Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 249

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 249

“Dad wrote you a letter?” Charlotte asked anxiously. “What did he say in it?”

Michael hesitated for a moment before playing it down. “It’s mostly about asking me to protect you…On top of that, he said that if you have not claimed what he left you by meeting with Jeffrey within five years, I should then deliver it to you personally.”

When she heard his words, Charlotte’s heart was in turmoil and filled with complicated emotions.

It never occurred to her that her father would write Michael a letter before he d*ied.

Her father was likely worried about her. If she couldn’t break out of her rut and start a new life in five years, Michael was to come and take care of her.

From what Jeffrey had told her, she was now certain that the box’s contents had nothing to do with her father’s death.

In that case, what did Dad leave me?

“Charlotte…” Michael’s voice interrupted her thoughts. Regaining her senses, she turned toward him. “Thank you, Michael. You should head home now and take good care of yourself.”

“Mmm-hmm. Goodbye.”

After looking longingly at her, Michael turned and left.

When Charlotte saw his slim silhouette, she felt extremely guilty for involving him in her troubles.

She hoped that Zachary would keep his word and not cause Michael any trouble.

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!”

Ellie came out from the private room with Fifi while holding a cake in her hand. “Mommy, this cake is really delicious. You should try it.”

“Wow! It’s beautiful.” Charlotte bent over to carry Ellie and gave the cake a bite. “It’s really delicious!”

“Mommy, the banana milkshake is very nice too.”

Jamie brought over his milkshake and fed Charlotte with it.

“Hmm, it’s tastes really good. I like it very much.” Charlotte tried Jamie’s milkshake.

“Mommy, has Mr. Brown left?” Robbie walked out with an ice cream in his hand, scanning the surroundings. “He likes vanilla ice cream. I just wanted to share it with him.”

“I have also saved a mango pudding for him.” Jamie raised his hand, not wanting to be left out.

“I want to introduce Fifi to Mr. Brown.” Ellie held Fifi in her hand and raised her eyebrows in glee. “I told him that Fifi can sing but he didn’t believe me.”

“Mr. Brown is busy, so he has to leave first,” Charlotte explained. “Did you thank him for taking care of you over the last few days?”

“We did. We thanked him properly.” The three children remarked, “We even invited him to join us at the theme park sometime.”

“Mr. Brown is busy so he may not have time to go with you. Why don’t I come along with you instead?”


“Mommy, let’s eat together, the steak is getting cold!”


As Charlotte led the three children back into the private room, Robbie pulled out a chair for her in a chivalrous manner. She then gave him a peck on his face and praised, “Thank you, Robbie!”

“Mommy, I want a kiss too,” Jamie requested.

“Mommy, me too, me too…” Ellie joined in.

“Mommy! Mommy! Fifi too!”

As laughter filled the room, it was a sign of the sunshine after the storm.

Looking out the window, Charlotte noticed that Michael’s car had left while Zachary’s car was also no longer in sight.

She smiled wryly to herself. Zachary really doesn’t leave anything up to chance.

Just when the children were having fun playing, Mrs. Berry came over and asked Charlotte softly, “Miss, has Mr. Brown left?”

“Yes, he’s gone.” Charlotte nodded.

“He is a good man,” Mrs. Berry sighed. “He personally drove to the village to pick us and put us in his home. In the beginning, the children were frightened and were wary of him. But, he took good care of them and slowly won their trust. During the last few days, they were all very close to him.”

“I know…” Charlotte sighed again. She felt the best way for her to repay her debt of grat*itude was to stay away from Michael, so as not to cause him any trouble.

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