Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 298

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 298

“She provoked me first,” Zachary said coldly.

Old Mr. Nacht reprimanded, “We all know who started all this. If you didn’t raise your hand to Chris, your aunt wouldn’t have done anything to your company.”

With a stony expression, Zachary retorted, “But Chris was the one who offended me first.”

Old Mr. Nacht was so angry that he raised his voice. “All that just for a woman? Chris is your cousin! Yet, you almost strangled him to death because of that woman!”

“So? He didn’t die in the end anyway.” Zachary’s words dripped with disdain.

“How preposterous!” Old Mr. Nacht knocked his cane against the floor, and it made a loud thud.

Charlotte was so terrified that she started shuddering, and her heart almost jumped out of her throat.

After listening to their conversation, she finally understood what had happened. It turned out that Chris was Zachary’s cousin. She was drugged and almost r@ped by him that day. Arriving in time, Zachary saved her and beat Chris to a pulp.

And it was because of this that Zachary offended his aunt.

So Zachary’s aunt was the one who ordered some men to cause a scene at Divine Corporation’s product launch?

Right then, realization dawned on Charlotte. I’m the root cause of the conflict between the members of the Nacht family. No wonder Mr. Nacht hates me. Maybe he even sees me as a threat.

Zachary murmured under his breath, “Who would have known that he was so weak?”

Glaring at Zachary coldly, old Mr. Nacht declared, “That’s enough! I’ve discussed with your aunt, and she promised to leave your company alone, so you’re not allowed to irk her again.”

Zachary replied indifferently, “As long as she doesn’t bare her fangs at me, I won’t do the same.”

“That woman… She’s here, right?” asked old Mr. Nacht.

Charlotte almost collapsed onto the ground after hearing that. How did Mr. Nacht know that I’m here?

“Yeah,” Zachary admitted.

Old Mr. Nacht scoffed, “She’s living with you already? What? Are you thinking of marrying her?”

This time, Zachary fell silent and didn’t answer immediately.

Covering her chest and holding her breath, Charlotte’s heart clenched as she waited for his answer nervously.

After a long while, Zachary finally responded, “I don’t plan to marry her.”

Disappointed, Charlotte felt as if someone had splashed cold water over her heart, making it lose all warmth and hope.

However, very quickly, she regained her rationality. He has never been serious about me anyway and only sees me as his toy.

There’s no way he’ll treat me with sincerity.

Old Mr. Nacht’s tone softened slightly. “That’s right. Women like her aren’t worth your time, so never take them seriously.”

Charlotte was completely speechless at his remarks. So, in Mr. Nacht’s opinion, women of inferior status are to be toyed with? How despicable!

With a grandfather like him, it’s no wonder Zachary behaves like a psycho.

“Sharon is your best choice.” After pausing for a moment, old Mr. Nacht continued, “The Blackwood family had always been on good terms with us, the Nachts. You should marry the only daughter of the Blackwoods to unite the two families. It will bring benefits to both sides.”

Charlotte scoffed. Marry her then. You guys will make a good match since you guys are both arrogant.

Zachary said in a flat tone, “Only the Blackwood family will benefit from this.”

“You…” Old Mr. Nacht’s face turned ashen with anger.

Zachary argued pompously, “There’s a big difference between the Blackwood family’s status and ours, so our marriage will only benefit them. What is there for me to gain from this? If you want to strengthen our family, I’ll have to marry the heiress of the Lindberg family. At least, they are on par with us.”

Old Mr. Nacht chided, “Nonsense! We’ve been at loggerheads with the Lindbergs for generations. How is it possible for us to form a union with them?”

Zachary returned to the topic. “Yeah. So stop thinking of arranging a marriage between Sharon and me. The effort of generations of the Nacht family will be in vain if I sacrifice myself.”

Old Mr. Nacht was so furious that his face turned livid. ”You brat…” Before he could finish his words, he started coughing and clutched his chest.

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