Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 558

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 558

Lucy looked back before closing the door quickly while pulling the secretary away hastily. “Where’s that person?”

The secretary whispered, “On the first floor. Currently being held back by the security guards. I don’t think they can hold him back for long. After all, you and I both know of Ms. Blackwood’s temper…”

“I’ll go. You’ll watch.” With that, Lucy rushed downstairs.


In the office, Zachary was in the midst of signing a stack of documents. As Ben received a call, he glanced briefly at the three children before walking over to Zachary and whispered worriedly, “Ms. Blackwood is here once more.”

“Let her up,” Zachary answered nonchalantly without even lifting his head.

“Huh?” Ben widened his eyes in surprise.

Frowning, Zachary snidely remarked, “I believe I’ve made myself clear enough?”

“Aye.” Ben was momentarily taken aback by the cold instruction. Without much ado, he ordered the security guards to let her up.

The security guards themselves were doubtful at first, fearing that they might have mistaken his order. Only after confirming the command twice did they finally complied.

“See?” Sharon arrogantly complained, “I’ve told you that as long as Zachary is present he’ll surely let me up. You mongrels! How dare you stop me from coming in? I’ll make sure to poke your eyes out next time! Useless, blind dogs!”

Despite the insults, the security guards frowned yet remained impassive.

“Just you wait! I’ll get Zachary to fire you all and throw you back to the streets!”

Sharon let loose those harsh words before turning around and strutted upstairs haughtily in her high heels.

The two bodyguards trailed behind closely, fearing to incur the same wrath upon themselves.

Lucy was preparing to enter the elevator when she saw an incoming elevator heading up to level 68 which made her stopped in her tracks. Crap. Could it be Sharon heading up here?

Several secretaries panicked and followed Lucy closely behind. They were trying to mentally prepare themselves to intercept the infamously arrogant and willful Ms. Blackwood.

Just then, the elevator door opened. Out came Sharon, strutting out with one’s nose in the air. With an intimidating aura accompanying her, she strode directly onwards, intending to let nothing stop her.

“Ms. Blackwood…” Lucy called out hurriedly to stop her, “I’m sorry. You can’t go in because…”

Slap! Out flew Sharon’s palm, landing onto Lucy’s cheek. The force of the smack was so great that the latter’s nose was instantly bloody.

The few secretaries were scared shitless. One of them lashed out angrily, “How could you raise your hand against her?” “So? What are you going to do about it? Spineless whelps!” Sharon scolded as she pointed at Lucy’s bleeding nose, “Zachary personally gave me the permission to come up. How dare you try to stop me? Who do you think you are?”

Lucy could only bow her head, calmly covering her face, “Apologies, Ms. Blackwood. I’ve received the order not to let you disturb our president.”

“You…” Sharon was so filled with fury that she raised her hand to slap Lucy once more.

“Ms. Blackwood!” A voice rang out suddenly, stopping Sharon’s slap halfway.

“Mr. Ben!” Dani, one of the secretaries, called out in desperation while feeling relieved at the first sign of rescue, “Ms. Blackwood, she.”

“I see that Ms. Blackwood’s temper is really a sight to behold.” Ben gazed at Lucy before breaking into a smile, “They’re merely carrying out their orders. Why do you want to make things difficult for them?” “Good dogs will not block the way. Surely, everyone here understands this fact, right?” Sharon spat these words out. Having labeled Lucy as a dog twice, the vile woman showed no signs of respect for the secretary.

The rest of the secretaries were now shaking in anger.

On the contrary, Lucy coolly retorted, “Ms. Blackwood, if you don’t know how to respect others, others won’t respect you either.”

“What? How dare you disrespect me!” Sharon stepped closer threateningly, “Say that one more time?”

Lucy was forced to take a step back, gritted her teeth, and said nothing.

“Enough!” Ben could no longer bear to watch and stepped in, “Mr. Nacht grants you permission to go in.”

“Hear ye! Hear ye!” Narrowing her eyes at Lucy, Sharon declared vehemently, “Your president personally invites me in. Next time, know your place, you pups!”

Lucy could only restrain her resentment and remained silent throughout.

Sensing victory, Sharon c*oc*ked up her head triumphantly and strode haughtily into the president’s office.

“Are you okay?” Ben whispered with concern.

Shaking her head and forcing a smile, Lucy affirmed, “I’m okay.”

“Go and put on some ice cubs on your poor nose.” With that, Ben quickly left, following Sharon’s trail.

“She’s really getting out of hand,” the few secretaries gathered around indignantly and mumbled, “She’s so awful! It’s of no wonder that Mr. Nacht doesn’t like her at all.”

“Shush!” Lucy stopped them immediately. “Don’t run your mouths off or you may land yourselves in hot water next!”

The few secretaries quickly clammed their mouths, not daring to grumble anymore.

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