Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 695

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 695

Sharon turned her head towards the person standing in front of her. Charlotte Lindberg stood proudly in the room, surrounded by a powerful and intimidating aura, composed and elegant. Every inch of her screamed wealthy.

She was obviously a world of difference when compared to the timid, ignorant Charlotte Windt from the past.

Perhaps it’s just a resemblance…

Moreover, so what if she really is Charlotte Windt?

If that’s the case, she’s the same person that I humiliated and plotted against. The same person grovel at my feet back then!

What’s there to be afraid of?

At that thought, Sharon straightened her posture and lifted her chin. The fear pounding in her heart slowly dissipated.

“Mr. Nacht is here!” All of a sudden, someone from the crowd cried out, turning everyone’s attention to the entrance.

Even the merchants fawning at Charlotte Lindberg a second ago hurriedly rushed forward to welcome and greeted Zachary Nacht.

Although it’s true that Charlotte had an outstanding demeanor, Zachary had an irreplaceable status in the corporate world, and the rest of the merchants present were smart enough to offend neither party.

Normally, Zachary despised socializing and dealing with pesky businessmen and businesswomen, but he was surprisingly out of character that day. Not only was he pleasantly easy-going, all smiles and courtesy, he even asked Lucy to jot down the names of all those who approached him that night in hopes of an appointment.

In just a short span of a few minutes, Zachary had stolen the spotlight from Charlotte, becoming the center of attention.

Taking in the scene, Sharon’s eyes shone, feeling immense pride for Zachary.

As the crowd surrounding him finally dispersed, Sharon quickly went up to greet him. “Zachary!” she called out, waving.

Zachary instinctively frowned at the sight of her, hatred showing in his eyes. However, he swallowed the initial disgust and forced out a smile at Sharon. “Long time no see, Sharon,” he greeted, in hopes to gauge Charlotte’s reaction.

“Yeah, it has been a while!”

Sharon looked at him affectionately. All that had happened in the past didn’t matter to her, not even the fact that he had so cruelly abandoned her. To Sharon, Zachary would always be the most flawless man, and she would always have a soft spot for him.

Zachary sneaked a glance at Charlotte. The latter was surrounded by many young men, chatting with those around her and oblivious to Zachary’s attention.

Zachary took a glass of champagne from a waiter and casually walked in Charlotte’s direction.

“Have you heard? I’ve managed to get my hands on the piece of land in Summerbank…” Sharon followed him closely, attempted to curry favor with Zachary by discussing topics he’d like. “There’s also an underground casino in Lightspring that recently contacted us, hoping for partnership.”

“Casinos in Lightspring are all legally operated, you could consider the offer,” Zachary replied Sharon absent-mindedly, his gaze never once leaving Charlotte.

“The business in M Nation is also now under my supervision since Daddy has too much on his plate. Good thing too, since Daddy is way too soft with the staff and so indecisive. There have been multiple headaches ever since he’s in charge of the family business two years ago.” Sharon pursed her lips before continuing, “We used to be one of the top thirty companies in Aploth. Now we’ve been ranked down to top eighty…” Relentless, Sharon still tried to get Zachary’s attention. “But the Nacht family will always be the best and that’s the biggest difference-”

“Says who?” a voice responded icily, sending a chill down Sharon’s spine.

Finally turning her gaze away from Zachary, Sharon found herself face to face with none other than Charlotte Lindberg. The latter’s cold eyes bore into Sharon’s soul.

“The latest data has yet to be revealed. I wouldn’t be so confident,” Charlotte stated with an eyebrow raised. A hint of arrogance laced her voice.

That’s odd. Why does this lady look so familiar? Charlotte frowned slightly, staring at the woman in front of her.

Not only so, why am feel so irritated by her presence? Charlotte felt a wave of unexplained fury and loathe surging through her at the mere sight of Sharon Blackwood, as if they were born to be nemesis.

Flustered, Sharon looked away, breaking eye contact with Charlotte. The glare Charlotte gave her made her skin crawl.

Nevertheless, with all eyes on her, Sharon refused to back down. As reluctant as she was, Sharon bit the bullet and retorted, “Even if the data is revealed, the Natch family is still going to come first. No one can snatch that status from them!”

“Snatch?” Charlotte narrowed her eyes into a dangerous glint. “It’s all fair play in the corporate world. Everything is determined by data and numbers. Why would I need to snatch the first place from them?” The clicking sounds of her high heels rang clear in the room as she elegantly strode towards Sharon as she talked, like a predator who had cornered its prey.

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