Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 76

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 76

The following week was a painful orchestra of sore muscles, lingering headaches, loads of sweat, and those horrible protein shake’s Tori insisted on making. If I had to taste another one of those disgusting shakes, I might very well explode. Tori had been right though; they were good for my body; no matter how much my taste buds revolted.

A week of strenuous training hadn’t turned me into a cold-blooded warrior, but I could at least somewhat defend myself. I would most likely balk when it came to fighting another werewolf, but I was confident I could handle a regular human with ease. Shifting had sped up my body’s natural processes, giving me faster results than a human would normally see. While I wasn’t coated in thick bands of muscle, my thin frame had filled out more. My stomach had hardened, giving the hint of muscles beneath my pasty skin. My legs, which had once been feather thin, were now firm.

Alec and Kade seemed enamored with the changes on the lower half of my body, meaning my legs and bottom. Both took every spare moment they could to appreciate the changes, and while I feigned annoyance at the constant smacks and pinches, I secretly held them dear.

The only consolation was those precious moments I managed to snag with the Twins. Those were the reprieve in between the strenuous training, and constant aching muscles.

Garrett had gotten word from his friends at the High Table, most of which were most interested in meeting me. I wouldn’t fool myself into thinking anything of it. If anything, I felt like some kind of spectacle; like a wild animal that must be deem fit to coexist in society, or else it would be put down. The thought infuriated both Thalia and I, who insisted she was less wild animal and more graceful beast.

Garrett hadn’t found anything further on the whole ‘emotional leech’ topic. His friends at the High Table, which I was beginning to believe weren’t friends at all, wanted to meet me before searching their archives for the information. If my abilities were truly as deadly as they seemed, I had a strong inkling many of the Alpha’s would vote against my life. It was almost funny, in a sad and sad*stic way. A group of middle-aged men would gather to vote on my life. My life?

Even as that twinge of anxiety continued to grow in my gut, I trusted Alec and Kade implicitly. They insisted K*lling an Alpha’s mate was forbidden, but both doubted that would hold the High Table Alpha’s back. Regardless, we had three pack’s fighting for me. That afforded me a great deal of comfort, when I wasn’t worrying over the lives lost in my name.

As the weekend drew near, that twinge in my gut continued to grow. I had this last weekend; these two days would be the last of the life I had grown accustomed to. Come Monday, everything would change. Either I would somehow manage to earn my life, or there would be war.

It was a far cry from where I had been months ago, living under the thumb of Melissa and Frank. I wanted nothing more than to escape, to forge my own connections and build a life of my own. I had everything I ever wanted–and then some.

We were all set to leave Monday. Where? I couldn’t bring myself to ask. Garrett, Julian, Alec, Kade, the Twin’s parents, and even Tori were coming. I knew we were bringing along a number of warriors, and wondered how we’d transport everyone. I couldn’t imagine all of us boarding a flight like normal people.

While I was nervous about Monday rolling around, it wasn’t the only thing I had on my plate. This Sunday, the Twins were holding a ceremony. The ceremony would officially name me Luna of their pack. I was frightful of the responsibility, but their words of encouragement helped still that fear. I wasn’t sure if I were Luna material. Regardless, I would face my fear this time. I was proud to say that running was no longer an option in my mind, only a cowardly escape.

As I slipped on my workout outfit Friday morning, Alec and Kade stepped into the bedroom. They had been leaving early in the morning, getting everything set for us to leave Monday. I had expected to see Tori, who insisted on arriving at the crack of dawn. The two of them looked incredible, wearing clothes that somewhat matched but also held little differences that showcased their own personalities.

Kade wore a dark leather jacket, a white t-shirt and a pair of torn jeans. He frequently wore a pair of thick combat books, looking exactly like some kind of jacked motorcyclist. Alec dressed a bit more professional, wearing a b*tton-down shirt that he kept rolled up to his elbows. Both had gotten their hair trimmed a week ago, in a near identical style. Shaved short on the sides and longer on the top. Kade’s hair seemed to grow like a weed, and those long strands now tickled just above his eyebrow.

“Are you two joining me for training today?” I asked, quirking an eyebrow at the two of them. I crossed my arms over my chest, ignoring how my bre@sts lifted in the sports bra. I was feeling particularly catty this morning, and smirked at the two jaw-dropping twins that stood in the bedroom. “I could show you what I’ve learned. If I beat you both, does that mean I get the title of Alpha?”

My bait worked, though not as intended. Alec and Kade locked eyes for the briefest of moments. Kade snickered and flashed me a sinful grin, while Alec tutted and shook his head.

My reflexes had gotten faster since training with Tori, and I managed to react as Alec lunged for me. I darted to the side, clipping into the dresser as he tumbled onto the bed. I let out an embarra*s*sing cackle as he rolled across the bed and onto the floor, taking a few pillows with him.

My laugh turned into a throaty yelp as Kade wrapped his arms around my torso and flipped me over his shoulder. I was thrown onto the bed like a sack of flour. Before I could even think of my next move, Alec leaped on top of me. His knees were on either side of my hips, and he pinned my hands above my head with an amused grin.

I thrashed in his grip when he leaned forward, letting the longer strands of his hair tickle my nose. My heart thundered and the sparks that danced along my skin felt very similar to an adrenaline rush.

“Someone’s feisty this morning.” Alec cooed, his head tilting to the side, “Perhaps our little mate doesn’t deserve her gift. What do you think, brother?”

“Mm, speak for yourself. I like them feisty.” Kade murmured, his arms crossed over his broad chest. b*tterflies swarmed in my stomach as he gave me a quick wink, running his lower lip in between his teeth.

