I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 145

I Will Never Be Yours By Melan Pamp

Chapter 145 

Selena POV: 

I guess he feels my unease because he gets up and walks around the table when he stops beside me and pulls me up on my feet before he wraps me up in a hug. 

“Now don’t worry! He might only want to be on the safe side and prepared, nothing could happen for a long time and I suggest you get up to our chambers and lay down to rest for a while after this dinner while I get over and talk with my father!” he says and holds me tight in his arms, I’m worried deep down but he is right it could take a long time before the fight is about to happen 

“Yes, I will!” I say as an answer when he starts to pull me with him out of the kitchen. 

“I’ll be all right, I can get up there myself!” I say when he starts to lead me over to the stairs. 

“Alright I will be up in a bit, lay down and take a rest in the meantime, your stuff is moved from the guest room!” he says and stops me by the stairs before I take a step up. 

“Okay, I will be waiting for you!” I say before heading up the stairs and seeing him walk over to his office before reaching the top stairs and turning down the hallway. Reaching his chambers I push the door open and walk inside before closing it after me, his scent is a bit stronger in here than it used to be but nowhere near as strong as before. 

Looking around the room I head over to his closet and find my clothes hanging inside with what looks like several maternity clothes he has brought, they are new and what looks like the right size. I have a hard time believing they will fit my growing belly during the whole pregnancy tho! 

Turning around I head out and start to look for my books and my computer, I can take my time and get some job done while he isn’t here! 

Finding it on a table beside the couch I take it with me and head over to the bed, placing it down I climb in the bed and start to pull it out of the bag. 

I manage to get some done before he comes inside the room and walks over to the other side of the bed before he gets in beside me. 

“When did you get a laptop and what are you doing?” he says next to my ear 

“The second day when I went over to Michael’s, and now I’m working,” I say and send and response away to a client. 

“I thought you weren’t going back to your work!” he says surprised and I have to stop reading the next mail to answer him. 

“I haven’t gone back there, I quit and started my own small business these weeks. I have a few clients before I’m up and running properly!” I tell him and turn my head to look at him. 

“You have done what?” you are never going to stop surprising me!” he says and chuckles while he shakes his head. I just smile at him before he gets up from the bed and starts to head over to the bathroom, hearing him walk around in the bathroom before he starts to fill up the bathtub. 

I see him come out from the bathroom in only a low–hanging towel at the corner of my eye and turn my head his way, can’t take my eyes away from him when he walks over to where I sit on the bed. 

He stops in front of me before he grabs the laptop and places it down on a chair before he comes back beside me. 

“What are you doing?” I say when he leans down and picks me up in his arms. 

“Taking care of my mate!” he says and heads over to the bathroom with me. Coming inside he places me down beside the big bathtub and start to pull my shirt over my head, I know what his intentions are and don’t protest against it when he Str!ps me n@ked from my clothes. 

He drops his towel to the floor before he lifts me over the edge and gets down behind me, settling myself between his legs he pulls me back against him and places the back of my head on his shoulder, the water smells amazing with a flowery hint to it. 

It feels nice being this close to him and in the warm water that’s surrounding us, he takes his hand and places it on my stomach when I feel him trace his nose down my neck and over to my shoulder. He presses his lips to his mark and a wave of ple@sure courses through my body! 

“Let your walls down love!” he says next to my ear but I don’t dare, how can I? 

“I can’t!” I tell him when he stops and turns my head to the side to look at me. 

“Why not?” he asks and holds my eyes with his 

“I don’t know how to keep our children safe if I let it down, I can’t just put it back up again!” I tell him my problem when he holds my cheek. 

“It’s not only up to you! I’m here to protect you and our children, let me!” he says and leans down to capture my lips with his for a short moment before he lets go. 

Looking at him for a long moment when I see him take his wrist to his mouth and bite down at it, I know what he plans to do and even if I’m not ready to let my walls down I have to! 

His wrist comes to my mouth when he places it on my lips, opening my mouth I let his blood run down my throat even if I know what it will do to me! 

My whole body starts to tingle from the blood when it reaches my system, taking my hand over his wrist I close my eyes when the euphoria spreads through my body. 

I hear him chuckle from a distance when he takes his wrist away from my lips, I’m starting to feel all hot and bothered in the tube when I hear him sniffing in the air before a low growl is heard from his throat. 

Opening my eyes I come to stare right into his pitch–black eyes for a moment when my c*ore starts to throb. 

He leans down and catches my lips in a heated kiss that makes my head spin worse before he lets me go. 

“Let me take care of your need!” he says in a husky voice that’s have my c*ore starting to throb harder.

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