Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 283

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 283

“E-Er… She’s going to give you a hard time if you show up in her room. I’ll make something up and brush it off. Perhaps she’ll nag at me, but she will never mistreat me,” Lucy replied with her face puckered.

“It’s fine! I’ll tag along with you!” Charlotte put on her shoes immediately and said, “I have witnessed Ms. Blackwood’s temperament before. There’s no way I’ll allow you to go through such a tormenting experience alone when I’m the one she’s coming after.”

In the end, Charlotte departed with Lucy and made their way to Sharon’s room with the USB drive and a few documents.

To their surprise, Zachary was nowhere to be seen in Sharon’s room.

Meanwhile, Sharon, who had changed into a nightgown, slouched against the couch and enjoyed the glassof wine she had served herself. She placed her slender pair of legs on the coffee table, exuding a noble presence, superior to those present.

“Ms. Blackwood, here are the documents and the USB drive that has the proposal and the business plan of the project.” Lucy handed over the things to Sharon courteously.

“Thanks, please put it on the table…” Sharon instructed Lucy while she had her eyes glued to Charlotte.

“Y-Yes, Ms. Blackwood.” Lucy placed it on the coffee table. “Since there isn’t anything else, we’ll—”

“You’re free to leave, but I have something to talk about with Charlotte.” Sharon beckoned Charlotte over in a courteous manner as though she couldn’t wait to get Charlotte to join her.

Lucy looked at Charlotte with a frown because she was afraid of the upcoming session between the duo.

“Thanks!” Charlotte took a seat as suggested as though it wasn’t a big deal at all.

“If that’s the case, I’ll take my leave.” Prior to her departure, Lucy told Charlotte, “I want you to take note of Ms. Blackwood’s words, okay? If you need my help, feel free to give me a call.”

Charlotte beamed her reply and a*s*sured Lucy, “Yes, Ms. Wright. I’ll keep that in mind.”

After Lucy departed, the maid showed up and brought Charlotte a cup of coffee.

Once the coffee was served, Sharon beckoned the maid to leave them alone.

“Look at you—you seem to be having a great time, huh?”

Sharon finished her rhetorical question with an odd grin while staring at Charlotte indifferently.

“Ms. Blackwood, may I know what you wish to talk about?” Charlotte cut the small talk and got to the point immediately.

Similarly, Sharon sat upright and handed over the check she had prepared beforehand to Charlotte after she filled in the details and the amount.

The confused Charlotte asked, “What is this?”

Sharon replied in a scornful manner, “I have conducted simple market research and found out the cheapest hooker in town gets about a few hundred to a few thousand for each of their services. As for the influencers and the models, they get around eight thousand to ten thousand. The rookie celebrities get the most because they get paid tens of thousands for each of their services—”

Before she could finish her scornful remarks, Charlotte stopped her and queried, “I don’t get you! What is it about?”

After sizing Charlotte up, Sharon added, “As for you, I think the most you’ll get is ten thousand for each of your services. However, since Zachary has a thing for you, I can’t humiliate him for having bad taste.”

“For every intimate session you have with Zachary, I’ll give you a million as a token of appreciation for your hard work.” The arrogant woman leaned over and slapped Charlotte using the check after she made herself clear.

Charlotte pushed her away because she was infuriated by Sharon’s words. “That’s enough! You’re going overboard!”

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Why are you angry when you had so much fun with Zachary in the bathroom? You shouldn’t get ahead of yourself because you’re nothing but a tool for him to get rid of his lust!” Sharon started ridiculing Charlotte once again.

“Y-You—” When Charlotte was about to rebuke Sharon’s demeaning remarks, Zachary walked into the room.

The moment he noticed an anxious Charlotte facing the arrogant Sharon, he asked callously with a frown, “What are you doing here?”

Sharon got ahead of Charlotte and replied courteously, “She’s here to deliver the documents to me. I’m trying to compensate her for the loss Mr. White has caused her after her clothes got contaminated by the wine. But I don’t think she appreciates my effort at all!”

“That won’t be necessary because I’ll deal with my employees on my own!” Zachary took over the check and crumpled it before throwing it into the dustbin.

“Fine…” The pretentious Sharon leaned over and wrapped her arm around Zachary’s arm. She looked at Charlotte with a contemptuous look and asked, “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Charlotte was frustrated and her emotion was written all over her face. After she brought herself up, she strode her way out of the room.

“Hold on.” Sharon stopped Charlotte once more.

The frustrated woman brought herself to an abrupt halt, but she had her back facing the pretentious woman by the man’s side.

“Why don’t you join us in the banquet that will be held tonight?” Sharon offered generously, “I’ll get someone to send you an evening gown and get them to doll you up properly for the banquet.”

“Thanks, but no thanks!” Charlotte couldn’t wait to leave the room.

Sharon replied with a bright grin, “You don’t have to be so courteous whenever you’re around me! An old friend of yours will be joining us tonight! You should join us and meet with your friend once in a while!”

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