Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 253

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 253 What Was Right

Shilah was amused when she heard it was a pregnant woman? A pregnant woman? At least, she was sure Bastet wasn’t pregnant.

She stood up and headed out with few of the sisters following her behind. And upon getting outside, Shilah was shocked to find Nosheba.

She halted her steps as her brows crumpled with disturbing questions running through her mind. Why was she there? And why was she still pregnant? With scrutiny, she noticed she looked more frustrated than she had been three months ago. Her complexion had darkened, her face had patches and her dress didn’t fit so well. Surely, all had not been well with her. But Shilah didn’t express her care on her face.

“Shilah…!” Nosheba called in a gasp upon seeing her.

It seemed as though, her hope had been lightened. With her hands supporting her really big tummy, she ran to Shilah.

“Oh! Thank you so much! Thank you for agreeing to see me”, she chuckled ruefully.

But Shilah said nothing and only stared at her with cold, unreadable eyes.

Nosheba glanced at the few witches behind her and seemed uncomfortable, but she knew she was in no place to ask them to leave.

“Erm…I know it’s been long we last saw each other, but I’m here because I need your help”, her voice gave little cracks. It was obvious she was scared.

“What do you want, Nosheba?” Shilah finally spoke up.

Her voice was totally grumpy.

Nosheba lowered her gaze to the floor and let a tear.

“I have been pregnant for twelve months now, Shilah. I … I don’t know what’s happening. My due date was three months ago, yet, here I am”, she paused and touched her belly.

“I am… I am so scared. I’ve gone to every herbalist I know, but none could provide me with a solution. Please, Shilah, I do not want to lose my life, or that of my child. Although… I have a feeling the goddess is trying to punish me for my evil deeds That’s the reason I came to you for help. You are my last hope. Please”.

Tears kept streaking down her cheeks, uncontrolled. Shilah could effortlessly read through the great fear in her eyes.

She sighed and took a step backward.

“Raksha and his mother were executed yesterday”, she said.

Nosheba’s eyes dimmed immediately. Her tears stopped flowing as they got replaced with so much shock that came with redness.

“What?” She muttered voicelessly, her lower lip shaking.

“They confessed to all their evil deeds and were k*il*led by the King in front of everyone. Now, when I say they confessed, I mean every single thing, including the fact that he was the father of your second daughter and the one you are carrying”, Shilah watched Nosheba’s breath hitch.

“It’s quite a shame that the only man you could cheat with was the King’s own brother”.

“No…” Nosheba shook her head, her tears threatening to spill again.

The amount of guilt she had running through her was like none she had ever felt before. Shilah let out a moment of silence before resuming:

“Since you were partners, I presume you should have known he was the one responsible for Queen Nana’s death and the King’s curse”.

“No. No. I swear, I wasn’t”, Nosheba looked up at her and answered immediately.

Her red eyes flashed with an interpretation of ‘I might have been evil, but I didn’t do this’.

She sniffed and dashed some of the tears from her cheeks, but more came pouring down.

“Please Shilah”, she went close. “I know I was cruel and did things that can never be forgotten. But I’ve learnt my lesson. Believe me, I have! My life has been a mess for the past one year and this child is not making it any easier. I understand if you wouldn’t want to help me, but consider my poor baby. She has nothing to do with this. Please”.

“My baby also had nothing to do with your agenda when you tried to poison me”, Shilah gruffed in and watched Nosheba lower her head in another round of shame.

“Give me one reason I should save this child. You set me up and tried to k*il*l me while I was pregnant. And your lover, Raksha, took my son and nearly drowned him. And just so you know, few days ago, I lost a very good friend of mine, still because of Raksha. You two have brought nothing but pain to the royal family”, Shilah stated spitefully.

The hate in her eyes was too heavy to ignore, it sent chills down Nosheba’s body. Shilah was her only hope and she wouldn’t know what to do if she walked away from her.

Fearing that she might walk away anytime, she f0rced her heavy steps to fall on her knees. Even the witches were surprised as they knew it must have been so difficult and painful – they could read it on her face.

“I’m begging you, Shilah”, she whimpered, her both hands on the ground. “Don’t give up on me. I have no where else to go. I…I have no one else to run to. I am so scared…”

Her cries ch*oked her words while Shilah only stood and watched. She watched as the great queen melted before her – the great queen who had only seen herself as the King’s Luna. She remembered the horrible days at the Palace and all the times she was intimidated. There had never been a day she got any love from Nosheba. Yet, there she was, broken and dejected.

She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath.

“Sukie”, she called. “Get the pregnant woman to a room. And Corrine, get a bowl of water and some napkins”.




King Dakota sat patiently, writing in his room as he awaited the guard to come in. When the door went open, he needed no one to tell him it was Darci.

“My King. You called for me”, he bowed from behind. King Dakota stopped writing but didn’t look at him.

“Get me Queen Dyani. Tell her it’s urgent”, he instructed. And with a bow, Darci left the room.

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