I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 91

I will never be yours By Melan pamp

Chapter 91 

Selena POV: 

Slowly I start to come out of the darkness and start to register my surroundings. Trying to listening for any sound around me before I try to open my eyes. 

I don’t hear anything at the moment and all I can smell is some herbs floating around me. I don’t recognize the smell at all! 

Opening my eyes, I have to adjust my eyes to the brightness in the room. Blinking repeatedly before my vision becomes clear and I start to look around in the room. I’m lying in a bed in what looks like a large bedroom. Some heavy curtains are slightly covering the windows, trying to move my arms and legs I have to get up from the bed and try to get out of here! 

Moving my fingers, I try to reach for my wolf but she feels cut off and I can’t pull on any of my gifts. I feel weak and I guess whatever they put inside the chocolate is still in my system! 

Trying to move my arms I managed to get one up to my face. 

I feel numb in my body and the moment I move a bit with my head to try and get up dizziness hits me hard and I have to lay back down again and close my eyes. 

Remembering who it was that kidnapped me I try to find out why he would ever when I hear some heavy steps walk closer to where I am before the door is pushed open. 

I see a dark person standing in the doorway before he comes walking inside with a smile on his lips. 

He walks closer to the bed I’m lying on with a tray in his hands. 

He places it down on the nightstand before he sits down on the edge of the bed. 

“I thought I heard you being awake!” he says and I try to get up from the bed but there is no strength in my body and I give up and turn my head and look at him. 

“Why are you doing this Elijah?” I say and look right into his eyes. None of this makes any sense! 

“I thought it was obvious!” he says and starts to pull the blanket further up on me. I feel very thirsty and he places one hand behind my head and I let him have nothing to put against him at the moment. He takes a glassof water from the tray with a straw inside and places it on my lips. I take large gulps from the water without a hesitation, need to drink! he takes it and places it back on the tray when I’m done. 

“I don’t understand!” I say when his hand comes up and cares my cheek. I get this feeling to instant get away from him but I can’t move from my spot. 

“I want you! I have wanted you since the day we first met!” he says and leans forward. All I can do is to push my head harder down the pillow before I feel him peck my lips. 

“No! Stop it!” I say in protest when he captures my lips with his. I try to move my head away when he holds it in place with his hand and pushes his tongue inside my mouth. I have no other option and bite him hard on his tongue until I draw blood and he lets me go. He pulls away and keeps his face inches away from mine when he wipes away some blood from his lips. 

“You will come around! Just wait until the potion work and then you will be only mine!” he says and caress my cheek before he sits back up. 

“No Elijah! This is wrong and I already have another in my life!” I say and try to plead with him when he starts to chuckle. 

“Ah, you mean your mate! Don’t worry about him he will soon only be a bad memory!” he says and traces his hand down my shoulder and to my hand. Looking at him in shock! How can he know about mates and that Kian is mine! Elijah is just a human. 

“But how can you know!?” I say in shock when he peels the blanket off my arm and places my hand in his. 

“You mean about mates or that Kian is yours!” he says and turns his head and looks at me before his other hand comes to my neck and starts to trace down on my shoulder.  I can’t find my words when he snaps his eyes up to look at me. 

“I found out the day in the office when he came and started to growl at me for being close to you. It was fun to tease the great werewolf king by touching his mate! And it will be even more fun when he realizes I have taken his mate from him to be mine!” he says and gets a wicked smile on his lips. Just the sight of him now has me questioning if I ever really knew him. 

All these years at work and all he has done for me I always thought of him as being nice and friendly. But this wicked man in front of me is anything but it. 

“No Elijah! This isn’t right!” I say and try to move my hand out from his but he grabs it harder. 

“I don’t care what’s right! You will be mine!” he says and a chill runs down my spine from his words. 

“Please, Elijah! If you know about mates you know how important the mate bond is!” I try to plead with him when he chuckles. 

“I know all too well what a mate is! You are not the only one who can mask their scent!” he says and my blood freezes to ice in my veins from his words. Have I mistaken him for being a human when he is something else? I don’t feel any wolf by him and then there leaves him with being a witch or worse! A vampire! 

Looking at him in shock I try to look for any signs of what he is when he takes my hand and lifts it to his lips. 

“Have you figured it out yet?” he says and traces his lips over the back of my hand when I try to pull it out of his grip. I got a bad feeling about this. 

“All the time we worked together you never picked up anything different. I tried to get you to fall in love with me for months and did everything for you. I have always known what you are from the first moment we met. 

And I almost had you the day at the banquet! You started to give in to me and if it hadn’t been for your mate finding you that day I believe you would have already been mine right now!” he says in a darker evil voice that makes me scared for what he plans to do to me. 

I’m an easy target this way without my gifts and strength. 

“You know there is a reason why you feel so weak right now! When you have been unconscious I haven’t been able to stay away from you! I always knew you would taste good but nothing can ever be compared to your sweet taste and I might have taken a bit too much!” he says and my heart starts to beat harder in my chest. I know what he is before he turns his head and looks at me. 

His canines are out and his eyes are pitch black when he lifts my wrist to his nose and starts to inhale on it. 

Seeing several red marks on my wrist and arm he has s*cked my blood when I have 

been out. Fear takes over my mind and I try to get out of his grip but I’m no match against him right now! 

“You smell even better when you are afraid! And this I’m going to enjoy” he says. before he bit down on my wrist and start to s*ck out my blood. I can’t move out of his grip and it doesn’t take long before my body feels heavy and my vision starts to get blurry. I try to speak and beg him to stop but my mouth won’t corporate and it doesn’t take many seconds before everything become pitch black!

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