Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 293

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 293


“Mr. Nacht, please calm down. We have a lot of guests with us, including the representative from the Brown family. I believe it’s best to not cause a scene,” Ben said in a hushed tone.

“He’s right! We shouldn’t get worked up and contaminate our hands because of such a filthy woman! She doesn’t deserve our time!” Sharon played along with Ben to persuade Zachary.

Sharon’s words worked like a charm—Zachary suppressed his wrath and returned to his usual indifferent self.

He cast Charlotte to the couch queried in a dead-pan tone, “Are you such a fragile man, Mr. Brown? You have the audacity to hit on my woman, but you can’t even take a punch from me?”

Michael brought himself up and wiped the blood off his face. He gritted his teeth and rushed over to Zachary’s side in an attempt to a*s*sault him.

Zachary’s eyes gleamed in excitement.

He lifted his leg to deliver another powerful kick, but when he was about to reach Michael, Charlotte sprinted over and got in front of Michael to shield him from the brutal kick.

Consequently, the powerful kick was launched on Charlotte’s abdomen area.

As he tried to stop Charlotte from falling, Michael fell to the ground with Charlotte in his embrace.

Slouching against Michael, Charlotte felt as though her body would break in half soon.

Zachary was shocked as Charlotte started shivering in pain. He glared at her in disbelief because he didn’t expect she would put her life at stake for another man.

Does that mean she prioritizes Michael’s safety over her own wellbeing?

His hands balled into fists with his nails penetrating his palms.

Michael cradled Charlotte in his arms with his body trembling in fear. “Charlotte! H-Have you lost your mind?”

Beads of sweat streamed down Charlotte’s forehead as colors drained from her face. She f0rced a smile and a*s*serted, “I-I’m fine. Please leave us alone.”


“Go!” The fragile woman pushed him away from her.

Ben rushed over to help Michael up and stated in a hushed voice, “Mr. Brown, allow me to show you the way out. Ms. Windt will be fine as long as you stay away from her.”

He managed to persuade the dejected man.

Michael raised his head and glared at Zachary in the eyes. “We shall see!”

“Let’s go, Mr. Brown…” Ben dragged Michael out of the room with him.

Meanwhile, Zachary had his cold gaze glued to Charlotte with frustration written all over his face.

Sharon whispered, “Zachary… don’t get worked up over such a filthy woman…”

“Get out of my sight at once,” Zachary shot back in dead seriousness.

“Zachary…” Sharon was about to say something, but when she noticed his gaze full of murderous intent, she fled, rushing out of the room.

Lucy was about to say something to talk some senses into the enraged man, but she changed her mind and brought herself out of the room with Sharon after giving it a thought.

Zachary marched towards Charlotte while looking down upon her as though he was a devil that was sent to reap her soul.

Charlotte inched away from the vicious-looking man and tried to bring herself up from the ground, but she convulsed unwittingly due to the racking sensation coming from her waist.

Finally, Zachary brought himself to a halt and crouched over, staring at him when they were merely a few inches away from one another.

She was clueless about the things he had in his mind because she couldn’t read his emotion.

Charlotte avoided his gaze and stuttered, “N-Nothing’s going on between Michael and me… H-He’s merely here because he has something to tell me…”

Zachary grasped her chin and raised her face against her will, stating with an evil grin, “You must have a thing for him, huh? I can’t believe you’re willing to forsake your life to protect him!”

“I don’t want to get him involved because he has nothing to do with this…” Charlotte’s gown was completely drenched in sweat as she started sweating profusely.

Zachary chuckled as though he just heard the most hilarious joke of the century. “Are you telling me he has nothing to do with you when you have given birth to his children? Do you really think I’m a fool? If you’re telling the truth, who’s the father of the children?”

“N-No… h-he’s…” Charlotte got anxious and tried to explain herself.

“Shut up! Stop pushing your luck and challenging my limits! Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll—”

He leaned over and enunciated his reply in a serious manner, “I’ll k*il*l him.”

Sharon’s jaw dropped open when she heard Zachary’s words—the man’s jealousy and his desire to possess her had driven him mad.

He seemed to be serious and would send Michael to hell should Charlotte refuse to stay away from him as she had promised.

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