Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 280

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 280

“Yes.” Ben got up from his seat and walked out to carry out Zachary’s instruction right after he took note of it.

Zachary instructed Lucy, “I want you to keep her company.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.” Lucy grabbed Charlotte’s hand and brought her away as soon as possible.

Sharon couldn’t keep her cool anymore. She confronted Zachary in front of Jackson, “She’s merely a secretary, isn’t she? Why are you going to great lengths to protect her?”

Zachary paid no heed to Sharon’s words and glanced at Jackson instead. He announced in a callous tone, “Mr. White, I believe your a*s*sistance isn’t required anymore!”

As soon as Jackson heard the bad news, he started apologizing, “Mr. Nacht, w-what’s wrong? P-Please, give me another chance to prove myself worthy! I-I definitely won’t repeat the same mistake twice!”

Zachary went dead silent and smashed the glasswithout a second thought on that sc*ore.

Jackson felt a shiver running down his spine and collapsed in his seat when he heard the loud noise of the glassbeing shattered into pieces.

Meanwhile, Sharon’s face turned pale. Her hands started trembling as she held on to her glassof drink, but she dared not make a noise in fear of offending Zachary more than she had.

Needless to say, Zachary was infuriated. He started emanating a menacing presence, intimidating those around him with his gaze full of murderous intent.

“Get me another bottle!” Zachary instructed the waiter, yet his instruction was a double innuendo, indicating his will to get rid of Jackson and subst*ituting him with another candidate.

“Yes, Sir!” The waiter headed out and returned with a brand new bottle of wine and a glassfor Zachary.

Jackson brought himself up from his seat and bowed at Zachary while expressing his apology, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Nacht! I-I must have been blinded by my lust! P-Please forgive me for being an imbecile fool!”

Immediately after he finished his sentence, he bowed once more before bringing himself out of the private dining room.

The color drained from Sharon’s face because she was the only one left behind in the spacious dining suite.

Jackson was an observant man and ruled out the possibility of Zachary and Charlotte’s relationship through the furious man’s response—Zachary got worked up because Charlotte wasn’t merely an employee of his.

He apologized for his so-called mistakes because he failed to notice their relationship and tried to lay a finger on Charlotte.

No matter what sort of chance Sharon had created, Jackson should have known his place and stayed away from Charlotte in the first place.

Since he had crossed the boundaries and started having filthy thoughts, he should prepare himself for the consequences that would be awaiting him.

Jackson begged Zachary to be merciful prior to his departure because he was afraid the powerful man would go after him in the future.

At the end of the day, Jackson was a smart and experienced corporate player from the upper echelon that had been in the industry for a long time.

He was aware of the consequences that would be in store for him should he fail to atone for his sins.

“Aren’t you hungry? Why aren’t you savoring your meal?” Zachary asked Sharon while he cut the steak that was served.

Sharon was no longer her usual arrogant self and stopped getting full of herself in front of Zachary. She lowered her gaze and finished her meal in silence.

“You should refrain from doing such a silly thing in the future. I’m sure you don’t want to trip in a similar manner, do you?”

After Zachary made himself clear, he had a mouthful of steak.

When Sharon heard his words, she paused, and her hands started shivering because she was horrified.

There were a racecourse, a gold course, and a hot spring resort at Asheville Garden.

Charlotte and the rest of the party had their meal at the restaurant of the hot spring resort.

After the receptionist showed Charlotte the way to her room, Ben showed up with a maid. They brought Charlotte her new set of clothes.

Lucy expressed her grat*itude on behalf of Charlotte and closed the door after she took over the clothes. “I guess Mr. Nacht is serious about you, huh? He has instructed his subordinate to bring you a brand new set of clothes, including a set of lingerie. I must say he’s quite a detail-oriented man.”

Charlotte paid no heed to Lucy’s words because she sat on the couch and lost herself in the process of thought.

Lucy approached Charlotte and waved when she reached her side. “What’s on your mind? You should go take a shower and get changed immediately. It doesn’t feel great being drenched in red wine, does it?”

Charlotte finally returned to her senses. She stated, “Lucy, I want to go back! Let’s go back once I get changed!”

“I—” Lucy received a call when she was about to reply to Charlotte’s suggestion. She tended to the call and picked it up immediately. “Mr. Ben? Huh? Are you serious? A-Alright! I’ll be there at once!”

After she hung up the call, Lucy lowered her volume and denoted, “Mr. White has been terminated from the project. I have to rush over and get the upcoming information ready immediately.”

“Huh? Are you sure? Mr. White is the vice president of Synder Group. What…?” Charlotte was equally surprised by the news.

“Are you sure you’re not aware of the reason behind his termination? It seems like I’m right—Mr. Nacht is serious about you, huh?” Lucy replied with a bright grin as though she had something in her mind.

Charlotte’s mind was all over the place because she was clueless about the rationale behind Zachary’s action.

He seemed to have a crush on her, but he had neglected Charlotte and spent most of his time with another woman.

However, the fact Zachary terminated Jackson because of the things he had done suggested otherwise.

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