Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 378

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 378

Charlotte turned around. It was Sharon in a white suit, and she exuded a chilly presence. Her lips curled into a smirk as she stared down at Charlotte.

“Good day, Ms. Blackwood!” Charlotte lowered her head to greet Sharon and was about to leave.

“Get me a cup of coffee,” Sharon ordered pompously. “A black Americano, to be exact!”

“Ms. Blackwood,” Charlotte responded. “I’m working in the filing office now.”

“So what?” Sharon raised an eyebrow and sneered. “I can’t order you around anymore?

“The filing office doesn’t need to serve… “

“Silence!” A roar interrupted Charlotte before she could finish.

At that moment, Lucy was hurrying over to them. “If Ms. Blackwood asked you to get coffee for her, you go get her coffee. What’s with the nonsense?”

Charlotte looked towards Lucy, stumped by the change in her att*itude. She was extremely reluctant but lowered her head in the end as she walked to the pantry.

“I want them freshly ground!” Sharon demanded. “I don’t drink instant coffee!”

“Don’t worry, Ms. Blackwood. I’ll personally see to it,” Lucy spoke to her respectfully.

“With you there, Ms. Wright, I can rest a*s*sured.” Sharon smiled with satisfaction and waltzed off into the president’s office.

At the pantry, Charlotte started grinding the coffee beans. She was very much confused.

She did not know why Lucy would suddenly have a change of heart like that. Even though Lucy did reprimand her in the past for the greater good, it felt different this time.

“Did you hear us?” Lucy’s voice came from behind.

Charlotte snapped back into reality and replied softly, “It was hard not to. You two were loud.”

“Don’t take too long then. Get it done and bring it to Ms. Blackwood,” Lucy ordered before leaving.

Charlotte looked at Lucy’s leaving silhouette and let out a sigh.

Soon after, Charlotte was holding the cup of coffee that she just made as she knocked on the door to the president’s office.

“Come in!’ Ben instructed.

Charlotte walked in with the coffee in hand and stumped Ben, who was standing at the side of the door. Nevertheless, he recovered quickly and reached out for the coffee. “Leave it to me. You can go now.”

Ben was smart as he could tell that Sharon was deliberately making it difficult for Charlotte.

“Thank you.” Charlotte looked at him gratefully and was ready to leave.

“Stop right there!” Sharon stopped her.

Instantly, Charlotte stood in place, lowering her head as she waited for the next demand.

Zachary was also in the office, going through the documents in his hands. Nonetheless, he did not show even the slightest reaction to what was happening.

On the other hand, Ben was actually anxious. He was worried that Sharon was going to cause more trouble.

“Thank you!” Sharon broke the tension in the atmosphere and said nothing more.

Charlotte was caught off guard, but she managed to respond. “You’re welcome!”

Then, she turned around and left.

Ben let out a sigh of relief before bringing the coffee over to Sharon. “Ms. Blackwood, your coffee.”

“Thanks.” Sharon took a sip. “It’s a bit hot. I’ll drink it later,” she said while putting it on the table.

After that, Sharon continued to go through the documents with Zachary.

Ben was a little puzzled. If she wasn’t trying to mess around with Charlotte, then why did she ask her to bring coffee? Was it to exert dominance?

“Zachary. My father will also be here for the press conference later,” Sharon spoke out of the blue. “You wouldn’t mind, right?”

“Most certainly not.” Zachary was surprised. “When did Mr. Blackwood arrive in H City? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“We were on the same flight this morning.” Sharon smiled as she answered him. “He went to have some morning tea with Mr. Henry. Were you not informed?”

“Grandpa doesn’t need to report to me what he does.” Zachary looked at his watch. “Anyway, it’s getting late, and I have some other issues to take care of. Let’s go for lunch afterward.”

“I’ll leave you be then,” Sharon said and took a few more sips of the coffee. She then packed up her documents before leaving right after. “I’ll wait for you in the restaurant at level 17?”

“Sure.” Zachary nodded. “Please see Ms. Blackwood off,” he told Ben.

“Yes, sir.” Ben approached politely. “This way, Ms. Blackwood.”

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