“I think Alec likes them feisty too.” I cooed back, moving my hips in a way that grazed against the hardness between his legs.

“That is because of you, d0ll,” Alec smirked, leaning close. I could smell the remnants of toothpaste on his breath, cold and minty. It had my mouth watering without cause. My tongue darted over my dry l!ps, and Alec tracked the movement with darkened eyes. “If you don’t stop that, you certainly won’t get your gift.”

“Does my gift include the two of you?” I asked boldly, even though my face flushed an irritating shade of red.

Kade’s deep chuckle danced down my spine in a sea of tingles, spreading to my legs and far between. I had no complaints about skipping my workout with Tori and having a different sort of workout with the twin’s.

“So insatiable.” Alec purred, looking towards his brother, whose heavy gaze was set on the rapid rise and fall of my chest.

“Been eager to get the two of us alone, sweetheart?” Kade remarked, his eyes flashing with what I hoped was dark excitement. “Are you sure you can handle us both?”

All of the air rushed from my lungs when one of Alec’s hands drifted lower, delving in the waistband of my leggings. My legs trembled as his knuckle drifted over the thin pair of underwear I wore before brushing them aside. His finger grazed over my c*ore before slipping from my pants entirely. I was left with a painful throb between my legs and the bitter tinge of temptation and disappointment.

“She’s more than excited to try.” Alec mused, eyeing the w*etness on his fingers before popping one in his mouth. His eyes closed and a low growl sounded from his l!ps as he licked the w*etness from his fingers. The reaction my body had was instant, and I swore I had never seen anything hotter than that. Alec leaned forward; his l!ps inched from my own before smirking softly. “As much as we’d love to spend the day ravaging you, if we don’t leave now, we won’t make it until late tonight.”

That certainly grabbed my attention, taking some of the burning lust from my eyes and replacing it with confusion.

“What? Are we going somewhere?” I asked, my eyes darting between Alec and Kade.

I had to give it to the two of them, neither gave anything away. Both looked at me blankly, though their l!ps twitched into identical smiles that made my heart throb.

“You didn’t think your gift was here, did you?” Alec chuckled, releasing his hold on me and standing from the bed.

I took his outstretched hand and sighed blissfully as I was swept into his embrace. His l!ps found mine feverishly, his tongue delving into stroke my own. He tasted of mint and fresh water, his scent purely male and equally intoxicating. My head swam as his teeth grazed over the plumpness of my lower lip. I was still somewhat dazed when Kade took his turn, wrapping those thick arms around my body tightly. I was enveloped in his warmth and devoured by those plush l!ps. Where Alec met my nibbles and licks, Kade took complete control. He battled my tongue for dominance and won every time. Kissing them was like drowning, though I had never been this happy to drown in my life.

“Don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to devour you once we get there.” Kade hummed against my l!ps, giving my waist a rough squeeze.

I was still in a partially lust-induced haze when I followed Alec and Kade to one of the many cars sitting in their driveway. I smiled softly as Alec held open the passenger door for me, and swatted my hands away as he buckled my seatbelt. I was beginning to notice little things about the twins, how they enjoyed doing the simplest tasks for me. They would bring me dinner before themselves, draw baths for me, and even gather my dirty clothes for the wash. They noticed the small things themselves, like how I loved the feeling of fresh sheets beneath my skin. There hadn’t been a single night where the sheets weren’t freshly cleaned. Even if it were their housekeepers doing the washing, it was at the request of Alec and Kade.

I thought about the two of them the entire drive, and lost count of how long we had been on the road. We stopped a few times for bathroom breaks, and I couldn’t help but laugh when Alec came out of the gas station with a few bags full of random snacks.

I was near shaking with excitement when Alec whipped out a blindfold and tied it behind my head. They had promised we were nearly there, but neither wanted to ruin the surprise.

I could hear the heavy crunch of loose gravel beneath the tires of the sedan, and nearly toppled over as I leaped from the car.

“Slow down, d0ll,” Alec laughed, steadying me with his rough hands.

The sound was intoxicating, echoing around us. It was a laugh-free of the weight we had all been experiencing this past week.

As my sight was blocked by the scratchy fabric of the blindfold, my other senses worked in overtime. I could smell the damp earth and fresh water, could smell the sweet sap that came from many of the trees in town. Birds chattering rang out through the air, and I knew we were in a forest of sorts.

“Where are we?” I gasped as Kade pulled the blindfold from my head.

We stood out front of a huge cabin. The wood on the outside was somewhat red in color, and large floor-to-ceiling windows gave me a glimpse at the luxurious inside of the cabin. A large wrap around porch clung to the outside of the house, overlooking a long dock, and a crystal-clear lake. Trees surrounded us and the cabin, filling the air with the sweet scent of sap and pine.

My eyes devoured the sights, taking in every single detail around me. The twin’s remained silent the entire time, letting me absorb everything. When I turned to face the twins, their cheeks were stained pink and their face’s held identical looks of nervousness and hope.

“It’s only until Monday, but we figured you could use a break.” Alec broke the silence, his hand toying with the hair on the back of his neck. The sheepish expression on his face made my heart clench.

I ruthlessly charged at the twin’s and threw myself into their arms, smiling so hard that my face ached.

“It’s perfect, I absolutely love it.” I laughed, and both looked relieved and elated at my joy. The smile on my face faltered for just a moment, “I don’t have any clothes with me though.”

“Not to worry, sweetheart.” Kade grinned, an expression I knew meant trouble.

“We took the liberty of packing your clothes for you.” Alec chimed in, his eyes darting over to Kade’s as a smirk formed on his face.

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