Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 295

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 295

Hope rekindled in Charlotte’s heart as she finally met someone who could control Zachary.

Will Mr. Nacht help me regain my freedom?

Raina could tell what Charlotte was thinking, and she said meaningly, “Mr. Nacht’s att*itude is odder than Mr. Zachary’s. Ms. Windt, I suggest you stay away from him.”

Charlotte was speechless, as she just realized how naïve she was. Judging from how brutal and perverted Zachary is, are there even chances of his grandpa being amiable?

“Be careful!” Raina instructed the paramedic when they were carrying Charlotte on a stretcher into the ambulance.

Lying on the stretcher, Charlotte sighed helplessly. It seems I’ll have to wait until Zachary gets bored of me and lets me go…

When her imagination was running wild, she received a message from Olivia: Charlotte, thank you so much. I’ve been hired by a listed company, and they offered me a high salary. Ms. Goldstein also gave me a bonus for my treatment.

Charlotte smiled and replied: Congratulations and good luck!

She felt better after receiving a message full of warmth and grat*itude. Being able to help Olivia was the biggest reward for coming all the way here.

The ambulance slowly made its way toward the hospital as the music from the banquet hall faded gradually.

The banquet went on smoothly. It wasn’t affected by Charlotte’s absence, as she was a nobody in the eyes of the guests.

Old Mr. Nacht’s arrival had made the atmosphere in the banquet hall tense and serious.

All the guests split into two rows, standing in order, and greeted him politely.

Old Mr. Nacht nodded slightly before scanning through the crowd and headed toward the lounge.

Sharon followed behind the old man while supporting him in his tracks. She seemed so attentive in taking care of him that it was as though they were family.

In comparison, Zachary seemed like someone who had nothing to do with all of this, trailing behind them silently.

After they left, everyone in the banquet hall was chattering excitedly. It was foreseeable that the union between the Nacht family and the Blackwood family would happen eventually.

Meanwhile, Charlotte went for an X-ray to check her injuries. Her bones weren’t fractured, but the damage inflicted upon her waist was quite severe.

Raina treated her wounds and brought her back to the Nachts’ residence.

Then, the paramedics help her onto the bed. Initially, she wanted to take a bath, but Raina told her not to run the wound under water and asked the maid to wipe her down.

After advising Charlotte to take a good rest, Raina left with the rest, leaving her alone in the room.

Her body was aching so badly that she felt like it was going to crumble with the slightest stretch. There was a lingering smell of herbs in the air that wafted from the ointment on her back.

Every time her body ached, she gritted her teeth and cursed at Zachary.

I’ve been getting injured ever since I got together with him. This madman! What trauma did he suffer during his childhood to become someone so brutal?

I hope I can get away from him as soon as possible…

Late at night, Charlotte drifted off to sleep gradually with her pillow in her arms as thoughts raced across her mind.

While she was sound asleep, a hand reached out and caressed her waist gently…

As she drifted between sleep and reality, she felt somebody behind her, but the familiar scent of that person made her let down her guard.

She continued to sleep while the man’s hand wandered all over her body. Then he lifted the blanket before lying down beside her.

Pressing against Charlotte, Zachary placed one hand under her neck, pulling her into his embrace while gently caressing her body with the other.

According to what Raina said, Charlotte didn’t suffer any injuries to her bones, but her waist muscle was damaged, so she needs to go through physiotherapy.

The moment Zachary accidentally kicked her, his heart skipped a beat and ached for her, but at the same time, he was infuriated.

This woman was willing to give up her life to protect that man.

At that thought, flames of fury started burning in his heart, and he tightened his grip on her legs to seek revenge.

“Argh!” Charlotte woke up from her sleep in a fright and shifted. When she turned around, he planted a kiss on her lips.

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