Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 249

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 249 The confession

Shilah stepped out of the carriage with the little prince while Dakota stepped out from the opposite direction. The guards around bowed and got ready to receive the empty carriage, while Shilah and the King proceeded to go into the Palace. But before they could get to the door, Dyani already rushed out.

“Shilah!” She called ecstatically as she ran to her, giving her a hug.

“Dyani. How have you been?” Shilah tried to feign a smile.

“Oh! I’ve been okay. I’ve missed you and the little prince”, she proffered her hands and took the boy from Shilah.

Then, she turned to the King. “Welcome, My King”.

“Thank you”, Dakota muttered and resumed walking, while the two women chit-chatted behind, talking about their expertise.

Getting to their doorstep, Dyani had to hand the baby back to Shilah because she knew they needed some privacy.

“I’ll come later in the day”, she informed.

“Sure. I will be expecting you”.

Shilah got into the room and found the King pouring himself a drink. He was backing her and did not spare her a glance when she stepped in. She sat on the bed to bre@stfeed her son and was more relieved when she stared into his adorable face.

“When will you be checking up on the witches?” Dakota turned to her and asked, holding up his cup of wine.

“I should leave by tomorrow”, replied Shilah.

“And what about our son? Who would be with him?”

The King’s question puzzled Shilah. “Who else, My King? He needs to be with his mother. She’s the one with the milk”.

King Dakota sighed as he chugged down the rest of his drink and turned to pour more.

“You really need to fix things, Shilah. You need to find a way to set the witches up so you can finally return home – to your true home. I am honestly not comfortable with you moving around with my son. You should know how important he is”, Dakota voiced, while Shilah lowered her gaze to her son’s face.

She wouldn’t blame the King, and she perfectly understood where he was coming from. He had waited so long for a son and now it was finally here, he couldn’t get enough time with him.

“I understand”, She looked up at him. “When I meet with the witches, I’ll hold a meeting with them so we can discuss our next move”.

Just then, a knock hit the door. The King already knew it was Pishan and the Physician. So, he ushered them in. “Greetings, My King.”

“Welcome, Queen Shilah”.

They greeted uniformly. Shilah and the King responded.

“How was your trip, My King?” Pishan asked.

Dakota glanced at Shilah, who’s eyes grew cold. And when Pishan noticed the movement, he figured something might have gone wrong.

“The trip was okay. Is there something you need?” Dakota responded.

“Uh….Yes. Actually,” Mato stepped in. “While you were away, something bad happened to Queen Jade and Prince Raksha. Both of them strangely took ill. It’s been two days now and I’ve tried all kinds of treatment, but none is working. So… I was hoping Queen Shilah would be able to heal them”.

The King was surprised. “My stepmother and brother are ill?”

“Yes, my King. And it is so serious, they can’t even move. I fear they might not survive if help is not rendered soon”, Pishan answered.

Shilah had stopped bre@stfeeding the prince and was just patting his back. She could see how worried the news made the King.

“Come on, Shilah. Let’s go”, he started toward the door. And Shilah, who was yet to react, had to follow.


The four of them headed for the Physician’s room. And getting in, Dakota was shocked to find the queen and her son in an unrecognizable condition. The mother and son were lying on seperate beds, shivering like they were cold, yet sweating profusely. Their eyes beamed upon seeing Shilah and the King.

“Mother? Raksha?” Dakota went closer to them. “What happened to you?”

Fear crept into the Queen’s eyes, but Dakota only understood it to be fear of her condition. Raksha was silent as he just stared at them.

Dakota turned to Shilah. “Come on, Shilah. You need to do something. Can you heal them?”

Shilah handed her son to Pishan and went closer to them. She could notice how uncomfortable the Queen looked. Shilah touched her head, then that of Raksha.

“Were they poisoned?” She looked at Mato and asked.

“I tested them, but it turned out they were not poisoned”, he responded.

And Shilah looked back at the patients.

“So… what happened to them?”

There was a brief moment of silence.

“Can you heal them, Shilah?” Dakota asked, but Shilah did not respond immediately.

She touched the Queen’s head again and stepped back. “I find it strange that both of them fell ill on the same day and to this extent. Something tells me it’s no natural ailment. I will need to pray to the spirits about it”.

“You don’t need to”, Raksha suddenly said, making all eyes turn on him. The Queen’s heart gave a mighty leap as she looked at her son fearfully.

“Raksha, what do you mean?” Dakota asked, his brows furrowed, but Raksha couldn’t respond immediately as he began coughing.

“You are right, Shilah”, he spoke with difficulty. “This is no natural ailment. My mother and I are sick because we’ve been cursed. We are sick because we’ve done terrible things, things that the goddess cannot forgive”.

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