I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 08

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 08

Selena’s POV:

I hear a steady beeping from far away and try to take in my surroundings. Where am I? I hear more than one machine and it smells like disinfection and blood.

Trying to wiggle my fingers I feel every finger and they have healed up, moving my body I still haven’t any feeling of my body below my waist. Nothing happens when I try to move.

Did he break it beyond repair? I can’t move my toes at all!

Fear starts to creep up my spine, I need to heal up properly. Searching for my wolf but still feel cut off from her, whatever they have been giving me into my system hasn’t gone out.

I sigh and try to keep calm, my head hurts and it only gets worse if I’m upset.

Slowly opening my eyes, I try to adjust my vision to the darkness.

How long have I been unconscious?

Everything is dark around me! Taking a big inhail his scent hits my nose and I know I’m not alone in this room.

Slowly turning my head and scanning the room with my eyes I don’t see him at first. I hear a deep growl from the other end of the room, snapping my head in the direction.

My eyes get contact with his glowing amber eyes and I sigh and put my head back on the pillow again. Closing my eyes I have no energy left in my body to deal with him right now.

Hearing him slowly moving closer to where I lay on the bed I try to ignore him, keeping my eyes closed and just breathing. His face comes closer to me and I feel how his breath fanning my face. I have nowhere to go right now even if I could move I’m his prisoner.

“Why are you here!” He growls out to me and a shiver runs down my spine, for a moment the bond wants me to reach out to him. I push the feeling down and try to ignore him.

His hand comes to my cheek and he f0rces my head to face him, sparks shoot out from his touch and I gasp from the feeling.

“Open your eyes!” He barks out and when I still don’t open them he f0rces his alpha command over me. I try to ignore it! Sweat starts to form on my forehead and my stomach turns from the pain of trying to ignore his command. Since he is the Alpha King he can order whoever he wants with his command. If I only could reach my wolf he would get to know a thing or two.

The pain only gets worse and I can’t fight him like this right now. My body is already heavily beaten up and my energy is running low.

Opening my eyes I come to stare right into his beautiful eyes, anger radiates out of him and I have to take a breath and try to push every feeling away.

“I told you to never set your foot on my land again!” He spits out at me and anger starts to boil under my skin.

“Does it f*uc*king look like I’m here by my free will?” I spit back at him and see how he is surprised by my answer at first. I try to swat his hand away from me when his grip on my chin only tightens.

“Don’t touch me!” I say through gritted teeth. He looks deep into my eyes but doesn’t let go.

“I will touch you however much I want! You’re mine!” He says and it only adds fuel to my anger.

“I will never be yours!” I spit out to him. I see his eyes glowing and his face comes closer so our lips almost touching. His grip on my chin is firm and I can’t get his hand off me.

“That’s not for you to decide!” He says I try to push him off me but he won’t let go. He look me deep in my eyes and his lips almost brushed mine. He stays like that for a moment before he rises.

Pushing his hand away from me I breathe heavily from him being this close and making the bond stir to life.

I want away from him and start to feel how my bladder is full, maybe I will feel my legs again in a few hours. But right now I need a bathroom.

Turning my head I see I’m hooked up to several machines and start pulling them. off me, some needles are deep and when I pull them out it starts to ooze blood out of the wounds that are left.

“What are you doing?” I hear him say and he grabs my hand from pulling the last one out.

“Need to use the bathroom!” I say and snap my hand from his grip and pull the last one out.

“And how do you plan to use the bathroom when you can’t walk!” He says with mocking in his voice. Well, he will se! I just need to come down to the floor and I can drag myself in there with my upper body.

Tossing the quilt off me I take my hands and drag myself up before I start lifting one of my legs over the bed.

“Stop! I’ll help you” he says and grips my arm, I snatch it back from him and lift the other leg over too.

“I don’t want your help!” I say and adjust the shirt I have on me before I push myself off the bed and end up on the floor with a thud, pain shoots up from my spine and I bite my lip to prevent myself from crying out.

I hear his feet moving and he comes to stop beside my body on the floor. Keeping my eyes closed and wait for the pain to subside.

He squats down beside me and tries to lift me. Opening my eyes, I start fighting with him to get his hands off me. I don’t want him near me!

I hear him sigh before he pulls me up in his lap and his hand comes down to my nose and cuts off the air so I can’t breathe through my nose.

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