Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 228

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 228 Her Hunger

As soon as they were done eating, it suddenly started raining.

Shilah remained at the dining, just staring out the window and watching the raindrops beat vigorously on everything they could meet. The maids had cleared the table, the King had left to handle some issues. So, it was just her alone – in the beautiful dining room.

She enjoyed the rain falling heavily from outside and the sound of it, but it didn’t escape her mind that it was getting late and she might not be able to leave for her next journey.

As she faced the window, so many thoughts flashed through her mind – thoughts she needed to keep to herself, and thoughts she harboured till it was dark.

King Dakota walked into the dining and was a bit surprised to find her there. It’s been hours since he left to go sort some things out. He had thoughts she’d be resting in her room or somewhere else, but when he couldn’t find her, he decided to check the dining. And there she was, calmly standing and staring at the rain which had reduced to a drizzling pour.

She seemed lost in thoughts, reserved. He pottered toward her, getting more surprised that she hadn’t noticed his presence even as he stood behind her. What was she thinking about?

He stood silently behind her and stayed that way for a long time.

“It’s dark. Still leaving?” He finally broke the peaceful silence and noticed how Shilah shudder to look at him.

He confirmed it – she really had no idea he was there.

She drew a breath as she glanced at him, then turned back to the window.

“Uhm…” she cleared her constricted throat. “Let’s just see how it goes”.

Letting a few second pass, the King leveled up and stood on the same lane with her.

“You still have a room here, you know?” He cooed as he joined her in staring at the rain. “Two rooms, actually. The one your things are, and the second one”.

Shilah looked at him and couldn’t eclipse the chuckle from cracking out of her lips. She turned back to the window and said nothing else.

“But, why do you think it started raining all of a sudden?” King Dakota purposely threw the question. “Few hours ago, there had been no signal of a rainfall. And just all of a sudden, it heavily started pouring. Don’t you think… this is a sign? A sign you should stay here for today – feel your home?”

“My King…”, Shilah drawled as she peered at him. “Actually, I’d love to stay back, but…”

“But, what?” Dakota chipped in, locking his eyes with hers.

She released a small smile and added: “But, nothing”. The King lowered his head to beam.

“Let’s go for a walk, shall we?” He took a step backward.

“Of course”, Shilah inclined and walked out with him.


The two took a peaceful walk round the walkaways and balconies of the Palace. They couldn’t step outside since the rain was still drizzling, but the Palace was quite big. So, walking around the walkways and balconies was still enough for them.

The weather was soothing and made their walk more convenient as they chattered with pieces of t*ittle-tattle, arousing light smiles and chuckles on the way.

The few people that could see them from their windows and a distance admired them as they looked so perfect together. She was the right one for their King – they thought. But, was the King the right one for her? Considering her new ident*ity?

The walk was more beneficial to Shilah as she had missed him her special moments with him. She had missed being with him – the most powerful man in the Wolves and Vampires community. She had missed being his little wife – not little in nature, but little as his fourth wife. She had missed being loved and protected by him, and the little walk brought back a few of those memories.

Their walk lasted for a long time, and even with how late it had become, the rain was still drizzling.

“Now, I am certain there is no way you’re leaving tonight”, King Dakota said as Shilah stood beside him at the balcony, staring into the dark.

She said nothing, keeping her thoughts to her head.

“Why don’t we grab some coffee in my room? Will be perfect for the weather”, he proposed, making Shilah stare at him with a smile.

“As you wish, My King”.

They proceeded to the King’s chambers and read a book while awaiting the coffee to be served. The King had dropped the information with the guards by his door. So, he knew it wouldn’t take long for it to be served.

And truly, in a few minutes, the maids arrived with two small trays, served it in front of the King and Shilah and left.

The coffee was steaming hot, it looked so inviting to Shilah – she had to drop her book and began drinking it with sups. The King did same. And in the dark room, only being litted by candlesticks, the duo sat peacefully and sipped from their cups.


It was fiddly how they drank up in silence.

“You shall be retiring to your room, right?” The King asked when their cups were empty.

“I think so. It’s impossible to ride out now. I shall proceed tomorrow morning”, Shilah replied as she drew her chair back and stood up.

The King stood up with her.

“These plans you have…What exactly are they?” He asked evenly, walking round to stand closer to her.

Shilah hesitated as those were plans she had wanted to keep to herself. But surely, the King was someone she could trust.

“I have some sc*ores to settle with the witches”, she said.

“sc*ores? You want to go start a fight with them?”

“Not really. Just need to put some things right, but in the end, I’m very sure it would cause a fight”, Shilah shrugged and watched the King’s expression turn sour.

“It’s just you, Shilah. Just you against a hundred witches who hates you. Do you think you can stand a chance? Please, I’d suggest you go with some guards. They could disguise as…”

“There will be no need for that, My King”, her words came with a soothing smile. “The Spirits wants me to do this. And I am sure they have their plans for me”.

The Spirits – Dakota thought. She still had so much faith in the Spirits.

“And after that”, she continued. “I’d be heading to the Daekrahm village”

Daekrahm Village? Dakota’s brows furrowed. It was a very small village, he couldn’t recall the last he heard of it.

“Why? What business do you have there?” He inquired.

“I can’t tell for now. But the Spirits just wants me to go there. I had seen it from Bastet’s vision few weeks ago”.

“Hmm”, The King drew a breath and held her hand.

That touch… that would be the first time the King was touching her since she arrived and it felt so… cold.

“You have so much on your list, Shilah. Don’t you have any for us?” He added. But, Shilah had been staring at her hand which was being held by the King.

Why was her heart suddenly beating faster? His touch on her was sending butterflies down her system.

She looked up at him and found his eyes locked on her face. Those eyes … they were the prettiest eyes she’d ever come across and staring at them made her realize how much she’s missed him – not just being with him, but beneath him.

And without a second grip of her thoughts, she threw her hands over his shoulders and smooched his lips.

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