Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 167

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 167

Charlotte pursed her lips and smiled, looking silly. However, her heart was pounding anxiously.

She knew that even if she went to level 68, she wouldn’t be of any help. In fact, she might even get in the way. Therefore, it made more sense for her to stay here.

However, the thought of Zachary being in danger caused her to feel inexplicably worried.

“Mr. Sterk, the launch is going to start in a minute,” Lucy respectfully reminded. “This way please.”

Mr. Sterk adjusted his tie before stepping ahead and leading everyone into the meeting hall.

As the dark red doors swung open, the room was filled with thunderous applause.

Following behind, Charlotte saw members of various media outlets from all over the world and many of the company’s partners. They were all here today to witness the launch of Divine Corporation’s new technology.

As innumerable cameras flashed at Mr. Sterk, Charlotte who was standing beside him also got to bathe in his glory.

A 360 degree 3D screen then played a clip showcasing the success of Divine Corporation.

Divine Corporation’s tech products were used in thousands of homes and brought convenience to the lives of many. It had become a necessary part of the homes of the upper-middle cl@ssglobally.

After watching the presentation, only now did Charlotte fully grasp the extent of Zachary’s capabilities and status, leaving her astounded by it.

She realized that she really knew very little about him.

“Lad*ies and gentlemen, I am Johann Sterk. The same Johann Sterk who has spent his entire life obsessed with research. Today, I’m here to represent Mr. Nacht to launch Divine Corporation’s latest generation of tech products.”

Mr. Sterk’s voice was filled with vigor and energy.

The aud*ience was wowed with some commenting softly, “So it appears Mr. Sterk of Divine Corporation is the famous scientist Johann Sterk from some years ago.”

“No wonder the company has been doing so well. They have so much talent hidden within them.”

“I wonder who Zachary Nacht is to be able to get someone like Johann to work for him.”

“Lad*ies and gentlemen, before the product launch begins, I would like to spend some time introducing our chairman, Mr Zachary Nacht…”

Standing on the stage, Mr. Sterk pointed at the screen behind him.

“Zachary is also the president of Divine Corporation. When he was ten, he invented nineteen tech products and received the patent for them. After which, he started selling them via his company. The robot pets, robot nannies, etc. were all designed by him.”

“When he was sixteen, he officially established the Divine Corporation and led us to build a tech empire. In ten years, he has become a f0rce to be reckoned with in both the commercial and tech world.”

Thunderous applause broke out in response.

The reporters exclaimed excitedly, “With such an exceptional leader and such capable a*s*sistants, Divine Corporation is definitely on the path to greatness.”

After listening to the introduction and watching everything that had occurred, Charlotte felt that she had just got to know Zachary again. It appears he is extremely smart. I didn’t even realize that.

At the same time, she felt she was someone insignificant, just like a rock in the vast ocean. All she could do was watch the stars from afar.

While she was fantasizing, she suddenly realized the elite bodyguards had all returned. They were spreading themselves out in the meeting hall and even caught a few suspicious characters.

If they have returned, where is Zachary?

Filled with dread, Charlotte ran towards the elevator but realized it was occupied. She then took the stairs.


Just when she emerged from the stairwell, a dagger flew in her direction.

Luckily, Charlotte ducked in time, or else she would have met her maker.

Panting from fright, a man grabbed onto her from behind before she realized what was going on. He put a dagger to her throat and threatened, “Don’t come any closer, or I will K*ll her!”

At that moment, Charlotte regained her senses and saw what was in front of her.

Zachary was in a white shirt with his sleeves folded up. His face was red from battle.

While Ben had pinned someone down and was pounding him in. The president’s office was in a mess from the fight but they had seized the advantage.

However, just like an idiot, she appeared at the wrong moment.

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