Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 276

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 276

Dad used to tell me that all the powerful businessmen here could never marry whomever they wanted. They’d either get married for business deals and political reasons or be f0rced into unions with other families—all for the sake of benefitting their families.

I guess Zachary Nacht is no exception.

The thought of Zachary possibly marrying another woman made Charlotte’s heart burn with fury. She pulled at her dinosaur pillow and was on the verge of ripping it apart.

That disgusting s*cumb*ag! Why does he keep teasing me despite already having a fiancée?

From now on, I’ll have to stay away from him!

I’ll ignore him if he ever comes looking for me again.

Then, she glanced at her phone. If he calls, I’ll either not pick up or just reject the call to piss him off!

Yet, the man didn’t call all night.

In fact, Zachary didn’t drop by the office for the next few days, and work was much more relaxing.

For the first two days, Charlotte was delighted by his absence. It’d be better if he never comes back! Everyone feels on edge whenever he’s around.

Then, a week went by in the blink of an eye, and Zachary still didn’t come to work.

Charlotte began to feel uneasy. Where the hell has he gone to?

He didn’t actually go get married to Sharon, did he?

Just as Charlotte pondered over the idea of sending Zachary a text message, she suddenly heard a few secretaries muttering among themselves by the pantry.

“Hey! Why do you think Mr. Nacht hasn’t been coming to work?”

“Isn’t it obvious? He must be busy spending time with Ms. Blackwood.”

“Yeah! Ms. Blackwood’s company is located in M Nation, but she’s come all the way to H City to discuss a joint project, so it’s only natural that Divine Corporation treats her like royalty.”

“But that doesn’t mean Mr. Nacht has to do it personally!”

“What do you girls know? Mr. Nacht and Ms. Blackwood are childhood sweethearts, so of course Mr. Nacht has to welcome her in person! Who knows, Ms. Blackwood might even become our future boss.”

“Huh? Is that true?”

“Of course, it is! I heard it from Ms. Wright herself—”

“What are you ladies talking about?” Lucy interrupted them coldly.

With that, the few secretaries immediately dispersed, returned to their respective seats, and got back to work.

With a cup of coffee, Charlotte returned to her seat too. Despite looking calm on the outside, her heart was filled with astonishment.

He’s never been away from the company this long. Even if he goes overseas, he’d come back in at most three or four days. But now, it’s been a week and he still hasn’t shown up…

I guess he really must be spending time with Sharon.

“I have some urgent documents here that need to be sent over to the Ashenville Garden Golf Course for Mr. Nacht’s signature,” Lucy announced as she walked over with a document. “Dani, could you—”

“I’m sorry, Ms. Wright. I’ve been having an upset stomach all day,” Danielle replied hastily. “Ashenville Garden is too far from here. I’m worried I might cause a scene and make the company look bad.”

“Then, you do it, Fran.” Lucy turned to another secretary.

“Did you forget, Ms. Wright? Zoey and I will be following Mr. Sterk to meet with the media,” Fran said meekly.

Lucy frowned as she scanned her surroundings. Finally, her eyes fell on Charlotte. “I guess you’re the only one who can do it, Charlotte.”

“Me?” Charlotte froze for a moment. “I don’t think I can manage.”

“We’ll go together.” Lucy glanced at her watch. “You’ll have to see more of the outside world sooner or later. You can’t keep staying at the reception desk, or you’ll be a good-for-nothing for life.”

“Okay. I understand.” Charlotte sighed with relief upon hearing that Lucy would be going too. “When do we leave?”

“Now. I’ll get the documents ready, and we’ll meet in front of the elevator in ten minutes.”


Lucy drove to Ashenville Garden with Charlotte. On the way there, she asked the latter a question. “Mr. Nacht has eighteen secretaries, but everyone gets paid a different salary. Do you know why, Charlotte?”

“No.” Charlotte shook her head.

“Do you know how much I earn each month?”

“No.” Charlotte gazed at her meekly.

“A hundred and thirty grand.”

“What? That much?” Charlotte was visibly taken aback.

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