Mated To The Alpha Twins by Jane Doe Chapter 79

Mated to the Alpha Twins by Jane Doe

Chapter 79

“Seems like we came back just in time for the fun.”

It was Kade who spoke, his voice thick with both amusement and arousal. Alec stood there with a glazed look to his eyes, completely forgetting Tori was also in attendance.

“Men.” Tori cooed, laughing quietly when neither of the twin’s seemed to register her teasing remark.

She quickly dove under water and brushed the sopping w*et locks from her forehead. Both Alec and Kade seemed to need a few minutes to regain themselves, the evidence of their interest was hidden within the strained fabric of their swimming trunks. So much for that cold shower, I laughed silently.

The twin’s made me feel mature and s*e*xy, like I wasn’t the inexperienced girl I often felt like. They loved me as I was, and that alone would bring an incredible amount of confidence to any clear-minded woman.

I drifted through the pool, my eyes locked on theirs, as I reached for my abandoned bikini top.

“We’re learning so much about you, sweetheart.” Kade teased. “So quick to toss your clothing to the side. Remind us never to get you drunk.”

Neither of the twin’s stared at my bare chest, they took in everything as a whole. It wasn’t the simple sight of br_easts that aroused them, but the fact that those br_easts belonged to me. It gave my thoughts a possessive edge, and filled Thalia with smooth satisfaction.

“You’re the ones who picked out the bikini for me. It’s not my fault the top was a bit small, and I do not just rip my clothes off, Kade.” I snorted, adding a little snark to my voice for good measure.

That little att*itude I showed seemed to only excite the twins more, something I found endlessly funny and alluring. Kade’s eyes darkened and Alec flashed a p*an*ty-w*etting smirk that made my insides flutter.

“Mm, I feel like we should’ve called her kitten. Little things got hidden claws in there.” Alec chuckled, c*oc*king his head to the side as he watched me put on my bikini top.

“If your friend weren’t here, I’d say forgo the top and bottoms entirely.” Kade taunted back with that husky voice of his, brushing the long strands of hair from his face in a movement that made his muscles bunch and ripple.

“Don’t even start with the s*e*xy talk, Alpha’s.” Tori called out from the end of the pool.

She pulled herself over the l!p of the pool and sat down. The look she gave the twins was nothing short of murder, and I couldn’t help but cackle at the sight. It wasn’t a very attractive laugh, but it was one of freedom and unequivocal happiness. I hadn’t felt this relaxed in my life! Free of the constant worrying that plagued me for years. I could act my age for once, and wanted to savor every moment before the mess that would soon come.

Tori looked like a fiery queen on her throne, perched on the edge of the pool as she stared down my two fierce Alpha’s. Queen of the pool, I laughed quietly.

“Excuse me?” Alec smirked jokingly, c*oc*king an eyebrow at Tori.

He had that smoldering look most unbelievably attractive men have, and I found myself utterly dazzled by him. The way his dark eyes caught the sunlight, revealing shades of milk and dark chocolate, it did something to my heart that left it a fluttering mess. If I didn’t have more faith in my own self-control, I’d say that a trickle of drool ran down my chin.

“Oh, don’t give me that look.” Tori snorted, not missing a beat. She fixed Alec with a long look before continuing, “That might work on your love-struck mate, but not me. You’re not kicking me out of this pool so you can get all dirty with Aurora. Your torment is your own faults.”

“Tell ‘em, Tori. They’re not getting anything from me!” I laughed, sticking a tongue out at both Alec and Kade. Kade quite literally gave me a look that made me clench my legs. So, for my own safety, I continued speaking. “Well—not until later.”

“Oh, you’re just as bad as they are.” She gr0@ned, leaning forward and flopping into the pool.

I was far enough away not to receive full impact of her splash, but instead felt a light spray misting my face. I turned back to Alec and Kade who gave me identical looks of interest and amusement. Eyebrows lifted, l!ps twitching, and those endless eyes locked every rise and fall of my chest.

