Alpha’s Virgin Wife Chapter 239

Alpha’s Virgin Wife by Baby Charlene

Chapter 239 The Cry Of A Mother

Ora rushed out of the room, carrying the baby while Raviv carried their bags. Anxiety was written all over them as they looked around for Zinnia.

“Where is she? Where is Zinnia?” Ora asked worriedly and Raviv proceeded to look for his daughter.

“Zinnia?” He called as he went into the second room. She wasn’t in. They went outside and called out for her, but she was nowhere to be found.

“Raviv, where is she?” Ora asked, her eyes wide open. This time around, she wasn’t asking out of concern, but fear. A scary thought lingered in her mind.

Raviv could clearly read her thoughts but didn’t want to say them out.

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this, Raviv?” Ora scoffed. “Where is your daughter? Why do I think she has gone to meet those witches?” Tears were beginning to sting her eyes.

“No… Zinnia would never do that. She would never betray us,” Raviv looked down and shook his head.

A part of him told him it was the truth, but he didn’t want to believe his daughter could actually do that.

Suddenly the baby started crying. Ora looked at him in confusion, wondering what could be the reason for his sudden tears. Now, she was beginning to have a very bad feeling about it, her heart was beginning to beat rapidly.

“We need to leave. We need to leave right away”, She said in panic.

“What? Without Zinnia? How does she….”

“Is it not obvious? Your daughter has gone to betray us! We can’t just stay here and wait for her to come with those witches!” Ora snapped.

But Raviv looked hesitant. Even if his daughter had done something wrong, leaving her behind was not something he’d imagine. Ora saw his reluctance and got more angry.

“If you will not leave, Raviv, then I will. Afterall, she is your daughter and this boy in my arms is my son. Let’s face it”. With a sniffle, she took one of the bags from him and started scurrying away.

Raviv was confused. He didn’t want to let Ora go alone, but he didn’t want to leave his daughter either. How would she survive? She was very young!

He looked at his wife leaving and looked back at his house. Unfortunately, he’d have to make a decision.


Shilah had never ridden so fast and dangerously before. With Zinnia seated on the horse with her, she took her directions and rode as fast as she could.

The rest of the witches were following behind, but none could catch up with Shilah’s pace. And at some point, even Zinnia became a little scared. It was her first-time riding on a horse and it wasn’t feeling too pleasurable.

Shilah’s hands shook against the reins, angst and desperation spiralled through her as the thought hit her hard. “Her son”

She couldn’t get that word off her head.

As they rode down the streets, it got clearer and clearer. The thought of her being a mother flashed through her head.

Oh! For the past two months, she never stopped thinking about her son, but she had actually forgotten what it felt like to be a mother. Memories from the night of her delivery came ringing in her head. She’d never forget that moment when she popped the boy through her legs. That moment she had held him in her arms and heard his first cry. That moment she had behold his face.

Oh! For the sake of the Spirits, she had missed it, nearly forgotten. How could she?

Her son had been alive the whole time! Of course, she knew it! She had always felt it and believed in the Spirits! Her boy was alive!

Her anger and desperation increased and so did the pace of her horse. She couldn’t wait to see him, hold him, feel him. Oh! Never would she let him go. Never again.

“This is it! This is it!” Zinnia pointed out to the small hut before them and roughly, Shilah pulled the horse to a halt.

Her heart was beating rapidly as she jumped off the horse without sparing a glance at Zinnia who was still struggling on it.

She ran toward the hut and broke down the door without touching it. Her eyes were so fierce, her entire body felt like they are on fire.

She ran into the hut and checked every hole, but couldn’t find anyone. And with edginess, she ran outside. At that time, the rest of the witches had arrived and Sukie was helping Zinnia down from the horse.

“I can’t find anyone. Where are they?” Shilah demanded raucously, it scared Zinnia.

“Oh, no…They must have left already”, the young girl answered morosely.

But her sadness vanished when Shilah stormed toward her, looking so angry.

“Left, to where?” She asked coldly, her harsh gaze piercing into the girl’s face.

“I… I… I don’t know. I mean, we were supposed to go to my uncle’s place. But, I’m… I’m not sure if they still went there”, she stuttered.

The lady in front of her seemed really scary.

“Footprints”, Sister Corrine suddenly pointed out.

“Look at the ground, Shilah. There are footprints. I do not think they’ve gotten far”.

Everyone looked and confirmed it. And without hesitation, they got onto their horses and continued the ride.


They trailed after the footprints. Although, it had gotten to a point where the prints became unclear, but Shilah had made use of her powers to make them more visible.

Ora and Raviv could hear the gallops of horses behind them. It got so clear, and so did their fears.

“Raviv! I think they are close! What do we do?” Or asked worriedly. The baby was still sniveling in her arms.

“I do not know, Ora! Let’s keep going!”

It was more fearful that they didn’t really have a destination in mind. Although, the initial plan had been to get to the market and pay for a ride, but with the recent development of them being chased, it was more confusing.

They tried to run as fast as they could, but soon, it became clear that they were wasting their time.

“I think it’s them!” Zinnia yelled out from her horse when she sighted the man and woman running from a distance.

Of course, she could recognize her parents anywhere, anytime!

Shilah got all gingered up, especially when she could tell the woman was holding a child with her.

Her entire body vibrated, her heart was nearly thumping out of it’s bossom. She fastened her horse and got more anxious as she approached them.

“Stop! Stop right there!” One of the witches called out from behind, the couple didn’t listen. And stretching out her hand, Shilah sent a heavy wave toward the man, sweeping him off his feet in a rough way.

“Argh!!!” Raviv grunted out as he crashed to the ground, his back crashing along with him.

The sight was terrifying, it made Ora stop on her tracks.

Shilah would’ve done the same to her, but considering the child…

She halted her horse when the woman stopped running. Fearfully, Ora turned to face her. And the moment Shilah found the baby in her arms, a tear slipped her eye.

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