Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 300

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 300

Charlotte widened her eyes in shock as she remained frozen in place, afraid that the woman outside would hear the movements in her room.

Outside of the room, Sharon was knocking on the door while calling out to Zachary, “Zachary, I need to talk to you…”

At that moment, the man she was looking for was hugging Charlotte from behind, his hands reaching into her clothes and caressing her chest gently.

Charlotte covered her mouth and dared not make any sound.

“Zachary…” Sharon was still knocking on the door.

However, Zachary simply ignored Sharon and landed kisses on Charlotte’s shoulders and neck.

The electrifying sensation from the touch of his lips against her skin made Charlotte’s body tense up while her heart pounded like crazy.

Soon, Raina came to their rescue. “Ms. Blackwood, Mr. Nacht is exhausted, so he should be bathing in the washroom now. Why don’t you look for him tomorrow?”

Sharon was obviously reluctant to return to her room without having a talk with Zachary, but she didn’t wish to disturb the latter. “Alright. Goodnight, Dr. Langhan.”

“Goodnight,” said Raina.

After both Raina and Sharon left the corridor, the lights were turned off.

Charlotte was finally able to take a breather and chided the man who was kissing her neck. “Stop it… Hmm…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Zachary sealed her lips with his warm ones.

This time, he learned from his past mistakes and didn’t hold her body like before. Instead, he let her remain lying on her side and avoided touching her injured waist.

Initially, Charlotte wanted to push him away, but he moved closer to her and nibbled at her earlobe. “Don’t move. It’s your fault if it hurts…”

Charlotte didn’t dare to move, not only because she was afraid of the pain but also because she was scared that others might know if they were too loud.

So she could only close her eyes and let him do as he pleased.

A strong desire was burning inside of him, making him want her more and more each time he hugged her.

Moreover, he was getting used to her company. Without Charlotte sleeping by his side, he found it hard to fall asleep, and even if he drifted off to sleep because of fatigue, he would still wake up several times during midnight.

In fact, he started having naughty thoughts when meeting her at the golf course today after not seeing her for the entire week.

Although they did it in Ashenville Garden, it wasn’t enough to quench his desire.

That s*e*xy dress she wore tonight at the banquet attracted many stares from the guests.

And he was displeased.

He wanted to leave his marks on her body to remind her that she belonged to him. You’re mine. Forever!

Outside the French windows, the branches swayed along with the breeze, just like the couple reveling in ple@sure on the bed.

It was a steamy night for them.

Charlotte couldn’t resist Zachary’s fiery passion, so she let him have his way with her.

He was gentle and careful that night though. No matter how much he longed for her, he tried his best not to hurt her waist.

However, as if he didn’t get to enjoy himself to the fullest, he whispered in her ears before hugging her to sleep, “Do your best to cooperate with the physiotherapy and get well soon.”

Then, he fell asleep.

Listening to his faint snores, Charlotte’s mind was in a mess.

Mr. Nacht and Sharon are here, so why won’t you let go of me?

I’ll most likely get into a lot of trouble if this goes on.

Heaving a sigh deeply, Charlotte turned her head to look at Zachary.

Perhaps because he was really exhausted, he fell into a deep slumber. Furrowing his brows slightly, his handsome face looked mesmerizing even in the dark.

Charlotte didn’t realize when she had gotten used to having skin contact with him, and she didn’t feel repulsed at all when he had his arms around her.

In fact, she was so jealous and mad when she saw Zachary being intimate with Sharon, to the extent that she even suspected if something had happened between them.

Am I in love with him? But no matter what, everything between us will end soon, and this warmth… will surely fade away one day.

So, she was reminding herself repeatedly. Don’t fall for him.

I must never take this seriously…

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