I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 09

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 09

Kian’s POV:

I can’t believe how stubborn my little mate is, she rather crawls her way over to the bathroom than takes my help.

Looking at her in pain on the floor I sigh and pull her body into my lap. I can’t have her like this! I need answers from her!

She tries to fight me off but there isn’t much she can do, even if I like her feisty mood. She is still small, not bigger than a child in my arms. Taking my hand over her nose and cutting off her air her eyes shoot up and look at me, I guess she knows what I plan to do.

“No! No! Let me go” she screams to me. I just ignore her.

Biting on my wrist I see panic in her eyes and she growls at me. I would love to see what she would try to do if she were healed up.

Taking my wrist to her mouth she closes her lips and I just wait for her to run out of oxygen. She scratches me on my face but nothing she does can get me off her.

It doesn’t take long before she has to open her mouth and my blood starts to pour down her throat. I feel how she starts to relax in my arms and take my wrist from her hand and bite into it again.

She doesn’t try to fight me off when I place my wrist on her lips again. It takes just a moment before I hear a soft M0@n and she holds my wrist close to her lips.

Since I’m her mate and the Alpha King my blood will help her body heal up quickly and the euphoria she feels is from me being her mate.

Her arousal hits my nose and I feel my d*ic*k jerk in my pants, she smells better than anything I have ever smelled before. My canines get longer and I want to sink them into her flesh, marking her as mine and claiming her body right here on the floor.

Taking my wrist from her lips I look down at her eyes and see how turned on she is right now. Some of my blood is still on her lips and I take my thumb to wipe it off, only for her to open her mouth and let out a M0@n.

She’s just too tempting this way and I haul her further up in my lap I trace my nose down her neck and stop on the place where my mark would lay. Taking a large inhale of her scent. My canines slip out and scratch the surface of her skin, taking my tongue and licking up the blood, and sealing the wound. My d*ic*k is painfully hard in my pants, a shiver runs through her body.

I don’t get more time with her before the euphoria wears off and she starts to fight me off instead. She tries to push me away and get out of my grip!

“Let me go!” She says and growls at me. I’m almost tempted to see what she would do, but decide to let her go instead.

She gets off my lap and tries to stand up but falls on her knees, she isn’t healed up quite yet and I get on my feet and pick her up in my arms before I start to walk with her over to the bathroom.

She trashes the whole way in my arms to get out of my grip, but she is no match for me!

Putting her down inside by the toilet I take my finger under her chin and tilt her head up to look at me. Her innocent blue eyes look angry at me and her angry spirit stirs up the bond in my body, wanting her close. I have to push the feeling back down.

“You got five minutes!” It’s all I say and leave her in the bathroom, closing the door when I walk out to the room again.

I have a lot of questions I need answers to. Hearing her flush the toilet a nurse and Declan comes walking inside the room. I see Declan take a sniff in the air and look at me with questions in his eyes.

“Is there something you need to tell me?” He says and looks over at the bed. Following his eyes, I lean back on the wall.

“No!” It’s all I say and look over at him. Seeing him eyeing me up and down I just raise my eyebrow at him.

The door opens and my little mate comes walking outside slowly, the nurse rushes over to her and helps her get in the bed again. When she’s in the bed the nurse starts checking her over.

“You’re healing up real fast now!” The nurse says and my little mate snaps her head and looks at me. A low growl comes from her lips and I tilt my head to the side. Dare her to continue. I see her press her lips in a tight line and avert her eyes.

“Well, that’s by f0rce!” She says with venom in her voice. I can’t help but chuckle at her, so feisty!

“You’re going to be all healed up in a couple of hours!” The nurse says and I hear my mate’s heart beat faster in her chest, whatever she plans and hopes for I will find out.

Something is going on with her and she can’t escape under my roof.

When the nurse is ready she and Declan leave the room, he mindlink me when he is about to walk out. He will be standing outside and guarding if we need some time alone. I just roll my eyes at him, I know what he is implying.

I’m only here to get some answers out of her and whatever way I need to use to get her to tell the truth I will use it.

She won’t be able to escape from me!

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