Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort Chapter 106

Mistaking a Magnate for a Male Escort by Mr Magnate

Chapter 106

“Me?” When Charlotte was about to explain, Mr. Sterk began to roll his eyes and foam at the mouth. Considering that time was of the essence, she immediately rushed toward him to rescue him.

“What are you doing? Get lost!”

Melody wanted to push her away but was stopped by Lucy.

Charlotte quickly spread Mr. Sterk’s arms and pinched his chin. The next moment, she put her slender fingers into his mouth to get the chip out.

“Hey, what are you doing? Don’t do anything stupid.” The elder board members were scared to death. “Drag her away from him!”

The bodyguards immediately looked at Zachary, waiting for his order.

“Let her try.” Zachary stared at her.

“Bear with it for a little while…”

After a while, she could reach the chip with her finger. Nevertheless, she dared not to pick it up with her fingers, worrying that she would tear his throat.

Meanwhile, he struggled and pushed the people around him non-stop because he felt extremely uncomfortable. As such, he accidentally hit Charlotte’s injured shoulder.

Biting her lips, she f0rced herself to bear with the pain and continued to pick up the chip.

Suddenly, Mr. Sterk hit Charlotte’s injured shoulder f0rcefully with his moving arm. Because it was rather painful, her hand shivered but unexpectedly pushed the chip down into the throat.


Mr. Sterk threw up for a while but quickly calmed down. He gasped for air but apparently wasn’t as uncomfortable as before. Moreover, his eyes and face gradually looked normal.

“Mr. Sterk, are you alright?” Two elder board members came up to him emotionally.

“Much better.” Mr. Sterk was still gasping for air when he continued weakly, “Just now… something was… stuck in my throat… I was almost suffocated!”

“Luckily… this lady… saved me!” he pointed at Charlotte and continued, “Thank you!”

“You’re welcome.” Charlotte f0rced out an awkward smile. “Mr. Sterk, how do you feel now? Does any part of your body feel uncomfortable now?”

Since Mr. Sterk swallowed the chip accidentally, she knew that he would have the same fate as Fifi soon.

On the other hand, Zachary seemed to have mixed feelings when he looked at her.

“No, I feel much better now.” Mr. Sterk shook his head.

“Why was there something in the cup of coffee? What on earth was that?” a board member questioned.

“All board members, I will investigate this matter thoroughly and explain everything to you!” Zachary announced, “Ben, blockade the company now, check the surveillance video, and give me an answer in one hour!”

“Yes, sir!” Ben immediately left the room to execute his order.

This doesn’t look good! Did the surveillance camera record the moment when I put the chip into the cup of coffee?

At this moment, Raina finally arrived at the room with other medical personnel.

With Zachary’s permission, he checked up on Mr. Sterk and reported, “A sharp object was probably stuck in Mr. Sterk’s throat when he drank the coffee. However, since he has swallowed the object, we can only ascertain what it really is after undergoing an x-ray examination.”

“Take Mr. Sterk to the hospital for x-ray examination and treatment,” Zachary commanded.

“Yes, sir.” Raina nodded.

The medical personnel brought a wheelchair and helped him sit on it.

As the two elder board members were worried about him, they wished to follow him to the hospital.

Before leaving the meeting room, Mr. Sterk turned around and said to Zachary, “Mr. Nacht, this lady…”

He pointed at Charlotte and pled, “She’s my savior. Please don’t give her a hard time.”

“Rest a*s*sured!” Zachary’s lips quirked coldly.

However, Charlotte shuddered because she felt that his smile was terrifying.

An hour later, Ben played the surveillance video with the computer in the meeting room and announced, “We’ve figured it out. It was Melody Snyder who made the coffee. However, worrying that she would be scolded because Mr. Nacht was in a bad mood, she instructed Charlotte to bring the cup of coffee into the room…”

“What was in the cup of coffee?” the board members questioned.

“As for this question…”

“It’s the Chip X that we lost!” Zachary lifted Mr. Sterk’s x-ray film that Raina gave him and announced, “As I said earlier, Chip X would come back today!”

“What…” Everyone’s jaw dropped once Zachary finished. What the hell?

In the hospital, a nurse was persuading Mr. Sterk to take the laxatives. “Mr. Sterk, please do as I say. Drink it, and the object will be passed in your stool soon.”

“Johann, please drink it. The Divine Corporation and the entire Nacht family are waiting for your stool!”

Mr. Sterk’s lips twitched as he felt helpless…

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