“We’re not getting anything from you?” Kade mused, then removed the shirt from his chest with a single hand.

It was one fluid movement that had my eyes locked on the muscles adorning his stomach and chest. Alec followed suit, and standing near one another, they looked like twin fallen angels sent to steal me away.

They had the bod*ies of warriors, bulky and muscular, adorned with the scars they received in battle. Alec had always been a tiny bit slimmer than Kade, who seemed to pack on muscle unlike any other person I’ve seen. It was such a minute difference that most people wouldn’t notice it. Yet, I did. I noticed everything about the twins.

“I said not yet?” I pleaded, but it came out as a weak question.

They knew I wouldn’t resist them. Hell, I couldn’t even if I wanted to. The pull I felt towards them was too strong, too consuming. Feeling their emotions only added to that pull.

It was hard to separate myself from the emotions around me. I could feel all of them as though they were my own, and often they did become my own. It was hard not to feel irritable when someone was in a bad mood, just as it was hard not to become furious when someone else was angry. I was slowly beginning to separate myself from the heavy emotions of others, but the twins were different. We were too closely connected, and it was proving far too hard to pull away from them magically. If I were being honest, I didn’t mind it. I enjoyed knowing how they felt, and more often than not, we usually felt the same. Their happiness was my happiness, and vice versa.

I wasn’t able to say anything else because Kade launched himself into the pool with a speed that surprised me. I had just enough time to squeal and recoil as I was splattered with the cold water of the pool. The light scent of chlorine rang in my nose, but was mixing with the w*et scent of Kade. Masculine with just a hint of rich and musky cologne. It fit his hard and quiet persona perfectly.

Thick arms wrapped around my waist as Kade was plunged under water. With my hair clinging to my forehead and cheeks, I squealed when I was lifted into his arms.

The air around us was humid, the water crisp and cold, and Kade’s chest comfortably warm. He chased away the chill the water brought on, replacing it with something dark and carnal. That something, was a promise.

“Att*itude, sweetheart.” Kade scolded, chuckling low in my ear. I shivered as I was pressed into his chest, my heart thundering almost painfully. Kade felt the chill that passed me and smirked slow. When he spoke, just a hint of his canine showed, sharp and white. “You talk a big game for someone who can’t even stand my touch without w*etting her bathing suit.”

“Are you sure we won’t get anything from you?” Alec murmured close to my ear, making me jump and nearly squeal. “Did I scare you, d0ll?”

He had moved so quietly I hadn’t heard him. Well, I’m sure I would’ve if I wasn’t s*cked into the endless abyss that was Kade. Water hardly rippled around him, completely undisturbed. It was something I hadn’t actually noticed about Kade before. I had only seen him in battle once, and it wasn’t an experience I cared to repeat. Had he always been this quiet, this stealthy?

“Have you always been this stealthy?” I asked, narrowing my eyes at his c*oc*ky face.

“You haven’t noticed yet?” Alec scoffed, a hand to his muscular chest. His l!ps turning into a head-spinning grin. His teeth were perfect, like his brothers, his sharp canines at the front of my attention. “I’ll have to try harder to be even more…stealthy.”

“Don’t start sneaking up on me now.” I huffed, trying to diffuse the thick s*e*xual tension that was clearly working its magic on the three of us. I

I felt Tori’s flicker of emotions from somewhere in the large pool, and was happy to feel they were all positive. I had hoped my earlier promise would chase some of those heavy emotions away. I didn’t blame her for those emotions, I never would. I understood why she felt the way she did, and knew there was nothing bad behind it. She simply wanted her other half, wanted it more than anything.

It only made me cherish what I had with Alec and Kade even more. I knew that this bond couldn’t be replicated, couldn’t be fulfilled by anyone else. I just wasn’t meant for one person; I was meant for two.

Tori gave us a few more minutes before intervening, claiming the three of us were seconds away from tearing off our clothes and giving what I’m sure would be a very interesting performance. She was wrong, partially, but her words worked either way. I had a permanent blush etched onto my face, for what I’m sure would last the rest of the night. Make no mistake, I might’ve brushed up against Alec and Kade at least fifty times before I was satisfied with their dark eyed looks and poorly concealed growls.

