Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 229

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 229 Er0tic

Shilah didn’t plan her actions, she couldn’t control it either.

Her hands hugged him tight as she pressed deeper with the kiss. And in a split second, the King reciprocated.

Her touch was magical, her lips on his were sensational, they made his middle jerk and react. This was the moment he’s been waiting for – the moment he’d feel her to be his again,the moment he’d have her all to himself.

He slid his hand down to her waistline and pulled her closer while maintaining the lip contact. They smooched, bit and fed on each other’s essence not minding the fact that they were running short of breath.

Unable to endure any further, Shilah broke the kiss and leaned on the King’s shoulders to catch her breath. Her hands were still around him and his around her waist.

Her lips had become w*et and plump, and so were the King’s. But they wanted more… more of something else.

Gently, Dakota pulled her head from his shoulders and cupped her cheeks, making their eyes locked. Then slowly, he reached for her lips again but kissed it in a more passionate way this time around.

He took the lower lip, gave it a tiny bite before moving to the other and making his way for her tongue. Shilah didn’t reciprocate as she enjoyed how slowly he took it.

Multi-tasking, the King got hold of her dress and loosened it’s bound. He pulled it off from her shoulders and couldn’t help himself from staring at the perfect body when the cloak came falling freely to the ground.

Though, she had undies on, but her cleavages and exposed thighs were more than inviting to him.

Shilah found his eyes and felt a little bashful. No, not bashful. She liked it.

Her heart fluttered when the King carried her to the bed and got ontop of her. Oh! She’s missed this – missed being in his bed.

He undressed her while planting kisses on every part of her body. Then, it suddenly dawned on Shilah that he was still covered.

“Let me help”, she cooed and knelt in front of him, still on the bed.

The King a*s*sisted her in taking off the clothes as he was greatly eager to get down to it.

Done, Shilah’s eyes beamed upon seeing the long, hard organ. Her throat constricted as her eyes sparkled. Goodness! She never thought she could want the King so bad…

She laid back on the bed but didn’t let him touch her. Instead, she urged him to come forward – above her head.

The King was mystified, but soon it became clear and his eyes got darker as he went above her head, aiding his manhood to fit into her mouth.

Shilah gladly took it, closing her eyes in e*cstasy as she enveloped the strong hard organ. It was still as big and perfect as she knew it and feeling it to the end of her throat made her heart beat faster.

She stroke it while making it go in and out of her mouth, loving every of his w*etness that dripped into her.

The King held onto the head of the bed while receiving all the signals spasming through his body. She’s always done it better. No, she actually became better.

She gurgled and m*oa*ned while s*cking every bit of it, but the King didn’t feel like coming just yet. So, he withdrew from her lips and rushed down to her legs. Spreading them open, he shoved himself into her, making sure it went far and deep enough until there was no more to push in.

It f0rced a m*oa*n out of Shilah as she sunk her nails into his bag with her eyes closing up.

That was it – the feeling she’s been craving.

She flopped her head back and let out a guttural groan, especially when he made the first move inside her.

As for the King, her tightness was driving him nuts. The way the walls of her v@gin@ clamped around his w*etness made him shiver within. Thus, he had to be fast – and rough.

The bed shook violently as the King took her on a hard ride, unleashing every hunger he’s had to endure while she was away, every w*etness he’s had to deal with.

He yanked her hair and ate into the hollows of her neck as he thrusted in and out, making sure every stroke back in was hard and rough.

Shilah’s keen m*oa*n echoed round the room, adding more sensations to the King who gritted in erogenous ple@sure. Soon, he got hold of her bouncing bre@st and squeezed it hard – just as hard as the ple@sure hit him.

It increased Shilah’s groans, but for the Spirit’s sake, she loved it that way! Feeling him pound into her was the best thing she’s had to feel for months and it made her realize just how much she still loved him.

When she drew closer to climax, she jerked herself and held him even tighter. The King drew closer as well and with wild grunts, they both released.

The King remained on her for sometime as they tried catching their breaths, his head in-between her bre@sts and her hands around his shoulders.

They panted heavily like couples being chased by death. And finally, the King fell beside her in exhaustion.

“I love you, Shilah”, he whispered into her ears, kissing her earlobe afterward.

“I love you too, My King”, she answered faintly before answering to the call of sleep.

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