Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 560

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr. Magnate

Chapter 560

After Zachary had spelled out his words clearly, Sharon was stunned as she was unable to believe what she just heard. “What are you babbling about? We’ve announced our wedding, even the engagement ceremony preparations are ready. How could you say…”

“I think you have a really bad memory!” Zachary interrupted her indifferently, “From the very beginning, I don’t want to be engaged. You and Grandpa are the ones who forced the matter, even going as far as announcing the marriage unilaterally. Thus this totally has nothing to do with me.”

“You.” Sharon’s face was blue with anger as she spat out unrestrained, “How dare you treat me like this? You’re willing to dump me for the sake of those three bastard children?”

“If you run your mouth once more, I can’t guarantee that I won’t raise my hand against you!” Zachary did not mince his words as his chilly eyes turned vicious and a murderous look suddenly appeared.

“I.” Sharon’s temper was about to flare up yet she managed to forcibly suppressed it. Quickly coming to a compromise, she offered, “I can accept those three children as long as we can be married. I’ll come to any terms with you.”

“Even if you accept them, they won’t want to accept you!” Losing his patience, Zachary revealed, “They have their own mother. If I were to marry, I’ll marry their mother instead!”

Such a revelation left Sharon speechless. The world seemed to fade away before her eyes. Everything seemingly spiraled out of her grasp. It took a long while before she could come back to her senses as she demanded, “What do you mean by that? Who’s their mother?”

She had thought that these children were the accidental results of Zachary’s philandering ways. Their mother could have been dead or gone, probably shamed by the illicit trysts. Even if she were alive, she would be nothing in the eyes of Zachary.

Surely this must be the case, otherwise, why would the existence of these children not even be mentioned once for the past few years, only for them to appear now?

That was the reason she mentioned that she was willing to accept the existence of these children.

However, once Zachary stated that he was going to marry the children’s mother, she was dismayed by the sudden realization…

Zachary had already known what he wanted. Not only did he had three children with that woman, but he also planned to marry her!

“As for the rest, you don’t need to know,” Zachary straightforwardly said, “In fact, we were never officially together. Our cooperation on projects benefits the Synder Group more thus far. It will be best for us to remain amicable towards one another in the future!”

“No.” As tears fell from her face, Sharon shook her head vehemently and recounted, “The news of our wedding has been announced and the engagement ceremony has been readied. For you to back out at this juncture, I will definitely become the laughingstock of the whole wide world!”

“This is the result of your own folly,” Zachary frowned unsympathetically and shrugged, “From the very beginning, I’ve been opposing it. It is you who act in such an arbitrary manner. I shall not be blamed for your willfulness. In the end, adults are responsible for their own reckless behavior!”

“Zachary.” She started to plead.

Without giving her the chance to do so, he announced, “Please see our guest out!”

Sharon still desired to salvage the situation, yet Zachary no longer wanted to have anything to do with her anymore.

“As you wish.” At this moment, Ben gingerly appeared. Stepping forward, he politely motioned to her, “Ms. Blackwood, if you please.”

“No! I simply refuse to cancel our marriage. I object!” Shaking her head frantically in protest, she cried in sorrow, “Zachary Nacht! You can’t do this to me! The way you’re treating me, you’re forcing me to my death!”

Turned off by the whole sob drama, Zachary gruffly commanded, “See her off!”

“At your command.” Ben tried to hide his anxiousness as he tried once more, “Ms. Blackwood, this way please.”


Rushing forward, Sharon grabbed a fruit knife laid carelessly on the coffee table and pointed it to her wrist as she hysterically shrieked, “Zachary, I can give in to anything! I know you like Charlotte Windt and I’m willing to let you keep her as a mistress. I can even accept you having illegitimate children. I’ve humbled myself before you, even crushing my pride into dust for you. Why are you abandoning me now? Why?”

“Sharon!” Raising his eyes and glaring frostily at her, Zachary sternly warned, “By now you should have known that I, Zachary Nacht, shall never be threatened by anyone! Put down the knife and get out. On behalf of our acquaintance, I shall let you walk away with some dignity left. Otherwise, you are totally free to do what you want: let me be the witness of your death right here right now!”

“You…” Intimidated by his death stare but at the same time trembling with outrage, Sharon shrieked, “Do you think I dare not to? If I were to die here, how are you going to explain this to your Grandpa. Worse still, how are you going to face the wrath of the Blackwood family?”

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