Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 237

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 237 Zinnia’s Decision


It had been a stressful journey, but when Shilah and the rest of her sisters rode into Daekrahm Village, it was just like an achievement.

From the entrance of the village, every being they came across couldn’t take their eyes off them as it was obvious they were witches. They didn’t have to say it, their appearance and all said it.

They trotted in gracefully, stealing all the attention they didn’t ask for. It got toa point more villagers started trooping out from nowhere just to watch the unusual sight. Of course, it was unusual because they’ve never had such large numbers of witches coming into their village at a time.

Soon, the villagers were on both sides, watching. While Shilah and her sisters trotted gracefully in the middle.

Finally, they found what they wanted – at least, one of it. Shilah halted her horse and so did the rest of the witches. And as they did, some of the villagers retreated.

Shilah and few other witches climbed down from their horses and approached the person that had caught Shilah’s attention. From one of the on-lookers, there was a disabled man. He had a broken knee-joint and stood with the aid of a stick.

As they approached the man, the Villagers began mumbling and retreating, fear reflecting on their faces. Even the disabled man attempted running away, but he couldn’t be fast enough.

“I do not want to hurt you”, Shilah uttered.

Her voice seemed to have so much impact as it made everyone stop running. They maintained their stance and began staring at her with scrutiny.

Satisfied that she had gotten their attention, she proceeded to meet the disabled man. She could clearly hear his breath wavering and read the fear on his face. She’s never seen someone that scared before.

She had her eyes locked in his for some seconds before dropping to a scooch before him and getting hold of the leg. Everyone watched in curiousity and amusement, even the disabled man was more curious to know what the beautiful witch was doing with him. Somehow, her touch on his leg left him a bit relaxed. Not completely, just a bit.

Shilah closed her eyes with her hands around the leg. And taking a deep breath, she muttered her prayer to the Spirits. Her words were not clear to the ears of the villagers, but in a short time, the disabled man began screaming.

Shilah stood up and watched him as he fell to the ground. The sound of his bones cracking could be heard, his leg stretched painfully and the eyes of the villagers were wide dilated with fear.

“What is she doing to him?” They mumbled to themselves.

“What’s happening? What has she done to him?”

The man screamed so hard, it took a while. And the moment his screams began to die down, the result was already evident.

Their faces crumpled up in surprise upon seeing the disabled leg looking straightened and whole. Glances were exchanged, breaths were withheld. Even the man couldn’t believe his eyes.

Slowly, he stretched his hand to the leg and felt it. It was real! His broken joint had been fixed!

Shock spiralled through him as he looked up at the villagers.

“I am healed!” He yelled. “I am healed!!!”

And that was the moment there was an uproar of joy. Shouts and claps for joy bursted from the villagers as it was a sight too great to believe.

Shilah was pleased, especially when she saw tears streaming down the man’s cheeks. She lend him a hand to get on his feet, but instead, he knelt before her, kissing her feet.

“May the guardians bless you beyond your expectations! All the days of your life, you shall know no sorrow. You shall… you shall get everything you’ve always desired. For doing this….” He broke down in more tears.

A small smile touched Shilah’s lips as she supported him to his feet. Then, pulled him into a light hug.

“The Spirits have healed you. All thanks to them”, she whispered into his ears and pulled from the hug afterwards.

Then, turning to the rest of the Villagers, she spoke out:

“This is the reason we are here! The Spirits who we believe in, sent us to come heal as many as we can. So, if you have anyone – a family, friend – anyone afflicted, do them a favour by bringing them to us”.

At first, the Villagers looked at themselves like they were hearing the strangest thing ever. Free treatment? For every sick person? It was more than a miracle!!

“The guardians have finally answered our prayers!” A man suddenly yelled from the crowd.

“They’ve been so merciful to us!”

“I’ll tell the King about this!!”

“I have a lot…!”

And that was how the Villagers ran off, hurrying to get their sick persons.


Hours Later, and the news was all over the village – Beautiful witches sent by the guardians to get rid of their afflictions.

