Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 168

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 168

Zachary seethed as he scowled at her in a sarcastic tone, “Are you an idiot?”

“I… I…”

Charlotte’s neck which had just healed now had a dagger pressed against it. She was utterly frightened and could barely speak.

“Sigh, Ms. Windt, why did you come up here?” Ben sighed.

He and Mr. Nacht alone were more than enough to dispose of the remnants. Little did they expect Charlotte to gift herself to the enemy.

“You, destroy the X system now, or else I will K*ll her,” the intruder ordered arrogantly.

Charlotte was at the brink of tears and she kept telling herself she was done for.

The system was an integral part of Divine Corporation and holds the fate of the Nacht family in it.

To Charlotte, asking Zachary to destroy it was no different than asking him to destroy Earth itself.

This time, he definitely wouldn’t save me.

“Go ahead and K*ll her. That stupid woman isn’t of any use even when she’s alive.”

Zachary shot Charlotte a cold glare and waved his fist at her angrily. After which, he turned and headed back to his office.


Ben was stupefied. Is he for real?

“Boohoo…” Charlotte cried in agony. “I’m just a small fry as I’m the lowest-ranked secretary here. Capturing me is of no use to you…”

“Shut up!” The intruder gritted his teeth and cursed his luck. Damn it! Why did I capture a useless secretary?

“Fine. Since neither of you is going to save her, I will K*ll her first…”

Just as he spoke, the intruder prepared to slit her throat.

“No!” Charlotte closed her eyes. As if by reflex, she screamed, “Gigolo, save me!”


A sudden brush of wind blew past her ear. The next moment, the hand around her neck released its grip before she heard a thud.

When Charlotte gradually opened her eyes, the man holding her hostage had dropped to the ground.

Zachary had seized the dagger from him.

Throwing the dagger aside, he gave Charlotte a resentful look before returning to his office.

Charlotte was stunned where she stood. When she saw his familiar silhouette, she replayed what just happened in her mind. If I recalled correctly, I shouted “Gigolo, save me”, that means…

He must be Gigolo!

“Ms. Windt, stop spacing out.” Ben waved his hand in front of Charlotte’s eyes. “It’s dangerous here. Come in with us.”

“You’re bleeding…”

At that moment, Charlotte realized Ben was hurt. There were wounds all over his shoulders, arms and legs. Blood was dripping as he walked.

However, he didn’t flinch as if he wasn’t in pain at all.

“They are just cuts, don’t worry.” Ben didn’t mind and even reminded her, “The product launch has already started and we have yet to fend off the attacks from the hackers. Now that Mr. Sterk is buying us time, Mr. Nacht has his hands full now. So, don’t get on his nerves.”

“I understand.”

Scanning her surroundings, Charlotte couldn’t help but feel she was in a warzone.

There was destruction everywhere and debris strewn all over the floor. Furthermore, men in black littered the ground and she wasn’t even sure if they were dead or alive.

Only the president’s office was left untouched as if it was the last bastion of safety.

She could imagine how frightening it was just now.

Zachary was dismantling the hacker’s systems while Ben was fighting alone.

The office remained a safe haven while the battle raged on outside.

Heaven and Hell seemed to have only been separated by a door.

Finally, when Ben couldn’t hold them off any longer, Zachary had to come out and personally dispose of the intruders.

They were almost done when Charlotte barged in like a giant idiot.

Realizing that she had gotten in the way instead of helping, Charlotte wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

“Why is this idiot here?”

Zachary’s voice rang out with a cold and mocking tone.

Charlotte raised her head and gave him an aggrieved look. “I was just worried and wanted to check on you. I didn’t expect to have gotten in your way…”

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