appointments at least. 

Hearing the footsteps slowly walk away from the door and head down the hallway I pull on my pajamas and start to dry my hair before heading out to the bed. 

Taking a seat on the bed I start to work for a few hours before I place the computer down on the nightstand beside me, taking the book I lay down and start to read it for a long moment before I turn off the light and lay down to get some hours of sleep. 

I don’t know for how long I have been sleeping when I hear paws walking down the hallway and come to stop right outside the door when it starts to sniff for a long moment. 

Nothing more happens and I place my head back down on the pillow and go back to sleep.

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