Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 217

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 217

Charlotte was speechless. The culprit was in a call with her, yet not only could she not question her about the matter, but she was even interrogated by her instead.

Gritting her teeth, she cursed at how useless she was under her breath.

“All right. I’m going to visit Michael in the hospital now. Take care. Goodbye.”

Right after she bid her farewell politely, Helena ended the call.

Charlotte’s hand on the phone shook even more vigorously now. How well Helena has hidden her nature. I can’t believe I didn’t spot it before this.

Is Michael’s illness a coincidence or was it planned?

It’ll be terrifying if Helena has done something to Michael just to set me up.

However, there was one thing Charlotte was sure of.

Helena’s family depended on Michael, and that was Charlotte’s only guarantee that Helena would not truly harm Michael.

Maybe his fever is because of a mild allergic reaction, and that’s why they sent him to the hospital.

Then, she’ll have the chance to take his phone from him.

Michael had always been naïve, so it was normal for him not to think too much about anything.

As long as he’s safe.

However, now that Michael was not available, Charlotte could not think of anyone else to help her.

Her heart felt as if it was going to escape her chest.


All of the sudden, her phone rang, a loud, piercing sound.

Charlotte shuddered the shock before she lowered her heart. It was a call from Luna. Quickly picking it up, she said, “Hello?”

“Charlotte, did you see the news?” Luna’s wicked voice traveled into her ears. She smugly continued, “Now you know what the consequences are for crossing me.”

“You lunatic! Why did you have to do this?” Charlotte roared. “Didn’t we agree on two days? The time has yet to be up, so why did you upload those information on the internet?”

“Why? Hahaha!” Luna barked out a sinister laugh. “I can’t believe you’re shamelessly asking me why. The video of you having s*e*x with my husband is all over the internet, and everyone’s mocking me. He’s even forcing me to get a divorce, but you’re asking me why?”

“That isn’t what happened. That’s not me in the video…”

“Enough!” Luna cut off Charlotte’s words. Gritting her teeth, she cursed, “I’m sick of your pretentious ways. You pretend like you’re all noble and better than everyone else, fooling a bunch of men to do everything for you, but you’re slyer than everyone else.”

“Luna, listen to me. The woman last night really wasn’t me. I was with Michael last night-”

“Stop it. I don’t want to hear any more lies from you.” Luna could not bear to listen any further. “You promised me you’ll do as I say, but you seduced my husband to sleep with you in the next second. You shameless b*tch! I wish I could k*ll you now!”

“Did you call me to curse at me?” Charlotte took in a deep breath to calm herself down. “You should be calling to negotiate terms and conditions with me, right?”


“Luna, let me talk to her.” Amanda then took the phone from Luna’s hands. “Charlotte, I’m telling you this now. The reason we haven’t exposed those three bastards of yours is that we’re giving you a chance.”

“I know. Tell me. What do you want me to do?”

Charlotte knew well that even though her reputation was ruined, the children were yet to be revealed to the public. As long as the Whites’ mother-daughter duo stopped in time and bribed the media to remove the news, the children would not be affected.

She could not care less what happened to her, but she could not let her children be harmed in this.

“Marry that man from T Nation right away and tell everyone about it. Then, migrate to T Nation with those three bastards of yours.”

At that, Amanda added, “Don’t worry. We’ll give you an adequate sum of money, and we’ll even give you a house in B City. You and your children will live a fantastic life in T Nation.”

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