I Will Never Be Yours Chapter 06

I will never be yours by Melan Pamp

Chapter 06

Kian’s POV:

I was in my office when I got a mind link I needed to go down to the cells right away.

Getting out of my office I headed over to the cells and are met by Declan and my father standing outside and talking.

Walking by them I hear them coming behind me. “What’s wrong?” Declan asks.

“I just got a mind link I needed to go down here right away,” I tell them and open the door down to the cells.

It doesn’t take me many steps before I smell this mouth-watering scent. Coming closer to a cell where a guard is standing outside and waiting, the scent is stronger.

The moment he opens the door I recognize the scent and the shock I get when my eyes fall on her heavy beat-up body on the floor and Cannon my gamma standing over her with blood oozing out of a wound on his chest.

I hear her soft voice speaking and everyone around me gasps in shock when she reveals she’s my mate.

I keep standing there when she turns her head back and look up the sealing before I see her cough out blood and have a hard time breathing. I don’t move! Just standing there and looking at my little mate dying on the floor in front of me.

Declan rushes by me and bends down to pick her up. “Stop !” I bark out to him when I see him scramble up on his feet and walk over to me.

“That’s your mate! Either you rush her to the hospital or I will pick her up and carry her there right now!” He starts yelling at me. I look between him and my mate on the floor.

I see her lips turning blue and slowly walk over to where she is laying on the floor. I won’t be taking her up! Don’t want her body close to mine.

“Take her to the doctor’s room in the castle and have a nurse and doctor over!” I tell him and he quickly walks over and bends down to pick her up. I get a pang of jealousy when he picks her up, and have to push the feeling aside when he rushes out of the cell.

“Son it might not be enough! She needs the hospital!” My father says and I ignore his words. Looking over at Cannon he just stands there.

“I’m sorry Kian! I didn’t know she was your mate!” He says ” Why don’t you heal?” I ask him. I see him looking down at his chest and hands.

“It doesn’t matter!’ He answers and my father comes over and grabs my arm.

“We can talk about this later. Right now we need to go after her and Declan. Now!” He says before he starts walking.

I sigh and start walking behind him. Cannon walks beside me but doesn’t say a word the whole way. I know he has a lot of questions and will probably start to apologize again.

When we come inside the castle, I hear my mother yelling at the nurses and I drag a hand down my face. She is the last person I want to deal with right now.

Standing outside the doctor’s room I see several nurses and a doctor hooking up her body to different machines and fluids going in her system.

She looks so small and fragile in the bed, a part of me wants to be close to her. Keeping her out of harm’s way. At the same time as I hate the fact, that she is that small and fragile.

“Kian it would help her if you gave her some of your blood” my mother comes over and talk to me, turning my head to look at her I just shake it no!

I will not help her!

“For f*uc*k sake she is your mate!” I hear Declan’s angry voice.

“We don’t know why she is here! All we know is that she was with the rogues and I won’t be helping an enemy!” I just state the fact before I turn around to walk over to my office.

Coming inside I hear Declan walking behind me.

“If she doesn’t survive, we can never ask her what she did with them,” I just ignore him. She wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t with the rogues.

Inside my office, I walk over to my desk and take a seat, my father and mother with Cannon come inside. I guess they want some answers.

“When did you meet her and why haven’t you told us about her?” My father asks the moment he comes inside my office.

I sigh and take out her folder from my drawer, handing it over to him I see he and Declan start to look at it.

A moment goes by before he speaks up.

“You’re telling me this is her? The girl who disappeared three years ago!” He says with an angry voice. Looking over at him I guess he is prepared for hearing something he doesn’t like.

There is no point in hiding it from them anymore, telling them the truth I see them all looking at me with anger. I didn’t expect anything else.

“Kian! How could you? We didn’t race you up like this!” My mother says with anger in her voice before she starts walking to the door. 0

“I’m really disappointed in you!” She says before she walks out and slams the door shut behind her.

I just look at the other three in the room. My father points his finger at me for a moment before he shakes his head and walks out of my office.

I will have to deal with them later.

“I don’t get you at all Kian! This is your second chance mate and you tossed her away! ” Declan says and sits down in a chair.

Leaning back in my chair I look up at the sealing. There is no point in trying to explain to him my reasons.

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