Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 196

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 196

“Let me in, please,” Charlotte begged as she sobbed. “There’s a wolf out here about to eat me.”

“Uh-huh,” came Zachary’s unconcerned reply. He then stood up and slowly walked away.

“Hey!” Charlotte was on the verge of breaking down. She slammed her fists on the steel gates and screamed, “You won’t just stand there and watch me d*ie, will you? If you don’t let me in, I’ll d*ie!”

Zachary ignored her as he continued walking into the villa.

“Zachary Nacht,” Charlotte bellowed. “You heartless animal. Karma will get you soon!”

Zachary stopped to turn and look at her. “You’re still cursing at me at a time like this?”

“D-Don’t a*s*sume I have to beg you,” Charlotte ground out. “If I d*ie here, you’d have to bear the responsibility. If the cops come, you’ll be the primary suspect.”

“I see…” Zachary nodded solemnly. He then pointed at the surveillance camera by the gate. “See that? It will film the process of the wolf eating you. You do realize that a wolf is wild, right? I’m not the one who raised it and there is no law stating that I have to save you.”

“You-” Charlotte could not formulate a response to refute him.

“Let me teach you something,” Zachary said with a smile. “When the wolf bites you, just scream and shout like you did just now. It’ll think that you’re annoying, and it’ll snap its jaw on your throat. Blood will spurt out of you like a water fountain, and death will be instant. This way, it won’t hurt.”

Charlotte’s face turned colorless as her entire being trembled. All words d*ied in her throat.

“I wish you a merry death. Goodbye!”

Zachary waved and turned to leave.

“Zachary Nacht!” Charlotte roared as she slammed the steel gate. “You heartless b*stard! You’ll d*ie a horrible death!”


Once again, howls of wolves sounded behind her.

Charlotte immediately lost all her courage as she fell onto her knees with a thud. She wailed and pleaded, “Please save me! I don’t want to d*ie!”

Zachary, who had his back to her, finally grinned in delight and glee.

He was even more exhilarated now than when he got a business deal worth tens of billions.

However, he was not in a rush to turn around. Instead, he took a slow step forward.

“Zachary, as long as you save me, I’ll do anything.” Charlotte cared for nothing now; staying alive was the only thought in her mind. “Give me the contract. I’ll sign it. As long as you save me, I’ll sign it.”

“Are you sure?” Zachary finally turned around. With an innocent expression on his face, he asked, “Are you going to claim that I’m forcing you again?”

“No, I won’t. I’m doing this willingly,” Charlotte guaranteed. “Let me in first. Let me in quickly. The wolf is here. It really is.”

“All right. But remember, you’re the one begging me.”

Zachary slowly raised his arm and made a gesture.

It was then the bodyguard stepped forward and opened the steel gates.

The gates had only opened a fraction before Charlotte rushed in. As her legs were still weak, she fell to the ground.

Lifting her head, she could see numerous pairs of green eyes watching her covetously from the nearby woods.

Widening her eyes in fear, a shudder wracked through her body before she fainted.

Zachary clicked his tongue and sighed before shaking his head. “How fragile is she to p@ssout just like this?”

He then walked over to lift her up into his arms before instructing the guards. “You may leave now.”

“Yes, Mr. Nacht.”

One of the bodyguards pressed a b*tton, and the green eyes immediately disappeared.

Zachary carried Charlotte into the villa and placed her on the bed.

Just then, Raina came in with a new copy of the contract.

Holding Charlotte’s hand, Zachary bit on her thumb, and blood immediately seeped out.

He then pressed her thumb at the signature section of the contract before a satisfied smile grew on his face.

“I told you. You won’t be able to escape from me.”

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