Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 84

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 84

Our relaxing weekend came to an abrupt halt just a few hours later. We were up at the crack of dawn, preparing for the trip. The twins had planned ahead, and already had a suitcase packed for each of us.

Alec had this uncanny ability to pop right out of bed and head for the shower. Kade trudged down to the kitchen on my heels, following the scent of caffeine. Two cups later, I no longer felt so cold and bleary. I left Kade in the kitchen to finish his own, and joined Alec in the shower.

“You nervous, doll?” Alec asked me, kneading the shampoo into my scalp while I leaned helplessly against him.

“Mm, just a bit.” I replied, sighing when he stopped to let me rinse. My throat clenched momentarily, the words heavy. “I don’t want anyone dying for me.”

Alec knew what I was talking about. They had also thought of the worst possible outcomes and what they might mean for us. War was a very strong possibility.

“I think it’s more than that now. It’s not only about keeping you safe. We could actually change things now.” Alec replied softly, ma*s*saging some conditioner into the ends of my hair. “White wolves have been hunted and possibly enslaved for hundreds of years. There’s never been a pack big enough to make a difference against the High Table. If war were to come, the deaths would not sit on your shoulders.”

Alec was right, but that didn’t change the loss—the lives that would be snuffed out. I had gone from worrying about my next meal to the threat of oncoming war.

“You’re right, things do need to change.” I nodded, thinking of the white wolves that were kept alive. I had more questions than answers, but knew that a life in slavery is not a life at all. No matter how they were being treated, they deserved control over their lives. “We’ll do everything we can do avoid war though, right?”

“Of course we will.” Alec snorted, swatting my fingers away as I started scratching the healing mark on my neck. The two marks already had a thin film of skin on them, and a dark pattern beneath it’s surface. They were sensitive to the touch, mostly the twin’s touches, and were horribly itchy. Alec held my fingers in his grip and shook his head, “Don’t scratch them, doll.”

An hour later we were out the door, nestled in the sedan that had brought us to the cabin. I grumbled a bit over my plain breakfast. A few protein bars and an apple. Two days of the twin’s extravagant breakfasts had me hooked. They were making me spoiled and I didn’t have the care to stop it.

“What’s the plan again?” I asked for what was possibly the seventh time.

I wanted to memorize every step, every delay from here to there. Maybe I wanted some semblance of control, especially now that my rights were quite literally in the process of being taken away.

“You’re worrying.” Alec frowned, locking eyes with Kade through the rearview mirror.

Before I had time to respond, Alec was unhooking my seatbelt and pulling me into the back. I landed on his lap with a squeal and blushed as his member stirred beneath me.

Now that we were all marked, the twin’s could feel my emotions. The marks weren’t healed yet, but the connection seemed strong enough.

The two of them had been incredibly attentive this morning, influenced by the pull of my emotions. If I were feeling frustrated or angry, one of the twin’s seemed to materialize beside me. That hadn’t changed in the few hours we’d been driving. It was nice, having someone feel my emotions for a change.

Alec wrapped his arms around my torso and held me close while Kade recounted the plan with seemingly limitless patience.

“We’re taking this car to the outskirts of Garrett’s pack. Once we hit neutral territory, we’ll meet up with Tori and the security detail. Our parents, Julian, and Garrett will be traveling with another security party an hour or two back.” Kade spoke, his eyes glued to the road. His next words were what I was really worried about. “It is not ideal, but we’ll be staying at a hotel in neutral territory. After a few hours rest, we’ll be on the road again.”

Neutral territory was land that belonged to the humans—or better, fighting grounds for werewolves’ wars. No Alpha wanted to damage their own land in the middle of war, so why not use unoccupied land? Unoccupied as in there were no werewolves living there, only humans.

“Neutral territory can be incredibly dangerous. We have no choice but to rest there tonight. We’ll keep it short and safe. We’ve purchased an entire floor of the hotel, and there will be guards posted at every stairwell and elevator.” Alec continued from what his brother had been saying. “There are rogues and the occasional bounty hunter that reside within neutral territory.”

“Why would werewolves need bounty hunters?” I asked Alec, settling into the heat of his arms.

Nothing could touch me when I was being held by one of my twins. The anxiety I had been feeling was washed away by all that was Alec.

“Not all werewolves like following the High Table. Sometimes important werewolves escape by moving into neutral territory. They can live undetected as a rogue.” Alec murmured, becoming distracted as he traced the edges of my lips with his thumb.

