Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 201

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene 

Chapter 201 The Mother Of A Tribrid

NOTE: Guys, I noticed a lot of you were wondering how Sukie was able to recognize Shilah’s face as the King’s wife. Do not forget – during the banquet in celebration of Shilah’s pregnancy, a lot of influential people had been in attendance. The King had also gotten some artists to draw Shilah’s face. Now, do not forget Sukie and Pishan had been meeting a lot during the skipped seven months part of the story. So, I do not think it should be difficult for someone like Sukie to know her face. And do not forget she was the one that recognized Shilah’s face, not the other witches.

Let’s Read…




“Have you gone mad, Ryder?” Lord Sobek suddenly snapped. Sitting up from his chair. “What in the first place is putting such idea in your head?”

Ryder’s eyes glinted. “Sobek…”

“We have been living peacefully with the wolves for centuries, and now you want to create a division? What are you even thinking?”

“And who’s talking about creating a diversion?!” He snapped. “Can’t you see my point?? All I want is for us to be on top. Are we too little to enjoy leadership?”

“But, Ryder” Ramses cleared his throat and leaned forward. “You know we have rules. Before power can be passed from the Wolves to us, certain things needs to happen. First, the King dies without leaving a son behind. Secondly, he…”

“AND THAT IS EXACTLY MY POINT!” Ryder gritted, some cracked veins coming up beneath his eyes. “We’re always meant to follow their rules! Their rules! Their rules!”

“Those rules weren’t just created by the Wolves! They were decided and deliberated upon by our past Lords as well” Sobek slammed the table.

“And you really think our Lords had willingly made such rules? Oh, please” He hissed. “No father would make a decision that would subject his son to eternal slavery! It’s possible those wolves had been conniving and…”

“We weren’t there, Ryder, we can’t just a*s*sume”.

“Oh! Yes, I can a*s*sume – because that is what it is!” He kicked his leg against the table, making some of the blood spill.

It created a deep silence for sometime.

“Why do you think the centuries refused to join the alliance centuries ago?” He continued, his voice sounding more creepy. “Is it because they do not want peace? No. It’s because they also didn’t want to be ruled! They didn’t want to be ruled by a different specie and have to obey to them. So, they accepted all the consequences and went away. Even weak females were smarter than us!”

None of the VampLords said a word and it made Ryder believe he was getting their understanding.

“I’m not asking for too much – I’m not asking to be divided by the Wolves. All I want is for power to be handed over to us”

“There is a time for that, Ryder, and that time is not now!” Sobek stated raucously.

“Well, I want it now!!!” Ryder roared.

“But Ryder,” Lord Moises shook his head. “Even if we want to buy this idea, you know it’s impossible. The Alpha King would never hand over power willingly when he knows it’s still his time”.

“Then, we challenge him”.

“What?? Challenge King Dakota?”

“Yes! According to the misery rules, if the Vampires wanted to seize power f0rcefully, a VampLord is to challenge the Alpha King to a fight in the presence of everyone. And whoever wins the fight takes over the leadership”.

“And which of us is powerful enough to fight someone like Dakota? Are you forgetting who he is?”

Ryder grinned and went round to stand in front of his seat. “This is the reason we need to do this. We’ve been thought of being weaker and subjects to the Mountain Lions, it’s so bad the thoughts has messed even without our heads! Don’t you see? We are losing our values! A Wolf would walk into a crowd and everyone would bow for him, but a Vampire would walk and have to watch his back! We’re losing our value and I must be the one to save us all! So, I, Lord Ryder, will write to King Dakota and challenge him to the fight! We shall fight to the death!”

“This is insane. Ryder is trying to cause a war!” Sobek shook his head dreadfully. “What has come over you, Ryder? Why do you suddenly want to destroy this peace that exists between us? Our past Lords were not fools when they made those decisions. They agreed to be under the Wolf’s leadership and every negative thing you just said doesn’t make sense. The wolves do not treat us like slaves. And perhaps, the reason we have to watch our backs when walking in the midst of humans is because they’re more scared of us than they are to Wolves! They’re more scared because they know we feast on their blood! We feast on them to survive! Stop trying to poison our minds!”

“Why are you being against us, Sobek?” Ryder moved closer to him and gritted. “Why are you trying to be the antagonist?”

