Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 241

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 241 Our Son


The witches couldn’t get to their destination in time. Thus, they had to camp in the woods when it was late enough.

They spread themselves over the area, each person getting a comfortable place to lay. But for Shilah, there was no comfortable position than sitting with her baby in her arms.

Her back was leaned against a tree as she placed him on her huddled legs and stared into his face. He was so beautiful – she thought – and had his father’s eyes.

Oh! The King! She could only imagine what his reaction would be, holding his son for the first time. She could only imagine.

She smiled and kissed his forehead. And when he giggled, it lightened her cold heart.

Sukie’s footsteps were soon heard, but Shilah didn’t pay attention to her. Not even when she sat next to her, equally staring and smiling at the child.

“Don’t you think you should feed him?” She asked, and that was when Shilah decided to notice her. She spared her a glance before turning back to her son.

“I… actually gave him some water. I mean, he’s two months old. I don’t know what he can eat yet”, she shrugged.

“Yes. Two months old. He needs some milk from his mother. I am very sure he didn’t get that from Ora”, Sukie added.

With that, Shilah lifted her gaze to look at Zinnia who was seated next to Elphaba. She wondered what they were talking about as Elphaba seemed just like a mother having a storytime with her daughter.

Shilah sighed and looked at Sukie.

“I stopped… lactating about two weeks ago. I do not think I can bre@stfeed him”, she stated morosely.

“Well… Now that you have him in your arms again, maybe you should try”, Sukie’s suggestions hit a spot on Shilah’s head.

bre@stfeeding. She never had the chance to experience it with her son. And now that it was seeming like she had the chance, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

She looked down at the baby and touched his lips – his small beautiful lips. Slowly, she zipped down her cloak until it was free enough to let out her bre@st. And when she brought out one of it, she gulped nervously before extending the n!pple to the baby’s lips. It felt awkward. But, when those baby lips parted and grabbed the nipple, she couldn’t help but chuckle adorably.

“He is so cute”, Sukie laughed.

“I know, right?” Tears burnt her eyes.

There was a moment of silence. The baby played with the nipple, but Shilah could tell no milk was secreting.

“What is his name?” Sukie asked, wearing a soft smile on her face. The question seemed to grip Shilah as she suddenly looked up at the sky.

“I don’t even know. I didn’t have the chance to name him before he was taken from me”, her voice echoed sadness.

“Oh…” Sukie mouthed.

“I guess I will just wait till the King sees him. We can then decide on a name for him”.

“That would be better. I bet the King would be the happiest man”.

“Definitely. I can bet my life on it”. The two ladies laughed into the air.




At the break of dawn, the witches were back on their horses and on track. They rode for hours and only stopped at a restaurant to get some food. And as soon as they were done eating, they were back on their way.

They still could not reach the Wind Walker Mountain that same day. So, they had to camp for the night and resumed the following day.


When Shilah spotted the gates of the Palace before her, her stomach jiggled. Everything in her danced happily, including her heart which beat in rhythm.

Thankfully, the guards at the gate were quick enough to notice her and open up the gates. Else, she’d have blown it off if they had wasted any time. She looked at her baby in front of her and for some reason, got so much energy.

“WHERE IS THE KING?!” She yelled as she rode through the gates.

The smiles on her face were refusing to fade.

The King – who had been in his chambers – saw her riding in and was utterly surprised. A lot of things he saw was strange and unexpected. First, he didn’t expect her to be back so soon. Secondly, riding in with so many witches? Was her plan truly successful? Thirdly, she seemed so happy. And was that…a child with her?

His eyes gleamed the moment the thought hit him. There was a child with her? Like a desperate bird, he dashed out of the room.

Shilah halted her horse in the middle of the Palace and carefully climbed down from it with her son. Still holding the boy in her arms, she began running toward the entrance of the hall, ignoring every stare being thrown at her by the people around. All that mattered was in her arms, right there with her.

A tear strolled down her cheek as she giggled and ran into the hallway. And right there in front of her was the King, taking hurried steps with two guards behind him.

He halted when his eyes found her, but Shilah didn’t falter and continued running towards him.

“My King…!” She chuckled tearfully as she finally got to him. The King’s legs had successfully become too heavy to carry him, but his gaze settled on the boy.

“Shilah, what’s going on? Who’s child is this?” The questions ran through his head and itched to come out of his lips, but somehow, he was d*um*b.

“My King…! It’s him! It’s our son!” Shilah answered his curiousity with tears.

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