I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 132

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 132

Selena POV:

Walking out of the room I find his guards standing outside and waiting for me, seeing Kian turning around the corner I walk by the guards to hurry after him. I need to talk to him!

“Where are you going!” I hear one of the guards say and I hear fast steps walk up behind me.

“I need to talk to him!” I say and turn around the corner I saw him walk down.

An arm comes to stop me and I swirl around to face the guard. I cannot recommend for you to talk to him right now, we haven’t seen him this angry before and nothing good will come out of you pushing him further! I suggest you wait until he has calmed down first” the guard says but I need to talk to him right now, can he even get angrier?

“No, I need to talk to him!” I say and turn around to walk after him.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you!” he says to my back while I keep walking down the hallway to his office.

Standing in front of it have a hard time knocking at first when I hear the guards stand behind me I take a deep breath and knock on the door, when he doesn’t walk over and open the door I push it open and walk inside instead. Closing the door after me I see him sitting behind his desk and looking at some papers, he doesn’t lift his head to look at me.

“Can we talk?” I ask him and take a few steps closer, I feel his anger radiating out of him and I wish there were anything I could do to make this better. I only want to explain some things to him.

“Please Kian!” I say when he places his papers down and gets up on his feet and turn his back against me.

“I have nothing to say to you!” he says with anger in his voice.

“I just want to explain myself!” I say when he turns around and looks at me with his black eyes, I instantly want to take a step back from his rage.

“Explain what Selena! That you have known it for days and didn’t want to tell me! Because what? You thought I couldn’t handle a child picking up a trait from him?” he says and takes a few steps closer to where I am. He has a hateful look on him and my words get stuck in my mouth.

“I’m the Alpha king don’t you think I know of these kinds of things! But you didn’t trust in me that much to let me in on it once you found out, you didn’t think the father of your children deserves to know it before everyone else! You decided to keep me in the dark, so tell me what you want to explain. The fact that you decided to risk their lives for your pack members and yourself in a stupid rescue mission. without letting anyone follow you! What Selena do you want to explain!?WHAT!” he booms at me and I jump back a step from the anger that surrounds him.

He is right what is there to explain, I messed up in every possible way this time. There isn’t anything I can say to put me in a better light, I did this! He has every right to be angry at me!

“You’re right!” I say in a low voice and keep my eyes on the floor when I hear him take a step closer to where I am, I feel his hate for me and tears start to prick behind my eyelids.

“I have never been betrayed by anyone the way you have done and it’s forgivable! From this on you will not leave this castle without my permission! A guard will follow you every day to train with Michael, other than that you will eat and go to the doctor every time he tells you to! You will sleep in my bedroom and if I find out you have portaled away from here or done anything you shouldn’t I will find you and lock you up down in my cellar! Is that clear” he says and lets his aura wash over me, it takes my breath away for a moment when I feel him stand right in front of me.

“Is that clear!” he booms out again and I have to swallow several times until I manage to answer him.

“Yes!” I say in a low voice while keeping my eyes on the floor. He stands there for a moment before he turns around and walks inside his office again. I take a deep breath when he is a bit away from me and place my hand on the wall for some support. I knew he was angry but this I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams, I know I have pushed it way too far this time!

There is a knock on the door when it’s opened and his father comes inside with a frown on his face.

“What is going on inside here!” he says and I lift my eyes from the floor and turn around to walk out of there when his father grabs my arm and holds it.

“Are you alright Selena?” he asks and I just give him a nod when I pull my arm out of his grip and push by him out of his office.

The guard was right I should have waited to go inside there I know that now.

I don’t wait to hear him say I could leave I think he has said everything that needs to be said and those angry words can’t be taken back.

Taking a large breath when I step out in the hallway and my tears are about to spill over I take fast steps and hurry down the hall and up the stairs to his room where I am supposed to stay.

Once I come upstairs I push the door open and get inside before closing it after me, tears start to run down my cheeks and I let them while I take a large inhale of his scent that lingers in the room.

Slowly making my way over to his closet I open the doors and feel his scent fill up in my lungs, grabbing a shirt from the shelf I take a large in hail on it and a sob leaves my lips it’s painful like nothing else.

It’s getting hard to breath and my lungs squeeze in my chest when I feel my gift stir around under my skin, shielding me from this pain and my mate bond. Bit by bit it starts to take over more and I let it shield me, it gets easier to breathe for every second.

Is this what Michael told me I would learn to shield myself? Will I finally be able to make a progress?

Holding his shirt close to my chest I let his scent soothe me when I feel tired like nothing else and lay down on the floor in his closet with his shirt in my arms.

My gift is lulling me into calmness and it’s a strange feeling but I welcome it!

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