Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 248

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 248

Charlotte couldn’t help but feel her nose burn as tears welled up in her eyes.

“My judgment tells me that you have made the wrong choice,” Michael lamented. “But, what can I do? You have always been stubborn to the extent I do not have the confidence to persuade you out of it, just like four years ago…”

After a brief pause, he broke into a smile and commented in a self-deprecating manner, “There, I can only let you go and do whatever you want. One day, when you have had enough of the troubles of the world and men, you will then appreciate me for who I am.”

“At that time, as long as you turn around, you will see me there!”

Having heard his words, Charlotte could no longer hold her tears back as they began streaking down her cheeks.

Not wanting the children to hear her, she quickly covered her mouth with her hands. As tears dropped in silence, she didn’t dare make a sound while crying.

“Silly gal, stop crying.” Michael quickly passed her a napkin for her to wipe off her tears. Putting on a brave face, he teased her, “If you continue to cry, the kids will think that I am the one who bullied you. I have been trying hard to gain their favor over the last few days. Hence, they have grown to like me and even wanted to introduce Fifi to me…”

“Mommy! Mommy!”

Before Michael finished his sentence, a familiar voice could be heard from the entrance.

Charlotte quickly wiped off her tears and turned around to look.

Fifi flew into the restaurant from outside. As its injured wing hadn’t fully healed, its flight trajectory was hampered by it. Fumbling around, it almost crashed into a crystal chandelier.

“Fifi…” Charlotte extended her hand.

Fifi landed on the back of her palm and brush its head against Charlotte’s cheeks.

As Charlotte stroked its wing, she suddenly noticed that it was wearing a black and gold ring with an “S” imprinted on it, which was Zachary’s mark.

She was shocked by the sight of it and suddenly became anxious.

Frantically looking around, she finally saw one of Zachary’s cars parked downstairs.

They were using this method to remind her she belonged to Zachary.

“Is this Fifi? It’s so cute!”

When Michael reached out to touch its wing, Fifi pecked him on his finger. It then spread its wings and glowered at him.

Michael’s hand recoiled as he grunted in pain.

“Fifi! Don’t be rude,” Charlotte scolded.

Fifi hid its head underneath its wing and didn’t utter another word.

“Is Fifi back? Fifi…”

Ellie’s squeaky voice emanated from the private room.

“Ellie! Ellie!” Fifi flew straight towards her.

“Is your hand hurt?” Charlotte checked on Michael’s hands and remarked with guilt, “I’m sorry, Michael, for how rude Fifi was. Next time, I’ll have to discipline it more.”

“Don’t worry, it’s just a pet. It’s normal for it to treat strangers that way.” Michael didn’t mind at all. “Charlotte, what are your plans? I heard Mrs. Berry say that your previous landlord has taken back your house. Where are the kids going to stay? Have you found a place yet?”

“Everything has been arranged.” Charlotte shot a glance outside.

Trailing her line of sight, Michael saw Zachary’s car, causing him to frown. “Alright, since it’s no longer convenient, I think I’ll take my leave.”

Putting down his coffee cup, he stood up before murmuring, “Mrs. Berry has my number so please remember that. If there’s anything you need, just call me anytime.”

“Take care of yourself and don’t worry about me.” Charlotte was overwhelmed by guilt.

“I hope you can take back what your father has left you as soon as possible,” Michael added.

Shaken by his words, Charlotte stared at him in surprise. “How did you know about it?”

“Before he d*ied, he wrote me a letter…” Michael sighed remorsefully. “I only saw it recently. The letter is the reason I have returned.”

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