Eventually Alec and Kade ventured into the kitchen, making Tori and I salivate with the heady scent of cooked meat, marinara, and vegetables. We were both laying pool-side in one of those extremely comfortable padded sun chairs. Tori was covered in a fine layer of sunscreen, and I was pretending to work on a tan. I burned a lot, but eventually I’d grow at least two shades darker.

I was pondering effects of werewolf healing on sunburns when Alec and Kade brought out two plates of food.

Not only did the two of them cooked, their food was incredible. Undoubtedly a gift from their mom, who learned most of her Italian recipes from her husband’s mother.

Tori audibly gr0@ned when she bit into the thick slice of garlic bread, and made an exaggerated performance by placing her hand against her chest and asking for another. I couldn’t blame her; I could probably eat my weight in their food. Only when I was stuffed and happy did I shove my plate away. I reminded myself to thank their mom later and ask for some cooking lessons myself.

We went back inside just as the sun began to dip behind the trees. The smell of chlorine wafted through the cabin, but I was beginning to like the scent. For the rest of my life, I would pair the memories of freedom and happiness with the gentle sting of chlorine.

Settled on the couch, smushed between the twins with a bowl of popcorn on my lap; I couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather be. The blanket that was dr@ped over the three of us, it locked in the warmth and musky smell from the twins. Alec’s scent had a spicier note that fit his personality perfectly.

Tori had turned into a blanket burrito, and was staring wide-eyed at the horror movie playing out on the large screen. She had gone through a bag and a half of popcorn and was still going strong. I wasn’t one to judge though, the twins and I were on our fourth—werewolf hunger and all.

After three movies and laughing until my face ached, Tori ventured upstairs for bed. She was leaving in the morning, as she waited last minute to pack for the High Table meeting. I couldn’t blame her; I had hardly touched my suitcase or the closet full of clothing. I had a sickening feeling that this little cabin would be the last time I felt truly safe, completely untouchable.

The twins and I ventured out into the pool an hour later. The humidity had grown during the day, and just a few minutes outside had sweat glistening on my face. The water was warmer than it had been, sitting under the baking sun for hours. I slipped in and sighed as the cold water lapped at my skin.

The twins were next, Alec still as silent as before. For a while we swam separately, floating and basking at the stars that hung over our heads. We could never stay far from one another for long, constantly drawn back together. My back was flush against Kade’s chest, and I currently held Alec’s face in my hands.

His l!ps were soft, somewhat salty from the popcorn but it tasted delicious on his tongue. His damp hair felt like silk under my fingers, and as I tugged at his hair, he growled under his breath.

Kade’s hands were moving up my arms, drifting towards my shoulders. I shivered when his l!ps pressed against the hollow of my throat. Alec pulled away from his l!ps, but didn’t move away. The look he gave me was soft, and his emotions told me what his words couldn’t.

He loved me, no matter how long we had been together. It might only be a few months in a human’s life, but this—it was everything. The bond knew what we were to one another, and most humans never had the blessing of that experience.

Kade’s emotions mirrored his brother, and I hoped there would be a time that I could tell him I felt the same. They both knew, the twins. They knew that I loved them even though they couldn’t feel the sweet taste of it as I did. They couldn’t feel my emotions, but they knew nonetheless.

“There’s something we’ve been meaning to talk about, d0ll,” Kade murmured huskily as his l!ps continued their decent down my neck.

I tried to listen to his words, but they were swimming lazily in my head as I fell back into his arms. He stopped just at the hollow of my throat, pressing his tongue against this one spot that had my legs giving out. He caught me easily, halting my slow decent into the cold waters of the pool. Those sparks I would get when I touched Alec and Kade, it ran the length of my body like bolts of lightning, all radiating from that one place on my neck.

“I don’t think she heard a word you said, brother.” Alec chuckled; his dark eyes framed by onyx lashes.

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