Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 294

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 294

Charlotte was overwhelmed by his warning. “No! Michael is innocent! We haven’t—”

“If we hadn’t made our way into the room just now, I’m sure you’re having the best time of your life by now, aren’t you?”

Zachary gritted his teeth and caressed Charlotte’s swollen cheek.

Actually, he had misunderstood her words because he thought she was talking about the incident that had occurred in the room.

Charlotte shook her head and rebutted, “No! Actually, Michael isn’t the—”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Someone knocked on the door anxiously before Charlotte could tell Zachary the truth.

Ben announced, “Mr. Nacht, old Mr. Nacht is here!”

Irked by Ben’s presence, Zachary replied with a frown, “Alright.” He squeezed Charlotte’s cheek and repeated himself, “I’m warning you for one last time, Charlotte! You better stop pushing your luck and challenging my limits!”

She stared at him open-mouthed, but she dared not defy his words because she was intimidated by his warning.

Zachary narrowed his eyes and added in an uncanny way, “Perhaps I won’t come after you, but I won’t hesitate at all when it comes to your beloved children and your friends! They’re the ones who have to bear the consequences of your foolish action!”

Charlotte shook her head vigorously and begged, “No! Please! Don’t hurt them!”

“If you want me to spare them, you should stay away from Michael!” Zachary lifted her back to the couch and removed his blazer, putting it on Charlotte. When he passed by Ben’s side at the entrance, he instructed, “Get Raina over!”

“Yes!” Ben took a peek at Charlotte, who was on the couch, before closing the door.

Charlotte leaned against the couch, but she couldn’t stop herself from shivering because of the fear she felt deep down.

She couldn’t imagine the things that would occur when Zachary lost his mind and put their children at stake.

Eventually, the thought of telling Zachary the truth crossed Charlotte’s mind because their children might be safe if he was aware of their actual ident*ity. Perhaps Zachary would stay away from Michael as well.

With that being said, Charlotte was afraid her children would be influenced by their aggressive and violent father should they grow up with him.

Knock! Knock!

While she lost herself thinking about all sorts of things, she heard someone knocking on the door. A few seconds later, Raina entered the room and asked, “Ms. Windt, have you hurt yourself?”

“Dr. Langhan… O-Ouch…”

Charlotte tried to sit upright, but the moment she tried to move around, she would feel the excruciating pain in her waist.

“Please stay right there, Ms. Windt! I’ll check on your wounds.” After a simple examination, Raina suggested, “Thankfully, you haven’t cracked your bones, but let’s drop by the hospital for a thorough diagnosis just to be safe. I’ll get everything ready at once.”

“Dr. Langhan, have you seen Michael? Is he fine?”

Charlotte was worried about Michael’s condition because he had always been a fragile man ever since they were young. She was afraid he would be gravely injured by Zachary’s powerful punch.

“I have dropped by and check on his condition just now. He’s fine.” Raina whispered and asked, “Ms. Windt, how could you be so reckless? You should stop provoking Mr. Nacht if you want to keep your friend safe!”

“I didn’t provoke him! He was the one who has lost his mind!” Charlotte shook her head and shared her concerns with Raina.

“Huh…” Raina heaved a long sigh and got a team of people over to bring Charlotte to the hospital.

Soon, a few paramedics showed up with a wheelchair and brought Charlotte away with them through the back entrance.

The weather was frigid as it started pitter-pattering outside.

Holding on to Zachary’s blazer, the pale and haggard Charlotte started trembling in cold and pain.

When she was rushed to the ambulance, she caught a glimpse of Zachary marching out of the banquet hall with a bunch of people behind him.

The guests stood by the entrance as a car approached the entrance of the hall. They seemed to be anticipating the arrival of an honorable guest.

Zachary rushed over to open the door and leaned over to bring the guest out of the car in a courteous manner.

“Who is that?”

Charlotte was surprised because she didn’t expect there would be a figure that could get Zachary to behave himself.

Raina whispered into Charlotte’s ear, “He’s old Mr. Nacht! Mr. Nacht’s grandfather.”

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