What I was going to say next fizzled in my mind when Alec brought his lips down on my own. The rough pads of his fingers pressed into my face as he held my jaw, leaving me defenseless as he grasped my lower lip in between his teeth.

“It’s so easy to work you up, doll.” Alec mumbled against my lips, pulling away from me with a laugh.

The scent of my arousal had filled the sedan, light like dew-soaked petals. I swallowed thickly and pulled myself together. Locking eyes with Kade through the rear-view mirror, I grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, Kade.”

Kade looked back at Alec and nodded, “You have three hours, then you’re driving.”

“Deal.” Alec grinned, making me roll my eyes.

“Not happening, not for either of you.” I snorted, sliding off Alec’s lap and into the set beside him.

Ten minutes into my self-imposed bet, my willpower snapped and crumbled. I would’ve thought having s*e*x in a car would be more awkward, more clumsy than normal. There was something arousing about teasing Kade, watching his knuckled turn white on the steering wheel, and the material of his pants strain.

Three hours later, we stopped at a gas station so the twins could switch places. Kade practically tackled me, laying me back on the seats of the sedan. The heavily tinted windows provided all of the privacy we needed, though Alec had a front row seat to the show.

“Well—that’s one way to take my mind off of things.” I commented with a huff.

Morning quickly turned into afternoon. The soreness in my legs and backside were a testament to how long we had been driving. The twin’s seemed to have an endless bladder, and gr0@ned when I needed to pee after an hour and a half.

“Not all of us can just pull it out of our pants.” I snapped half-heartedly at the two of them.

I knew the moment we entered onto neutral territory, because the twin’s had grown utterly silent. It was almost dark now, and each shadow on the shoulder of the road spooked me. I saw a*s*sa*s*sins in the dark, peons of the High Table sent to rob me of my life.

Alec called the head of our security team and remained on the phone with him until we arrived at the meet-up point.

We all met in the parking lot of a closed down truck stop. Across the street was the new and improved version. Cars filled the regular lots, and semi-trucks filled the remaining spaces. The abandoned truck stop we parked at, there was no one in sight.

Within an hour, there were five other blacked out sedans in the parking lot. We all sat near one another, and I nearly jumped from the vehicle when I saw a flash of red curls.

Tori was getting out of one of the sedan’s, a security guard held the door as she emerged.

“She’s riding with us.” Alec smiled through the rear-view. “Figured you could use the extra support.”

“I appreciate that.” I said sincerely, thankful for Tori’s fearless presence.

“Can you believe how creepy this place is?” Tori scoffed, climbing into the back seat of the sedan.

Kade took a seat in the passenger, while Alec pulled out of the unused parking lot.

We sandwiched ourselves in between two other sedans. I couldn’t help but feel like the president, or some kind of royalty. We had our own protection detail tailing us on the road, standing at the doors to our bedrooms and watching out for threats.

It was one in the morning now, and we had been traveling with the security team around us for two hours. My eyelids felt as though they were attached to weights. I couldn’t understand why I was so tired when I had spent the day sitting down. Sitting in a car all day really drained your energy.

Alec woke me from my nap as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel. It was much more extravagant than what I was used to. I had stayed in motels with Melissa a few times, and didn’t particularly care to drum up the memories.

This hotel had a restaurant and a club inside, both on the bottom level. Valet drivers crowded the street outside. The soulful singing of a performer sounded from in the busy club. Kade booked the entire top floor for us and our security team. The team would take turns standing at the entrances and exits. I couldn’t help but wonder if I actually needed this kind of protection—I certainly hoped I wasn’t in any imminent danger.

I fell face first into one of the plushest beds ever made, and was nearly asleep right then and there. Alec had to lift me from the bed to get me to move, and I might’ve fought him on that for a few seconds.

Tori was staying in the room directly across from us. She was the only one who had an entire room to herself. Even Julian and Garrett had to share, a feat I still think is impossible for the two of them.

I curled up between Alec and Kade, falling asleep as Kade’s fingers traced patterns up my spine and Alec’s cheek fell against my head.

I, along with the twin’s, snapped out of sleep when a rapid knock sounded on the door, followed by Tori’s frightened voice.

Jane Doe

I hope you’re all enjoying the Twin’s! These next few chapters might be hectic for Aurora and the twin’s, but I know you’re all down for the ride!

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