“Of course, I am not! I am only trying to stop this madness of yours! What if you end up fighting the King and lose? Do you realize what would happen to the rest of us? The wolves has done absolutely nothing to us! They do not stop us from feasting on blood, they do not stop us from having families, throwing parties and sleeping with as many women as we want! So, what exactly is your problem?”

Ryder scoffed.

” So, what happens if you win?” Sobek went on. “You automatically become the new Leader, right? You become the new King? Really? And we all still stay under you! Why don’t you just admit it? All you want is power for your selfish reasons!”

Immediately, Ryder punched him in the face, creating an uproar. But before Sobek would reciprocate, the rest of the VampLords had interfered.

“I am not doing this for myself, but for us all!” Ryder pointed an angry finger at him while being refrained by Osric and Moises. “If I am the King, the power would belong to all of us! We’re all going to be the winners in the end!”

“That’s not true…!”

“I think Ryder is right!” Moises finally said, his voice loud and bold. It made everyone go silent as they all looked at him.




“Are you very sure, Sukie?” The voice of the witch sounded faintly.

“Of course. I wouldn’t say so if I wasn’t. She’s the Alpha King’s wife” Sukie replied.

“But, how is it possible she’s a wolf and a witch? If she’s indeed Ayita’s daughter, she’d rather be a Vampire” Another sister muttered.

“I… I don’t know. I keep thinking of something”

“What is it, Sukie?”

“It might sound insane, but… what if she’s not a wolf? I heard… she’s never shifted and never displayed any signs of being a wolf. In the Mountain, she’s being referred to as powerless”.

“Oh…So, you think somehow, she must’ve gotten into the Wolves Mountain and got raised by a family of wolves?”

“Exactly! Maybe… that explains it all. And on the night of the last full moon, it had rained heavily – which was very strange. But that night was the same night she gave birth to her son”.

“Really? You… think it happened because…”

“Yes – because her son was a tribrid – the very first of it’s kind”.

“Hehehe, this is getting more interesting. So, we have the daughter of the fallen witch, who is now the mother of a tribrid” The witch cackled.

Kylie finally spoke up. “All these stories – I do not care. All I know is she’s the daughter of Ayita and as soon as the rain stops falling, we’ll continue our ride to the Palace and that’s where we k*il*l her”.

“k*il*l her?” Sukie asked worriedly. “Are we still… k*il*ling her?”

“What sort of question is that, Sukie?” Kylie threw her a glare. “That lady and her mother were sentenced to death before her mother k*il*led the Queen! And being the new Queen, I am bound to carry out that judgement!”

“But… don’t you think the Alpha King would be mad at us? I heard he loves her very much”.

“I have no business with the Alpha King. This is a matter of witches, he shouldn’t interfere”.

“But… how do you even know this much about them, Sukie?” Remata asked. “You talk like you’ve been living with them”.

Sukie narrowed her eyes to the floor. “I travel a lot, Remata, more than you do. So, it shouldn’t be difficult getting such news…”

The conversations sounded faintly in Shilah’s ears as she squirmed from side to side on the ground. She felt so hot like she was in a bad dream and finally, her eyes fluttered open.

Kylie, who had been watching her face the whole, was the first to notice.

“She’s awake!” She grinned as she stood up from where she was seated and took some steps towards Shilah.

Shilah – her head still feeling muzzy and heavy – was trying to comprehend what was going on. She could tell she was in a cave and with the heavy sounds from outside, it seemed to be raining. The witches were in front of her, seated like they were having a meeting while her hands and legs were tied. Then, she suddenly recalled what had happened a while ago.

“Why am I here?” She questioned. “I… I have done nothing wrong”.

Her heart skipped when the pretty lady crouched in front of her. Her red cloak was longer than the others and no doubt, she looked like their Superior.

“I hope you enjoyed your nap? Because it would be the last one you’ll have” Kylie stated detestfully and that very instance, Shilah felt that familiar rush down her veins – the one she had felt while leaving the Palace.

She had to lower her head and grunt, not wanting the witches to notice, but of course, Kylie did.

“What is wrong with you…daughter of Ayita?” Kylie c*oc*ked her head and the moment Shilah heard that name, she whipped her dazed eyes to look at her.

What? What did she … just say?

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