Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 251

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 251 The Execution

The news of the Queen and Raksha’s betrayal was spreading round like wildfire. The entire mountain was in shock as they never expected their beloved Queen to be a tyrant in disguise. It turned their minds bittered against her as they thought of the fact that she was responsible for the King’s curse the whole time.

Chaska, on the other hand, was scared to the teeth when she heard of Raksha’s confession. She feared he might confess more on what they did to Shilah’s child – how it had been her idea to k*il*l him from birth. She knew the King would never forgive her for it. As a matter of fact, it could even cost her life.

Thus, she decided to flee. It was the best she could think of as she feared Raksha might expose her at his execution.

Her maid had tried to advise her against it, but her fears wouldn’t let her stay. Instead, she promised to return after the execution and if her name wasn’t mentioned. Thus, she left everything behind and fled without telling the King.


Shilah walked into the King’s chambers and found him standing soberly, looking like a predator as his huge figure dominated the window side. He was gazing at the dark sky but could see nothing as worries were the only things before him.

Shilah had given the prince to Dyani ’cause she wanted an alone time with the King, but meeting him in that mood, she didn’t know how to begin.

“When I lost my mother”, Dakota suddenly began, his voice coming out cold and hurt. “I thought Queen Jade could become my second mother. I took her advice and blessings and made decisions I never wanted to make for her sake. Pishan has always been my best friend and was the one I wanted as my beta. But when Queen Jade told me she wanted Raksha for that position, I had to disregard Pishan and made Raksha my beta.

“They were never a threat or a compet*ition to me. But the whole time I was? I called them family, not knowing all they wanted was to watch me suffer. To think they k*il*led my mother and had me cursed for years…”, he drew a deep breath.

Shilah could tell that was a man trying to hold back his emotions. “If my own family could do this to me, who then, can I trust?”

Shilah bent her head and sighed as silence lasted for a few minutes.

“It just hurts a lot that Jael was k*il*led because of them”, she mumbled. “Although, I know they didn’t f0rce her into doing what she did. But they tempted her with their offer and influenced her negatively. They’re the only reason she’s dead today”.

Dakota turned away from the window, his heavy dress making some ruffling noise.

“About my curse…”, he looked at Shilah. “…can’t you help?”

Shilah danced her eyes on the floor for a moment.

“I’ve made researches about it, My King. And unfortunately, only the queen of witches can help you”, her response arched the King’s brows. “Although, there might be other ways that I do not know of. But if it has to be done by the Spirits, then the queen of witches is the only one that can help”.

Resentment crawled into the King’s face as he helped himself to the bed.

“Then, I guess I am doomed for life”, he mumbled. “Kylie would never agree to help me – not even in death”.

Shilah ambled towards him with a hand on his shoulder.

“Things can always change. You should know that. Keep hoping”.


At the break of the next day, over half of the mountain were already gathered at the Palace to watch the execution and King Dakota had to take it to the public spot so there could be enough space for everyone.

He was seated on the higher place and watched as the guards dragged Queen Jade and Raksha out to the execution block. The wolves mumbled amongst themselves, greatly displeased at their miserable sight. It was still unbelievable that the Queen who was always adorned richly was being reduced to nothing. Who would’ve thought she was an enemy the whole time?

Queen Jade and Raksha were still terribly sick, but could barely lift a finger in defence as the guards dropped them to the ground. They – especially the queen – felt so bittered and humiliated and could not believe she was being treated that way in the presence of the wolves. She wept bitterly and bowed her head in shame.

King Dakota stood up afterward, magnating the attention of everyone to himself.

“We all know the reason we are gathered here”, he began, his voice being loud enough to go through the crowd.

Or perhaps, it was because the crowd was quiet enough.

“Queen Jade and Prince Raksha who is also my beta, confessed to so many treasonous actions taken by them, some of which included the k*il*ling of my mother, setting me up to get cursed, k*il*ling Ahiga’s son and attempting to k*il*l my own sin. Their actions are abominable and as a result, we cannot have such people in our midst.

“First, I hereby denounce Raksha as my beta. And I denounce Queen Jade from that title. They both do not deserve to die with dignity”.

Raksha began laughing hysterically, which made the people look at him.

“My mother is not the only one to be denounced from that title, Dakota”, he coughed. “Your first queen – Chaska – should also be considered”.

The wolves gasped and mumbled amongst themselves. “Queen Chaska?”

“What’s he talking about?”

“What did the queen do?” Dakota became troubled at once.

“What do you mean, Raksha?” He bobbed his head. “Or are you looking for an innocent soul to drag down to death with you?”

Raksha laughed again – but more dryly this time around. “I have nothing to gain at this point. But it is important you know it was her idea to get rid of your son”.

A louder gasp spiraled through the crowd. “She was the one who had come to me with the idea of k*il*ling him. Good thing is, I didn’t listen to her and only made the little boy float”.

King Dakota felt a sharp sting in her chest. He quickly looked around but noticed Chaska’s absence. No, it couldn’t be true. Not Chaska.

“And one more thing”, Raksha grinned. “I was the mystery man who shared your meal with you”.

The King appeared confused about it.

“I am talking about Nosheba. I was the one responsible for her second child. And also the one responsible for the third one she carried. I had been her secret lover”.


“The fallen queen?”

“It was both of them?”

The crowd couldn’t contain their utter disbelief. It was the greatest shock ever. The King’s eyes glinted with a different kind of anger – one that depicted fresh betrayal.

His own brother had been sleeping with his former queen?

He walked down from his position immediately and stomped towards them, anger echoing in his footsteps. And when he got close enough, he drew the sword from the executions.

“I, King Dakota – Alpha King of the seven mountains and five clutches hereby, sentence you, Raksha to death”.

A small smile settled on Raksha’s lips as he stared directly at the King’s eyes. The smile faded and got replaced with pain. And still staring into his eyes, he watched the King lift the sword against him.

He stroke it against his neck, detaching the head that rolled bloodily on the ground.

“Raksha….!” Jade cried out.

She was too weak and could only wince. She sobbed painfully from her position and at that moment, regretted everything. Yes, she regretted every single action she had made – her lust for power, envy and poisoning her son’s mind to be like hers. She wished she had just embraced the love she had at that moment and never went for more. Badly, she wished. But it was too late to change the hands of time.

King Dakota moved to her, making her see her son’s blood dripping from his sword.

“Dakota…” She whimpered, weeping bitterly.

“You have the same fate”, he grumped. And in one lift, he struck the sword against her neck.

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