Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 299

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 299

Zachary advised earnestly, “Please don’t get too worked up. You’re not getting any younger, so you should be more open-minded. Let your grandson live the life he wants…”

“You little brat! I’ll k*il*l you…” Old Mr. Nacht growled, and a series of smacks could be heard.

Widening her eyes in shock, Charlotte felt her heart tightened as she covered her mouth to prevent herself from making any sound.

Did Zachary really get beaten up?

Was he…

“Look at you. It doesn’t even hurt at all. You must be getting old…” Zachary’s voice sounded with a tinge of amusement.

“You rascal… You…” Old Mr. Nacht was so furious that he started feeling out of breath.

“Grandpa! Are you okay? Where is your medicine?” Seeing that something was amiss, Zachary hurriedly asked him.

Then he yelled, “Somebody, come at once!”

Soon after, the sound of hurried footsteps was heard coming from the room next door.

Charlotte’s heart was racing as she paced around in her room.

Please be okay, Mr. Nacht. Or else I’ll really be in deep trouble.

“Grandpa, what’s wrong? Please don’t scare me. What is going on here? He was still fine just now!” Sharon’s anxious voice could be heard from the other room.

“Shut up!” Zachary bellowed.

Very quickly, silence ensued in the room. Shortly after, Zachary ordered, “Leave us.”

“Yes.” Everyone went out of the room after hearing his command.

Sharon said, “Grandpa, I’ll help you to your room.”

“I’ll do it.” Zachary volunteered as he walked to old Mr. Nacht’s front.

Old Mr. Nacht glared at Zachary and shouted, “Get lost, you brat! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

Zachary lowered his voice and said, “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Hmph!” After shooting a death glare at Zachary, old Mr. Nacht left the room with the help of Sharon.

The house finally quietened down as the lights in the living room and corridor were switched off one by one.

Lying down on the bed, Charlotte heaved a sigh of relief while her heart was filled with indescribable feelings.

Is it because of me that Zachary is reluctant to marry someone from the Blackwoods?

Or is the reason like what he said? That he isn’t interested in getting married because he won’t benefit from it?

Suddenly, somebody opened the door. Charlotte jumped in shock and almost fell off the bed.

Zachary said, “It’s me.”

Charlotte saw a familiar figure in the dark, locking the door before he unbuttoned his shirt and walked toward her.

“You sure have guts to come here now. Aren’t you afraid others will know?” Charlotte spoke in a hushed tone as she was scared that others would know of her presence.

Zachary ignored her and tossed his shirt on the couch. After shutting the balcony door and drawing the curtains, he went to the washroom straight away.

“Hey, you…” Before Charlotte could finish her sentence, Zachary shut the washroom door on her.

Speechless, she was overwhelmed with anxiety. If Mr. Nacht and Sharon know that Zachary’s here with me, they’ll tear me into pieces!

Soon after, Zachary came out from the washroom with a towel wrapped around his lower body.

He was probably tired of dealing with old Mr. Nacht as he downed a bottle of water after sitting down.

Charlotte whispered, “Send me back since they’re resting in their rooms now. Or else they will find out that I’m here tomorrow…”

“So what?” Zachary looked at her coldly.

Charlotte panicked. “It’ll be awkward… Your grandpa hates me, so I bet he’ll humiliate me…”

“That’s unlikely.” Zachary continued drying his hair with a towel.

“But…” Before Charlotte could finish her sentence, there were a few knocks on the door, followed by Sharon’s gentle voice. “Zachary, are you asleep?”

Charlotte was stunned, but she quickly came to her senses. After focusing on the sound, she realized Sharon was knocking on the door of Zachary’s room. However…

Zachary’s here in my room!

She kept on gesturing at Zachary anxiously, pointing at the door in hopes that he would deal with it.

Zachary rolled his eyes at her before tossing his towel away. Then, he got on the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

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