Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 164

Mistaking A Magnate For A Male Escort

Chapter 164

Personally, she felt that it was normal for a higher-up like Ben to order her around.

Why was Zachary so angry at him?

Furthermore, why would he even bother about me when he’s that busy?

He was talking as if I’m his woman or something!

Charlotte could not help but purse her lips into a smile at the thought of that. Having such a dependable man be so protective of her was giving her b*tterflies in her stomach.

Hold on.

I need to calm down!

That man is the Devil! The Devil!

Charlotte sighed deeply, reminding herself that she should not be feeling attracted to Zachary.

Even the most ferocious beasts can have their heroic moments, but if I’m not careful about it, I’ll become his prey!

I mustn’t let my guard down…

“Hey! Charlotte!” Lucy’s frantic calls pulled her back to reality. “Come along.”

“Ms. Wright, where are we going?” Charlotte said, following her into the lift.

“The product launch event is about to begin, but our company’s system got hacked. Mr. Nacht is working on it right now, so Mr. Sterk has to be the one to hold the conference,” Lucy explained.

“Mr. Sterk and Mr. Nacht are not really on good terms with one another. Mr. Sterk has also been feeling a little unwell lately. I’m concerned that he may get emotional later on, so I hope that you can help. You’ve saved his life once. He’ll listen to you,” she added.

“Got it.” Charlotte nodded firmly.

Staring at the floor numbers on the display panel of the lift, Lucy frowned as she said, “Today’s product launch event is extremely important to the Divine Corporation. If you do your part well, you’ll be able to work as a proper secretary.”

“Really? That’s great!”

Charlotte was absolutely delighted at the prospects of working as a proper secretary. That would mean a monthly salary of twenty-five thousand.

Ring! Lucy’s phone rang. She quickly answered the call.



Lucy’s face turned aghast. She immediately pressed the lift panel for the forty-fourth floor and got out immediately, still answering the call.

“What happened?” Charlotte asked, following closely behind her.

“Mr. Sterk. Mr. Sterk is in trouble.”

In the surveillance room, Lucy turned on the high-tech equipment that resembled a telescope and began sifting through the surveillance footage of the streets in the area.

The high-resolution, real-time footage of the roads was immediately displayed on the computer screen.

On the screen, a Phantom could be seen speeding toward the building of the Divine Corporation.

A few Rolls-Royces were tailing dangerously closely behind, almost colliding into the Phantom at times.

Evidently, they were trying to get rid of whoever was sitting in that Phantom!

“Is Mr. Sterk in that Phantom?” Charlotte could tell at first sight that it was Zachary’s car.

“Yes,” Lucy replied, frowning. “Someone is trying to ruin our product launch event. First the hack, and now someone trying to bring harm to Mr. Sterk.”

“What should we do?” Charlotte was very concerned about the situation.

“There is nothing that we can do about that. Mr. Bruce and Mr. Ben will take care of it.” Lucy continued sifting through the footage, her expression grim. “The product launch event is starting in seven minutes… “

“What is that?” Charlotte exclaimed suddenly, pointing to the Hummers that were cutting lanes to block off the Rolls-Royces from the Phantom.

“Mr. Nacht probably dispatched them.” Lucy heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing the Hummers. “So this is why the eighteen bodyguards who have always been by his side disappeared. They were all dispatched to protect Mr. Sterk.”

“Mr. Nacht has everything under his control!” Lucy said.

Charlotte recalled what Zachary was asking Ben to do back at the office. She finally understood what he meant. What a well-calculated strategy!

“It seems like there’s nothing more for us to do here.”

As Lucy talked, she received another call. Turning on speaker mode, she answered the call.

“Mr. Bruce!”

“A few suspicious individuals disguising as staff from media corporations have infiltrated the building. They pose a risk to us. Return to the sixty-sixth floor immediately and supervise the team of secretaries of the president’s office. Keep the important documents safe! No mistakes will be condoned!”

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