Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 285

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 285

One of the trio complimented with a bright grin, “Ms. Windt, Ms. Blackwood is doing this for you! This gown is a piece from a globally renowned designer and it cost her a fortune to purchase it some time ago. I’m sure she has given this gown to you because she wants you to steal the limelight during the banquet!”

Charlotte replied with a self-deprecating smirk, “I guess you’re right—she wants me to steal the limelight.”

She wants me to be the only different one in the banquet because she can’t wait for me to embarr@ssmyself in front of the guests from the upper echelon and the corporate world! Perhaps she wants them to deem me a filthy slu*, unworthy of Zachary, and f0rce Zachary into submission, leaving me due to peer pressure.

Charlotte wasn’t a fool—she figured the plan Sharon had in her mind the moment she put on the evening gown.

She gritted her teeth due to the grudges she held against Sharon deep down. However, when she gave it another thought, she thought it was a great opportunity for her to sever ties with Zachary.

Hence, she decided to play along with Sharon’s evil scheme so she could regain her freedom.

One of the trio suggested, “Great! Let’s try out the accessories we have brought along to go with the gown!”

They started matching the accessories they had with them and tried out several combinations to determine the best one.

Charlotte allowed them to carry out their duty and put on the pair of high heels they had prepared to go along with the gown.

After the trio completed dolling her up, Charlotte found herself odd and had a strange feeling about it because she seemed enchanting in an odd manner.

She wondered about the thoughts the men would have in their minds when they caught a glimpse of her s*e*xy appearance.

“Charlotte, are you done yet?” Lucy knocked on the door and walked into the room, but she was completely stunned when she saw the woman in front of her. “T-This gown…”

“It looks great on Ms. Windt, doesn’t it?” The trio started complimenting the dress that seemed to be custom-made for Charlotte over and over again.

Lucy was about to say something, but the bodyguards knocked on the door and stated, “It’s about time to leave.”

“I believe you should get yourself a shawl to go along with the dress,” Lucy suggested in an attempt to help Charlotte.

“The shawl will ruin the flawless look of hers.” An arrogant voice could be heard from behind.

The trio moved aside as soon as they noticed the presence of Sharon.

Charlotte looked in the direction of the entrance and noticed Sharon had put on a beige color mermaid dress that could highlight her slender figure. Although she wasn’t a s*e*xy woman, she exuded a noble presence.

As compared to the s*e*xy-looking Charlotte, Sharon seemed to be an honorable princess of a modern-day fairy tale.

The pretentious Sharon made use of Charlotte’s oddly enchanting look as a benchmark to portray the superiority of her noble and elegant look.

Sharon sized Charlotte up over and over again. She responded with a satisfied look and denoted, “You’re so gorgeous, Charlotte! The gown looks great on you, but your make-up is nowhere close to those of a man’s liking. You should apply more make-up to highlight your look.”

“Do you need us to work on that?” One of the stylists asked.

“Let’s forget about it because I don’t think we have time for that anymore. Oh! Bring along the make-up kit and apply some crimson lipstick to highlight her lips while we’re on the way to the venue!” she chuckled and stated while she had her eyes glued to Charlotte.

“Sure!” The stylists took note of Sharon’s instruction and departed with their make-up kit.

Lucy suggested cautiously, “Seriously? Isn’t that slightly over the top? I think Charlotte looks great!”

“You know nothing, Lucy! It’s necessary to have crimson lips to go along with the look!” Sharon turned around with a vicious smirk on her face after she explained the rationale behind her decision.

“I’ll be waiting for all of you downstairs! Hurry up, okay?” Immediately after she announced her departure, she sashayed her way down the stairs.

Staring at Sharon’s departing figure, Charlotte sneered deep down and cursed her for being a pretentious woman.

“Why don’t you get in touch with Mr. Nacht and make something up to get yourself out of the tight spot?” Lucy whispered with a frowned look.

“Nope! I have to be there to fulfill her wish! I can’t possibly let her down, can I?” Charlotte gritted her teeth and responded with a rhetorical question.

“What?” Lucy was clueless about Charlotte’s actual goal.

“It’s nothing! Let’s go!”

Charlotte dragged Lucy down the stairs with her because she was determined to play along with Sharon with one goal in her mind—she wanted to disgust Zachary and get him to chase her away.

She was certain as long as he was the one who brought up the request to break up, he would forget about the compensation worthy of a hundred million.

Instead, she might get him to compensate her for her loss.

“Charlotte, this gown is—”

Halfway through Lucy’s sentence, Charlotte’s long hair was caressed by a gentle breeze, exposing her busty figure that was covered by her charcoal black hair.

Coincidentally, Ben was walking towards Charlotte. He had his eyes widened in disbelief while blood gushed out of his nostrils.

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