That was the headline on the lips of everyone!

Shilah and the rest of the witches had moved to the village square where the sick people were brought. The square had never been so busy. It could be considered the entire village was present. The sick ones were closer to the witches and awaiting their turn, while the rest of the villagers gathered round and watched. Although, they were sure to maintain enough distance.

Since the numbers were much, Shilah wasn’t the only one working, but some of the witches as well. And it looked just like a miracle to the villagers. They’ve never seen a thing like it before.


When the news hit Ora, it took every peace in her, tore her apart.

With the baby in her arms, she paced restlessly in the room while Zinnia stood in front, seriously awaiting feedback.

“Are…Are you sure about this?” Raviv asked.

He had been stranding behind his wife, his hands on his waist and looking as worried as a villain.

“Of course, father! The news is everywhere! They’ve been at the square, healing a lot of people”, Zinnia replied tiredly.

She was fed up with the repeated questions.

“Okay, Okay. But…”, he paused and sighed. “They’re just at the village square, right? And all they want is to heal the sick. So, we have nothing to fear because I’m sure they won’t be moving from one house to another”.

“How can we be so sure?” Ora turned to him and whimpered. “What if … what if something happens and they get to know?”

“But, how will they, Ora?” Raviv held her shoulders.

“For two months, we’ve kept this child hidden and the only ones that knows about his existence is just the three of us in this room. So, we have nothing to fear”.

“Oh! Raviv” she covered her face on his chest, weeping there.

After some time, she sniffed away and looked into the adorable face of the child.

“My whole life, I have never been so happy having a child. He has…he has become a part of me. I cannot afford to lose him, Raviv. I might not survive it”, she whimpered.

“And you will not lose him. Okay? You won’t…”

“No”, she sniffed again. “We need to…we need to leave while we still can”.

“Leave?” Zinnia flinched.

“Calm down, Ora…”

“I cannot keep calm, Raviv! Not when the mother of this child is just minutes away!” More tears streaked her cheeks.

“I…I need to leave now. Maybe, when they’re gone, we can come back. But, we really need to leave. Please”.

“Where do we go to, mother?” Zinnia was looking displeased.

“Your… your uncle stays in the next village, right?” She looked up at Raviv. “May… Maybe, we can just go to him. Just for a day or two”.

“What?! And the child? What do we tell him?” Raviv pondered.

“Oh! Come on, Raviv. We’ll definitely find a solution when we get there. The most important thing is leaving this place. Please!”

There was silence afterward. Ora could read the dissatisfaction on her husband’s face. So, she pressed harder.

“If you truly love me, Raviv, you’ll do this for me. Please!” she made her eyes melting enough.

Then, with a deep sigh, he concede.

“Oh! Thank you! Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to me!” She kissed him. “I’ll go get our bags”.

“Don’t you think this is enough, mother?” Zinnia’s words halted her steps.

Ora looked at her, confused. “I mean, it’s bad enough that you’ve been hiding this child for two months. Now, you want to start running with him?”

“Zinnia. Stop…” Raviv sighed.

“Well, I won’t, father! That is someone’s child! His mother is right here, yet you’re plotting on running away with him. Why not give him back?!” She half-yelled.

“And what makes you think she is his mother? We are not even sure…” Ora snapped.

“Really? So, why are you running? Stop trying to justify your evil, mother!”

“I said, stop this!” Raviv scolded in. “I’ve warned you, Zinnia, I do not like when you speak to your mother in this way”.

Ora was already burning with rage.

“I do not have the time for this”, she mustered a deadly glare at her and proceeded to the small room.

“Behave, Zinnia. Behave”, Raviv strictly warned before going to join his wife.

Alone, Zinnia fumed angrily. She felt pained, bittered.

This isn’t right – she thought. This is totally not right. Stealing someone’s child?

The guardians might also mark her a sinner if she watches them without doing anything to help.

She couldn’t be a part of it anymore. Now, it was over. She needed to tell the witch what was going on before her parents would leave.

With her mind made up, she ran out of the house, headed for the village square.

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