Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 105

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 105

“I’m glad to accept Mr. Nacht’s kind act.”

Mr. Sterk took the cup of coffee smilingly and gulped it down.

Charlotte was gob smacked. She actually wanted to tell the elder that he couldn’t drink it because there was a chip in the coffee.

Nonetheless, as the words stuck in her throat, she didn’t even utter a word.

After Mr. Sterk gulped down the cup of coffee, he suddenly felt that something was stuck in his throat. He couldn’t help but let out a retch. The next moment, he immediately covered his mouth to prevent himself from puking.

He had to hold his vomit in because Zachary gifted the cup of coffee to him.

Zachary leaned back on the president’s leather chair in an arrogant posture and looked at him amusedly.

It was as if he was ready to watch a good show!

The other shareholders wished to help him because he didn’t look well. However, none of them dared to speak before Zachary said anything.

“You… You don’t have to hold your vomit in…” On the other hand, only Charlotte dared to say it out and grabbed a rubbish bin nervously. “Just vomit here…”

At this time, everyone inside the room was flabbergasted.

Who recruited this slow and blunt secretary?

How can someone as stupid as her work in level 68?

Zachary’s eyes squinted and rage pulsed through his veins.

Was I out of my mind when I decided to promote her? Why did I bring the stupid wench to level 68 to irritate myself?


Mr. Sterk vomited non-stop to spit out all the coffee he had just gulped down.

At this moment, Zachary’s face turned a lot grimmer, as if dark clouds were looming over before the storm.

Meanwhile, everyone sweated in fear, while some of them even began to wipe away their sweat with their handkerchiefs. They glanced at Zachary for a while and shifted their gaze toward the pitiful Mr. Sterk.

“That’s right. Just puke it all up.”

Charlotte held the rubbish bin in one hand and patted his back in the other, hoping that he could puke the chip out.

However, after quite some time, Mr. Sterk only puked the coffee up but not the chip.

“Charlotte, what are you doing?” At this moment, Melody happened to enter the meeting room and witnessed it. She yelled at her in a low voice, “Get out of here now!”


“Get out.”

Charlotte initially wanted to say something, yet she had no choice but to leave after Lucy shot her a look.

After only a few steps, she suddenly heard a bang behind her. The next moment, many of them screamed, “My God, Mr. Sterk…”

She turned around and saw that Mr. Sterk had fallen to the ground, squeezing his neck with both of his hands. His face turned purple, eyes widened, and tongue stuck out…

He looked exactly like Fifi when it swallowed the chip!

My goodness, the chip must be stuck in his throat now…

She instantly regretted her decision and couldn’t forgive herself if something terrible happened to him.

“Call an ambulance. Call an ambulance now!”

The meeting room became a mess in no time at all.

Although Zachary was a little worried, he still said composedly, “Ask Raina to come here!”

“Yes sir!”

“How could it be?” The board members were frightened.

“Mr. Nacht, as stubborn as Mr. Sterk might be, you can’t do this to him.” An elder board member said in a trembling voice, “We’re all elders who fought alongside your grandpa for decades and helped the Nacht family prosper throughout our lives. How can you poison him merely because he is in disagreement with you?”

“Indeed, Mr. Nacht. You can’t treat Mr. Sterk like this. This is too much…” Another two elder board members shot him an accusatory glance with tears. “We know that you’re ruthless in doing everything, but how can you do this to people in your own company?”

“I have to call old Mr. Nacht…” An elder board member was emotional and wanted to make a phone call.

Meanwhile, Zachary felt increasingly furious. What on earth is on their mind? I merely gifted a cup of coffee to Mr. Sterk, yet they suspect me of poisoning him?

“Who made the coffee?” Zachary bellowed.

“It was her. She made the coffee.” Melody immediately pointed at Charlotte.

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