Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 148

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 148

“Yes, Sir. I’ll do it right away.”

Barefooted, Charlotte hurriedly rushed out but returned shortly afterward to retrieve her shoes and smirked awkwardly at Zachary.

I’m so happy that I can make money!

Zachary looked at her back with a mocking sneer. What a greedy woman!

After Charlotte reported to Lucy briefly, she put on her shoes and hurriedly went home.

As soon as she walked in, she called out, “Mrs. Berry, do you still have the laxative that you gave Fifi last time?”

“What laxative?” Mrs. Berry did not understand at first.

“No laxative, no laxative!” Fifi shouted in the cage.

“Shut up!”

After shouting at it, Charlotte said to Mrs. Berry, “I mean, that green laxative that helped to get the chip out of Fifi last time…”

“There is still half a bottle left. Why? Do you have constipation?”

“No, an old man from the office needs it. You can help me make a pot of vegetable beef soup and some pot stickers. Prepare a fruit basket, too. I will take them to the hospital to visit the patient.”

“All right.”

Charlotte went back to the room to stay with Ellie, who had been sick for a while.

At half-past one in the afternoon, Mrs. Berry had finished preparing the food and found the laxative.

Charlotte immediately rushed to the hospital with everything.

In the car, she saw that the medicine was branded “Dulcolax”. This is a good brand; it really does what it says!

Upon arrival at her destination, Charlotte realized that this was the same place where Ellie saw the doctor last night—Sacred Heart Hospital!

Sacred Heart Hospital was the best private hospital in H City. It provided one-stop services for all treatments, saving the trouble of requiring patients and their families to register multiple times for separate procedures. Furthermore, each patient had an a*s*signed nurse and doctor.

Since the hospital provided quality services and exceptional expertise, the charges were also sky-high.

Raina waited at the door for Charlotte; the former was to take the latter to Mr. Sterk.

The poor old man was lying alone in the luxurious ward and staring at the ceiling blankly.

In just two days, Mr. Sterk had become extremely skinny and very resistant to drugs.

Whenever the nurse wanted him to take his laxatives, he would lose his temper. “Go away. I won’t take it… I would rather d*ie than take laxatives…”

The nurse stepped back helplessly, shook her head, and said to Raina, “Dr. Langhan, we are out of ideas. Mr. Sterk is not being cooperative.”

“I can’t blame him. Mr. Sterk has already taken the laxative five times and had become so weak. It’s only natural that he refuses to continue taking it.” Raina frowned and sighed. “Besides, even if he takes it, there is no guarantee that we can get the chip in a short time.”

“I have a laxative here; I can get it out if he takes it.” Charlotte took out the Dulcolax, shook the bottle, and smiled mysteriously. “I can personally vouch for its effectiveness!”

“Uh…” Raina blinked. “From my professional point of view, this is not a real laxative… But if Mr. Nacht wants you to try it, you can.”

“Yeah.” Charlotte walked into the ward with the food and fruit basket prepared earlier.

“Get out—” Mr. Sterk was about to lose his temper, but he was stunned when he saw Charlotte. “It’s you?”

“Do you still remember me?” Charlotte was a little embarra*s*sed. “Last time…”

“Thank you for last time. If it weren’t for you, I would’ve d*ied already.”

Mr. Sterk’s att*itude became cordial.

“You are welcome. I brought you lunch; try and see if you like them. My father used to like eating these.”

Charlotte served the delicacies made by Mrs. Berry on the table.

Seeing the food, Mr. Sterk could not help tearing up. “I haven’t had a good meal for two days. Those b*stards, they tried to take away my food if I didn’t take the laxatives!”

“Quick, take a bite!” Charlotte scooped a bowl of vegetable beef soup for him. “Mrs. Berry herself made this. I’ve loved it since I was a child.”

“Thank you.” After Mr. Sterk took a bite, his tears almost ran down. “It’s so delicious.”

“You can eat slowly. There is more.”

Not only did Charlotte a*s*sist Mr. Sterk with his meal, but she was also friendly to him and even ma*s*saged his legs.

Within an afternoon, the two became good friends who would talk about everything under the sun.

Mr. Sterk told her warmly, “Charlotte, don’t just stand there. Have a seat.”

“It’s okay.” Charlotte did not want to beat around the bush anymore. She immediately took out the bottle of laxative. “Actually, Mr. Sterk, I came with a mission. I know you are very repulsive to taking laxatives, but I promise that you will purge out the chip after taking this bottle. This will be the last time.”

Mr. Sterk frowned. “Did Mr. Nacht send you here?”

“Yes.” Charlotte nodded honestly. “But I got this laxative from home. It’s tried and tested——really!”

“All right, I’ll go for it!”

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